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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-27 10:00:00
With WWE hurting so bad for talent on top, why haven't they made a play for Batista to return? It seems pretty smart to me.

From WWE's perspective, it is, but Dave Bautista has been pretty vocal about not being interested in working for WWE as he's not a big fan of the PG version of the company. He's been getting a pretty decent amount of acting roles over the last year as well, so while he's discussed the idea of coming back for one final run, if he's getting good work acting, it doesn't make sense to come back to take bumps. He's made big money.

Whatever happened to Kaval?

He's back under his original Low Ki ring name and is working regularly for the New Japan Pro Wrestling.

There's no doubt that one man who deserves to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is the former "5x, 5x, 5x, 5x, 5x" WCW Champion (& former 1x World Heavyweight Champion) Booker T. Having said that, I have two questions: 1. Obviously Booker T. deserves to be inducted, but does he deserve to be inducted twice, once for his solo career, & once for his tag team career as 1/2 of Harlem Heat? 2. Speaking of Harlem Heat, does Booker T's brother, Stevie Ray deserve to be inducted as he falls into the same boat as Sting (guys who never worked for WWE)? He also didn't have much of a solo career after Harlem Heat. What is your take?

Booker certainly deserves to go in. I don't see Stevie Ray as deserving unless the company decides he should be inducted as part of Harlem Heat. I only see Booker being inducted himself, however.

What was the point of the 1/3/13 promo? I liked how it was coming off as a secret return, and then they go and tell us who it is two weeks in advanced. Building suspense and having a surprise return by Sting would of came off so much better.

The point was ratings - in this case, they wanted everyone to know it was Sting before they dispersed for the holidays and missed a week of TV, which was likely the case for this past week's TV shows.

Will Impact Wrestling be live or taped in 2013?

The first few months will be a mix of live and taped. After that, it's not certain.

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