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By Rafi Stern on 2012-12-29 00:14:35
WWE returned on 12/28 to Uniondale, Long Island.

A ton of open seats available for this event. Vickie comes out to get some heat from the crowd.

*Brodus Clay and the Usos defeated The Prime Time Players and Jack Swagger.

*WWE Divas champ Eve defeated Kaitlyn.

*Santino Marella defeated David Otunga. Before the match, Otunga had music and flexes similar to Lex Luger.

*WWE Tag Team champions Daniel Bryan & Kane & Ryback defeated The Shield via DQ. After the match, Team Ryback hugged it out.


*Zack Ryder defeated Tensai via a rollup in under a minute. Mick Foley came out to make Tensai sing Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer because he lost his match. Tensai says hes Jewish and starts singing Adam Sandler Hanukkah song. The crowd boos him and then he sings Rudolph.

*WWE United States champion Antonio Ceasaro defeated the Miz via the Neutralizer.

*The New Age Outlaws defeated Team Rhode Scholars via a Famouser. Solid match. The crowd was chanting "You still got it."

*Inside a steel cage, John Cena defeats Dolph Ziggler with AA. Big E was a big part of match stopping Cena numerous times from escaping.

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