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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-24 08:00:15

December 24th

On this day in history in ....

1958 - Lee Fields defeats Billy Wicks in Mobile, Alabama to win the NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title, ending Wicks' second title reign.

1971 - Daniel "Christopher Daniels" Covell is born in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

1979 - Chris "Chris Hero" Spradlin is born in Dayton, Ohio.

1985 - Camille Tourville, better known as Tarzan Tyler, fellow wrestler Pierre "Mad Dog" Lefebvre and referee Adrien Desbois died, when the car they were traveling in struck a tow truck on an ice-covered road, after an International Wrestling event in Chicoutimi, Quebec. Tourville was one-half of the very first WWWF World Tag Team Champions with "Crazy" Luke Graham in 1971, and was 58 years old. Lefebvre was just 30.

1986 - Perro Aguayo wins his sixth WWF World Junior Heavyweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico, ending Fishman's second reign.

1994 - The Rock N' Roll Express defeat The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa) in Knoxville, Tennessee to win the Smoky Mountain Wrestling Tag Team Title. This would begin the tenth, and final reign for Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson.

1994 - Russian Assassins I and II defeat The Italian Stallion and George South for the Pro Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title in Charlotte, North Carolina.

1998 - The Bounty Hunters (J.J. and Johnny) defeat Full Force (Bobo Brazil, Jr. and Andy Chene) to win the Independent Association of Wrestling Tag Team Title in Adrian, Michigan, beginning their second reign.

2001 - For the only time ever (to date), Monday Night Raw aired a Christmas Eve episode. The episode, which was taped in advance, still managed to earn a 3.2 rating. Here is Tim Whitehead's original report on the show, which included the first-ever "eggnog match" with Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson.

The 12/24 episode of RAW IS TAPED was filmed on 12/21 in Miami due to the Christmas holidays. It was by definition going to be something of a throwaway show, as ratings will be way down due to it being Christmas Eve. It was an entertaining show with a hot live crowd. The dueling Christmas parties idea was good, though we could have done without the gratuitous stuff with Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young.

Rock came out wearing his #94 jersey from his days with the University of Miami Hurricanes. The crowd went nuts for him. He slightly altered his opening catch phrase, saying "finally, the Rock has come back.....home!" He promised it would be a special homecoming since the TV main event would be Chris Jericho defending the Undisputed World Title against him. Rock read his own special version of "The Night Before Christmas", which proved there's at least one thing he doesn't do well, namely compose Christmas poems:

Twas the night before Christmas, and all though the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The weather was warm, not a trace of snow, as the Rock got ready to whoop Chris Jericho.

Jericho's claim to be the best, the Rock found quite brutal. Clearly Chris Jericho's a man who has no strudel.

"I am a living legend", Y2J would sing, as he trembled with fear heading into the people's ring.

And faster than Scrooge saw the ghost of Christmas past, as Rock hit the people's ring he whooped Y2J's ass.

It seemed quite certain the title would switch, as the Rock made Chris Jericho his own punk-assed bitch.

And after the Rock pinned Chris Jericho 1-2-3, and stood over his limp body in victory,

The Rock grabbed the mic and told everyone in sight, "Merry Christmas to all...."

But before Rock could finish with, "and to all a good night", Kurt Angle interrupted him. The crowd gave Angle hell with all the "whats". Angle said if Santa Claus sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake, he must be a pervert. He said he hopes Santa isn't watching because he plans on being very naughty tonight. He added that there's one man more powerful than Santa, namely Vince McMahon, and that Vince had given him a great Christmas present. Specifically, the present was that Vince had added Angle to the Jericho vs. Rock main event, making it a triple threat match. Rock asked Angle to be quiet for a minute to allow the crowd to call him an "asshole", which they did. Angle said Rock's chance of winning the title in front of his hometown losers just went from slim to none. Rock, in a vague attempt to be poetic, said Angle's ass would end up redder than Rudolph's nose and that both Angle and Jericho would end up on the canvas looking up at Rock after he whips both their candy asses.

Vince was having a Christmas party backstage. Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco were dressed as elves, including pointed ears. Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler later noted the size of Brisco's ears, which was an inside joke. Vince told them they both looked ridiculous, proving he occasionally tells the truth. Each one said it was the other's idea to dress as elves. Various heel wrestlers (such as Christian and Test) and sub-stooges like Harvey Whippleman and Brooklyn Brawler were hanging around. Bubba Ray Dudley was dressed as Santa Claus. He was also the luckiest guy on earth as Santa's helper Stacy Keibler was sitting on his lap. She whispered her gift requests to Bubba Claus and he said she had indeed been a naughty girl. Booker T arrived and Vince praised him for beating Steve Austin in the first blood match on Smackdown. Vince announced that it was time for the "raindear" to arrive, so in came a few stripper type girls, one of whom began stripping.

Rikishi beat Test by DQ in 1:35. Rikishi took his good spin bump. Test kept getting in the face of referee Tim White. He dared White to punch him. White did, so Test beat him up. Of course, he got DQ'ed in there somewhere. He can't be fired, but he can be DQ'ed. Rikishi laid Test out and squashed him with the Banzai ass drop.

Ric Flair was having a Christmas party of his own. Most of the mid or lower card babyface wrestlers were there (Edge, Hurricane, etc.). Trish Stratus and Jackie were there. So was Torrie Wilson, who was Santa's helper, sitting on the lap of Tajiri Claus. Tajiri Claus gave Torrie her present, which was a bra and panties which combined contained about as much material as the little finger on a glove. Kane was there and was being his usual stoic self. Edge & Albert tried to get him into the party mood by giving him champagne and putting Christmas bows on his mask. Debra threatened the festive mood by arriving with a big tray of Christmas cookies she had baked herself. Flair saw this as a good sign, though, as it meant Austin was on his way there.

Meanwhile, at Vince's party, more girls were dancing and stripping. One of the stripper babes was sitting on Bubba Claus' lap, as Bubba chugged down the champagne. Tazz told Bubba he wasn't being a very good representative of Christmas or Santa. Bubba told Tazz he's just jealous because elves are taller than he is. Chuck Palumbo and Billy Gunn traded Christmas gifts. Each had gotten the other a red headband with his name on it. Howard Finkel came in and said two really super hot babes had arrived. It turned out to be Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young. When Vince saw them, he decided he needed another drink.

Palumbo & Gunn beat the APA in 1:49. Palumbo & Gunn were wearing their little headbands, with JR sarcastically calling them "special", almost like it was a gay type of thing. Bradshaw cleaned house, but when he had Gunn up for a slam, Palumbo tripped him. Gunn fell on top and Palumbo held Bradshaw's leg out of view of the ref and Gunn got the pin.

Rob Van Dam arrived at the arena and began looking for Jericho. He found Jericho's locker room, without even having to ask directions. I guess it's easier to find Jericho's locker room than Rock's. But Jericho wasn't there. Instead, RVD found Lance Storm. Storm said Jericho was out preparing for his title defense, but had left a message for RVD, which was that Jericho doesn't have time for losers such as him. RVD said if Jericho doesn't have time for losers he shouldn't have picked Storm as his messenger boy. They argued back and forth and ended up agreeing to face each other in the ring.

Arn Anderson arrived at Flair's party, followed by Austin. Austin began passing out beer. By the way, Big Show was at Flair's party and was pretty hilarious doing a Hulk Hogan imitation. Tajiri Claus kept ringing some bells. Austin made him stop, but then sat on his lap (sort of) and made his Christmas requests. After each request, the other guests all shouted "what". Austin wanted beer (he asked for that about three times), a match against Booker T, a shot at the Undisputed Title, a new truck, a new deer rifle (great for shooting Rudolph), and another middle finger so he can flip more people off.

RVD beat Lance Storm in 2:27. It was a good ECW style match while it lasted, which was less than two-and-a-half minutes. Some pretty stiff shots and good near falls. RVD won with a spinkick and the five star frog splash.

At Vince's party, Test held some mistletoe over his head and tried to get Terri to kiss him. She brushed him off. Maybe he should have hit on Moolah. Moolah & Mae were getting drunk on the spiked punch. Sharmell (formerly Paisley in WCW) interviewed Maven. He put over the new season of Tough Enough. He also mentioned the grocery store brawl between Austin and Booker, calling it one of the funniest things ever. Booker overheard this and didn't like it. He got in Maven's face, backed up by Big Bossman, and challenged Maven to a match.

They aired a promo for HHH's 1/7 return, which got a big pop.

To start hour two, Torrie beat Stacy in 1:55 in a match in a pool of eggnog. Lawler loved this. I kind of liked it myself. Stacy dipped her finger in the eggnog and sucked it off. Lawler nearly passed out. Then Torrie came out sucking on a candy cane. Lawler wished he was a cane. Lawler then said this was good quality Christmas programming. Yeah, this was a scene right out of "It's a Wonderful Life". Anyway, Torrie pinned Stacy in the eggnog. Stacy attacked Torrie afterward.

Back at Vince's party, Bubba Claus & D-Von were sad that Stacy lost. They said she would have won if it had been a Dudleyville cranberry sauce match. Chris Jericho came in and was upset that Vince had added Angle to the main event since it increased his chances of losing. Vince was trying to come up with an explanation when Stephanie came in. Vince took her arrival as an opportunity to get out of his conversation with Jericho. Stephanie was all humble and even crying a little. She had a Christmas present for daddy, a new money clip with his initials on it. However, Vince said she was just trying to manipulate her way back into the WWF. He told her to get the hell out, and she left crying. JR said the McMahons sure aren't the Waltons.

Christian beat Hurricane in 3:37 to retain the European Title. Christian called the Miami Hurricanes a bunch of thugs and petty criminals who won't be winning any bowl games. Another match that was good but short. Hurricane did a senton plancha. Christian did a baseball slide that knocked Hurricane into Mighty Molly. Hurricane managed to crawl back in the ring but was pinned with the unprettier.

Tazz showed up at Flair's party and said Tajiri was a better Santa than Bubba. He sort of stirred up a fight by saying Bubba thinks he's tougher than Tajiri. Austin stepped up and suggested that their Santa should fight Vince's Santa, so the challenge went out for Tajiri Claus vs. Bubba Claus. Austin then began singing Christmas songs very badly as he played a guitar with a broken string.

JR & Lawler announced that the Santa vs. Santa match was a done deal, calling it match that would draw big on PPV at the North Pole. Lawler said he wished JR was more like Santa, only coming around once a year.

Booker T beat Maven in 3:06. Bossman was in Booker's corner. Maven got in a little bit of offense, including one great dropkick. Booker won with the flapjack.

Tajiri Claus beat Bubba Claus in 5:20. A pretty good match for two guys wearing Santa outfits. Tajiri hit an Asai moonsault. JR called one spot a "malfunction at the junction", which was a tribute to Calgary wrestling commentator Ed Whalen, who died recently. Bubba whipped Tajiri with a belt as if he were Rudolph the red-nosed government mule. Bubba missed a senton bomb and Tajiri hit the springboard elbow. Bubba hit a superplex and set Tajiri up for a wazzup. D-Von got on top to (illegally) deliver it, but Tazz ran out and caused D-Von to get crotched. Tajiri sprayed the mist, hit a kick, and got the pin on Bubba.

Angle showed up at Vince's party and promised to humiliate Rock in front of his hometown fans and thus strip him of his dignity. Mae heard the word "strip" and got up on a stage and began stripping, to everyone's dismay.

A video package aired of Undertaker mauling Jeff Hardy & Lita on last week's RAW, and slaughtering Matt Hardy on Smackdown. Lawler said the Hardys and Lita are having a black & blue Christmas.

Mae continued stripping. The cameras thankfully only showed her from the knees down, but we were led to believe she had taken it all off. Everyone else had left in disgust except for the drunken elves Patterson and Brisco, Moolah, and Vince. Vince was about to leave when Austin charged in. He KO'ed Vince, drowned Brisco in the punch bowl, and put Patterson's head between Mae's legs, looking up at her supposedly exposed private parts, and he began gagging as if about to throw up. It was one of those really gratuitous and stupid incidents that make you wonder how sick some of the people who write this stuff really are.

Jericho beat Rock and Angle in the three-way match to retain the Undisputed WWF Title in 12:43. A good match with awesome heat, though it followed the booking pattern they've established where Jericho survives as champ only because of flukes. Jericho, as champ, was actually introduced first. Rock was last, which did make some sense as it was Rock's hometown and they were popping huge for him. The first part of the match saw Jericho and Angle conspire to double on Rock, with Rock making occasional comebacks. Angle took a bump into the stairs and was out on the floor for a while, allowing Rock and Jericho to go at it. Jericho went for his lionsault but Rock got his knees up. Angle recovered and tripped Rock. Rock came back and nearly pinned Angle with a suplex but Jericho made the save. They did a spot where Jericho was laid out on the mat and Angle fell on him with his head hitting Jericho's crotch. Rock put the sharpshooter on Angle, but Jericho broke it up. Rock gave Jericho a spinebuster and went for the people's elbow but Angle caught Rock in the ankle lock. This forced Jericho to go after Angle to save his title. Angle and Jericho began arguing. Angle gave Jericho the German suplexes. Jericho tried for the walls on Angle but Angle reversed it into an ankle lock on Jericho, which Rock broke up. There was the expected ref bump. Rock put the walls on Jericho, who tapped, but there was no ref. What a surprise! Angle swung a chair at Rock but accidentally hit Jericho, though it was set up so that it wasn't really clear whether it was an accident or not, as they're obviously doing a storyline where Vince's "boys" Jericho and Angle are rivals. Rock hit Angle with a Rock Bottom but Jericho stopped the reviving ref from counting. Angle DDT'd Rock on a chair, but sold it as if he hurt himself as well. As a result, Angle was unable to make the pin and Jericho crawled on Rock and got the pin to retain the belt as the show ended.
2006 - Minoru defeats Koji Kanemoto for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title in Tokyo, Japan. This ended Kanemoto's fifth reign and began Minoru's fourth.

2006 - Sachie Abe and KAZUKI defeat Toshie Uematsu and Ran Yu-Yu to win the JWP Tag Team Title in Tokyo, Japan. Also, Arisa Nakajima defeats Aoi Kizuki in a tournament final for the vacant JWP Junior Title. That title had been vacated on December 3, 2005 due to champion Erika Watanabe having a heart problem.

2008 - ew York City's The Village Voice ran a piece on Ring of Honor and former ECW champ Jerry Lynn in this week's edition, which hits the streets tomorrow.  The article portrayed Lynn as the real-life Randy The Ram from "The Wrestler", "minus the drugs", according to ROH owner Cary Silkin. The article paints Lynn as a normal, down to earth guy who takes care of his daughter during the week, then wrestles on weekends despite the laundry list of injuries he's suffered over his career, including broken feet, broken ankles, broken pelvis, knee surger, torn rotator cuff, a "permanently damaged" right arm and numerous broken noses.
"You think about all the injuries and the political bull in this business," says Lynn. "I missed seeing half of my first daughter's life growing up. I passed on good job opportunities. But when you see how the crowd is in the palm of your hands, you can't turn your back on it."

2009 - WWE broadcast Superstars.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the wrestling world, not a creature was stirring because they sat through Little People’s Court Twice.

Our first match is from the ECW brand.

Before our first match, we see William Regal turning on Vladimir Kozlov and helping Ezekiel Jackson with the battle of the red trunks.

Match Number One: Ezekiel Jackson versus Vladimir Kozlov in a Battle for William Regal’s Friendship

They lock up and Kozlov with a side head lock and Jackson with a break but Kozlov with a kick and punch followed by an arm drag into a front face lock. Jackson with forearms to the face and back. Jackson with a tackle and both men go to the floor. Kozlov with a forearm on the floor followed by a kick that sends Jackson into the ringside barrier. They continue to fight on the floor. Jackson sends Kozlov into the ring post and the referee makes the ten count.
Double Count Out

After the match, Kozlov wants to restart the match but Jackson goes to the back with a smile on his face.

We go to the trailer for The Marine 2, starring Ted DiBiase and the guy who played Jango Fett.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Christian video package.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk about tomorrow night’s Christmas Night edition of Smackdown and the World Title Match between Undertaker and Rey Mysterio. We go to a Smackdown Rebound to see why Rey is wrestling Taker tomorrow night.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Royal Rumble commercial for the pay per view on the week between the AFC and NFC Championships and the Super Bowl (still no fruit basket).

Our next match comes from the Raw brand.

Match Number Two: Chavo Guerrero versus Primo

They lock up and Chavo with a snap mare but Primo with a kick to the head. Chavo wants the referee to check his lip to see if it is bleeding. Primo with a side head lock but Primo with a series of kicks and a leg sweep for a near fall. Primo with an arm bar but Chavo with a punch to the head and shoulder tackle. Primo with a monkey flip and then he punches Chavo in the corner. Chavo tries to do something with Primo but Primo with a sunset flip. Chavo with a Liger Kick into the corner and then he kicks Primo. Chavo with a Latino uppercut for a near fall. Chavo rubs his boot on Primo’s face and then he goes for an arm bar. Chavo with a kick but Primo with a punch to respond. Primo with punches to the head and a flying back elbow and clothesline. Primo with a drop kick and then it is time for the gymnastics portion of the match as Primo does a cartwheel before a side Russian leg sweep and a near fall. Primo goes to the apron for a springboard cross body but Chavo with a drop kick to Primo. Chavo does the Eddie Guerrero Shimmy and then it is time for the Three Amigos but Primo with an inside cradle after the second suplex. Primo with a back body drop and Chavo begs for mercy. Primo punches Chavo and then he tries to slam Chavo but Chavo is against the ropes and he goes to the apron and drops Primo against the ropes. Chavo hits the frog splash for the three count.
Winner: Chavo Guerrero

It is time for Ask the Divas and the WWE Universe gets to ask the questions this week.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre to come to the ring.

Drew says that when Mr. McMahon personally signed him to Smackdown, he saw the future. He saw an individual who could take over and lead this company into a new generation. Drew says that he stands here the new Intercontinental Champion. Drew says that this means that Mr. McMahon was right and everything that he said he would do, he has done. It also means that when Mr. McMahon proclaimed him a future World Champion, . . .

John Morrison will not let the new champion finish and John Morrison comes to the ring dressed a lot less formally than the champion.

John and Drew have some words before John talks into the mic. John acknowledges that Drew is the champion and he congratulates Drew for having his future drawn out. John asks Drew if he was told about New Year’s Day by Mr. McMahon. John says that he gets his rematch on New Year’s Day. Drew tells John that he should live it up and celebrate all he wants on New Year’s Eve because on New Year’s Day his party is over. John wants to know what kind of party Drew is talking about. John says that nobody wants to party with Drew because nobody can understand what he says. John says that the party will be over for Drew on New Year’s Day. John talks over Drew and he says that he will tell us what is going to happen. John says that he will win the Intercontinental Title. Morrison and McIntyre are done talking and Morrison has things under control. Morrison hits the split legged corkscrew moonsault and then he drops the belt on McIntyre’s chest before he poses for the fans.

Kane is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back with the John Cena comments from the Tribute to the Troops Special.

Match Number Three: Kane versus Mike Knox

They lock up and Knox with a side head lock. Knox with a shoulder tackle but Kane gets his knees up for an elbow drop and then Kane starts to work on the arm. Kane with an arm drag and arm bar. Knox with a punch and knee followed by an attempted suplex but Kane blocks it and hits a suplex of his own. Kane with a drop kick for a near fall. Kane sends Knox shoulder first into the turnbuckles and then he wraps the arm in the ropes. Knox runs Kane into the turnbuckles and hits a series of shoulders. Kane with a divorce court and Knox rolls to the apron. We go to commercial.

We are back and Kane runs into an elbow but then Kane clotheslines Knox over the top rope to the floor. Kane continues the attack on the floor and he rolls Knox back in. Kane grabs Knox from the apron but Knox drops Kane on the top rope and then Knox with a bicycle kick to send Kane to the floor. Knox hits Kane in the back and then he sends Kane into the apron before returning to the ring. Knox goes up top and connects with a forearm to the head. Knox with punches to Kane followed by an Irish whip and splash in the corner. Knox with a clothesline to Kane and a splash for a near fall. Knox with a reverse chin lock but Kane with a belly-to-back suplex to escape the hold. Knox with a drop kick to Kane for a two count. Knox returns to the reverse chin lock but Kane punches his way out of the hold. Kane with a big boot to Knox and then he connects with a vintage uppercut. Kane with an Irish whip and running clothesline into the corner followed by a side slam for a near fall. Kane goes up top and hits the clothesline and gets another near fall. Kane with another Irish whip but Knox moves when Kane charges into the corner and Knox hits a running cross body but can only get a two count. Knox and Kane fight on the turnbuckles and Knox head butts Kane to the mat. Knox comes off the turnbuckles but Kane grabs him and hits a choke slam for the three count.
Winner: Kane

2010 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live from San Antonio, Texas and your announcers are Matt ‘Can I be Mark Harmon tonight’ Striker, Michael ‘Tuesday Not Titans’ Cole, and Josh ‘I need a diet soda’ Mathews.

We see footage from last night when Jerry Lawler pinned Miz, with some help from Randy Orton in the Raw main event.

Match Number One: Randy Orton versus Miz with Alex Riley in a You Didn’t Think We Would Start Off Smackdown with Smackdown Wrestlers Did You Match

They lock up and Orton backs Miz into the corner but Miz and Orton go around the ring until Orton breaks thanks to help from the referee. Miz with a punch to Orton and Orton with that glare and Miz goes to the floor. Miz and Orton go around the ring and Orton with a Thesz Press and punches. Orton kicks Miz and Miz goes to the floor. Orton sends Miz into the barrier and then hits a clothesline. Orton sees Riley approaching and Riley backs off because he doesn’t want to get involved yet. Orton with a European uppercut and they return to the ring.

Orton has Miz in the ropes and connects with a forearm. Orton stomps on the chest as Miz is on the apron. Orton slingshots Miz’s throat into the rope and gets a near fall. Orton with a few European uppercuts on Miz and Miz goes to the apron again. Miz drops Orton on the top rope as Miz goes to the floor.

Miz with a running boot to the head and he gets a near fall on Orton. Miz with knees to Orton’s back. Orton punches Miz but Miz with a knee to the midsection and the referee checks on Orton. Miz with elbows to the neck and then he connects with a forearm across the chest. Miz with a suplex and gets a near fall. Orton with punches to Miz but Miz with kicks. Orton with the vintage Viper back breaker. Orton with clotheslines to Miz followed by a power slam.

Miz rolls to the apron again and Orton with a kick to the chest and then he sets for the IEDDT but Miz gets into the ring and Miz sends Orton to the apron. Orton punches Miz and while the referee is with Miz, Riley trips Orton and Orton hits the ring steps. Miz Irish whips Orton into the ring steps and we go to commercial.

We are back and Miz has Orton in a reverse chin lock but Orton with a sleeper. Miz with a sleeper of his own but Orton with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. We see footage during the commercial when Miz connected with a knee lift on the floor. Back to live action and Miz punches and kicks Orton while the referee warns him. We also see a boot by Miz. Miz goes up top but Orton with a glancing uppercut and Miz gets crotched. Orton with uppercuts and then he goes for a superplex and hits it but he can only get a near fall. Orton punches Miz but Miz punches back. Orton with kicks and punches but Miz is standing toe to toe with Miz. Orton takes over and kicks Miz in the corner. The referee warns Orton and when Miz gets up, Orton with an Olympic Slam for a near fall.

Miz with a kick to Orton and he hits a neck breaker and swinging neck breaker combination for a near fall. Miz misses a running boot and Orton with a drop kick for a near fall. Orton sets for a power bomb and Riley gets on the apron to distract Orton and Miz with a back body drop. Miz sets for and hits the Awesome Clothesline. Miz with a kick to Orton and hits a DDT for a near fall. Miz tries for the Skull Crushing Finale but Orton escapes. Miz avoids the RKO with a backslide and gets a near fall. Orton with an uppercut and then he hits the IEDDT.

Orton with push ups and that means that it is almost time for the RKO. Orton hits Riley on the apron and then he hits the RKO on Miz. Riley interferes and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Randy Orton by disqualification

After the match, Riley gets sent over the top rope to the floor. Orton sees Miz on his hands and knees and he thinks about a field goal, but he approaches Miz and then lines up the kick. Cole begs for Miz to move and Riley enters the ring and gets an RKO. Miz crawls to the back while Cole stops hyperventilating.

We take a look back at the footage from TLC when John Cena made it rain chairs on top of a cart that was on top of Wade Barrett.

Showta Claus and his elf Rosa hand out gifts to people in the back. They find their other elf Hornswoggle in the back and they are walking into commercial.

We are back and Did You Know that WWE gives all of its programming to the military on American Forces Network?

Santa Show, Rosa Claus, and Elfswoggle come to the ring and they are bearing gifts. There is a table with milk and cookies so while Rosa and Hornswoggle hand out gifts, Show goes to the ring. Show sits down and he breaks the chair. Show sits down while Cole yells at him. Show reads ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, WWE Style. Show doesn’t like the line about his weight and he wonders if Hornswoggle wrote that line.

While Show and Rosa hand out gifts, Cody Rhodes comes from out of nowhere and attacks Hornswoggle. He also kicks Big Show before destroying the gifts in the ring and leaving.

We go to commercial.

We are back and remember that you can watch Tribute to the Troops tomorrow night on USA Network featuring a six man tag match with Miz, Alberto Del Rio, and Wade Barrett against John Cena, Rey Mysterio, and Randy Orton.

We take a look back at last night’s Raw because you haven’t seen it in 24 hours.

Todd Grisham is with Beth Phoenix in the interview area and he asks Beth about how she is feeling. Beth says that she is thankful that she isn’t hurt any more. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov stop by and Santino says that he wanted to see if she is okay. Beth says that she is okay. Santino says that he is very happy for her and suggests that they do one of their famous lip locks. Vladimir has some mistletoe and Beth asks Santino if he is seeing Tamina. Santino says that what happens on Smackdown stays on Smackdown. Beth decides to kiss Vladimir instead. Santino says that he wants to know where she went. Vladimir says that she vanished. Santino notices the lipstick and suggests in his broken English that they kissed. Santino storms off as we go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Santino Marella with Vladimir Kozlov versus Chavo Guerrero in a This Time I Have Nobody Else to Blame for the Loss to Santino Match

Santino with a hip lock take down to Chavo but Chavo with a kick and Latino uppercut. Santino holds on to the ropes and then he back drops Chavo to the floor. Santino sends him back into the ring but Chavo with a kick as Santino returns to the ring. Chavo with a Latino uppercut followed by a Saito suplex for a near fall. Chavo punches Santino in the head and he kicks Santino in the leg. Chavo sends Santino into the turnbuckles. Santino sends Chavo into the turnbuckles and then he does the split followed by a hip toss. Chavo avoids the diving head butt. Chavo sets for the Three Amigos suplex combination but Santino blocks the third one. Santino with a jawbreaker and then he hits the Cobra and gets the three count.

Winner: Santino Marella

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Edge to come to the ring.

For the past four weeks, he has been asked if all of the insanity with Kane and Paul Bearer would pay off. The wheelchairs, dummies, and wild goose chases. Was it worth it? Edge says yes it was worth it because he is the new World Heavyweight Champion. Edge says that Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match shortened his career and the careers of everyone in the match. Edge says that it hurts him to walk to the ring. However, it was absolutely worth it. Nineteen years ago, he got into this industry and he told himself that he would get to the WWE. He told himself that he would win the Tag Titles with his best friend Christian. He said that he would win the Intercontinental Championship, and he said that he would win the World Title. Edge says that it wasn’t being cocky, it was confidence in what he could do.

Edge is interrupted by Kane who wants it to stop. He is sick of hearing Edge’s sentimental story. Kane says that Edge’s story is finished. Edge doesn’t get to write the ending to his story. Kane says that he does. The story will not have a happy ending. The story will end with his body broken and the World Title back in his possession. For all of Edge’s tormenting.

Edge says that he might be sore, but nothing is more painful than listening to Kane’s psychotic ramblings. Edge suggests that they cut to the chase. Why not do it right here and now. Kane versus Edge for the World Title.

Kane comes to the ring, but he stops before he gets there. Kane tells Edge that he cannot manipulate him that easily. Kane says that for six weeks, they have been playing this game according to his rules. Kane says that he will get the World Title back, but he will do it on his terms and when he is ready.

In case you missed it earlier, we have the footage of what John Cena did to Wade Barrett at the end of TLC.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ezekiel Jackson will be on Smackdown soon.

Match Number Three: Drew McIntyre versus Kaval

Drew attacks Kaval as he enters the ring and before the referee starts the match. The referee checks on Kaval to see if he can wrestle.

Kaval avoids a charge from Drew but he does not miss a running boot and then Drew hits the Future Shock DDT for the three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

In case you didn’t know from the many commercials and plugs in the first hour, we have a video package for the Tribute to the Troops Special that will air tomorrow night on USA Network.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see a photo of Alberto Del Rio being knocked off a ladder through two tables on Sunday night in the TLC Match.

Match Number Four: Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger versus Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston

Del Rio and Mysterio start things off but Swagger and Kofi get face to face and Swagger pushes Kofi to the floor and that allows Del Rio to sneak up on Rey and hits him. Del Rio with a snap mare and he goes for the mask and kicks Rey in the back before getting a near fall. Swagger tags in and he punches Rey. Del Rio tags back in and he kicks Rey again. Alberto with an Irish whip but Rey floats over and Rey with a head scissors. Kofi tags in and he hits a running forearm into the corner. Kofi with a near fall. Rey tags back in and hits a springboard seated splash for a near fall. Kofi tags back in and he hits a missile drop kick for a near fall and Swagger gets involved. The referee warns Swagger while Del Rio kicks Kofi. Del Rio tries for a splash in the ropes but Kofi moves and Alberto goes to the floor. Swagger tries to attack Kofi but Kofi moves and Rey pulls the ropes down and Swagger goes to the floor as well. Kofi and Rey go up top and hit cross bodies on Alberto and Jack as we go to commercial.

We are back and things are calmed down a lot with Alberto having Rey grounded in a reverse chin lock. We see footage from the commercial break when Swagger crotched Rey. Del Rio kicks Rey in the ribs and gets a near fall. Swagger tags in and he punches Rey in the ribs and then drops a knee on Rey. Swagger with a slam and then he sets for the double jump Swagger bomb and hits it but he can only get a near fall. Swagger with a bear hug to Rey and he swings Rey around like a doll.

Rey with punches to escape followed by a kick. Rey tries to make the tag by jumping over Swagger but Swagger throws Rey into the corner. Swagger charges at Rey but he is sent head first into the turnbuckles with a drop toe hold. Kofi tags in and he hits a cross body followed by chops and a drop kick. Swagger gets his feet up when Kofi charges at him. Swagger gets a near fall on Kofi. Del Rio tags back in and he kicks Kofi in the ribs.

Del Rio with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Del Rio mocks Kofi’s set up for Trouble in Paradise and Kofi with punches to Alberto but Alberto kicks Kofi. Alberto talks to the referee to allow Swagger to punch Kofi. Swagger tags back in and he puts Kofi in a front face lock. Kofi tries to get to his corner but Swagger fights off the attempt. Swagger sends Kofi into the turnbuckles and then Irish whips Kofi but Kofi with a cross body and both men are down. Kofi tries to make the tag to Rey but Swagger grabs the ankle. Del Rio is tagged in and Rey tags in too. Rey with a seated senton splash followed by a DDT for a near fall. Rey with a kick to Del Rio’s head and he gets a near fall.

Del Rio charges into a boot from Rey but Alberto with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Alberto with a kick to the head and he tries for a slam but Rey gets out of the hold. Rey with a drop kick to the back and he falls into the ropes. Swagger makes the tag and he hits Rey with a body block and gets a near fall. Swagger tries for the Doctor Bomb but Rey gets out of the hold. Rey arm drags Swagger into the ropes. Del Rio goes into the ropes and Rey hits a 619 on both men. Kofi with Trouble in Paradise to Swagger and Rey hits a springboard dive onto Swagger for the three count.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston

In case you missed it the first few times, we see the waterfall of chairs and Cole wonders what is next for Nexus.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know that a lot of people from a lot of places are going to Wrestlemania. We see the Alamo, and Pee Wee Herman is still looking for the basement.

Kelly Kelly is in the back and Drew McIntyre wants to apologize for what happened last week. Drew says that they are a lot alike. Drew says that he would never hurt Kelly. Drew walks away and Kelly continues to text.

Vickie is stretching for her match and Dolph enters the office. He asks Vickie if she still wants to go through with the match. Vickie says that Cena insulted her last night and if Ziggler loves her, he will defend her honor. Vickie wants Dolph to help her stretch.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rey Mysterio will team with Edge to face Alberto Del Rio and Kane.

Match Number Five: Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero versus John Cena

Vickie wants to start but Dolph holds her back and tells her to get on the apron. Dolph goes after Cena but Cena with a side head lock take down. Dolph with a rollup for a near fall. Dolph with a side head lock but Cena with a shoulder tackle and he puts Ziggler in a reverse chin lock. Cena backs Ziggler into the corner and Vickie yells at Cena and that allows Ziggler to punch Cena. Ziggler kicks Cena and punches him. Ziggler with punches to Cena. Ziggler with punches in the corner and Vickie tags in.

Vickie chokes Cena and stands on his head. Cena lifts Vickie up but Ziggler makes the tag and he punches Cena and gets a near fall. Ziggler with a fireman’s carry followed by a series of elbow drops and then he finishes it off with a hesitation leaping elbow drop. Ziggler continues to punch Cena. Cena with an Irish whip and bulldog and gets a near fall. Cena gets Ziggler up for the Attitude Adjustment but Ziggler counters with a DDT and gets a near fall. Ziggler with forearms in the ropes while he chokes him too. Vickie kicks Cena off the ropes while Dolph is with the referee.

Ziggler with a neckbreaker and gets a near fall. Cena goes to the apron and Ziggler punches him off the apron to the floor. The referee starts his count while Cena tries to get up. Ziggler goes after Cena and he sends Cena’s head into the announce table. Cena prevents Ziggler from sending him into the ring steps and Cena is the one to send his opponent into the ring steps.

They return to the ring and Ziggler with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Ziggler tries for a suplex and Cena blocks it and hits a suplex of his own. Both men are still down. Cena is the first to his knees. Ziggler and Cena exchange punches but Cena gets the advantage. Cena misses the flying shoulder tackle but Ziggler ducks and Cena goes to the floor. Vickie taunts Cena on the floor.

Cena with a gutwrench suplex and both men are down. Vickie distracts Cena and Ziggler moves out of the way of a charge into the corner. Ziggler with a reverse chin lock on Cena, but Cena gets his hands up to get Ziggler to release the chin lock. Cena with punches but Ziggler with a bareback for a near fall. Ziggler stands over Cena and Vickie tags herself into the match. She tells Cena that he can’t see her and she misses an elbow drop. Cena struggles to get to his feet and Dolph wants Vickie to tag him back in.

Ziggler misses a clothesline and Cena with two shoulder tackles followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb. Time to finish the Legendary Sequence with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena gets Ziggler up for the Attitude Adjustment but Ziggler counters with a Fameasser but he can only get a two count. Ziggler gets ready for either the sleeper or Zig Zag but Cena pushes him out of he way and puts Ziggler in the STF. Vickie pulls Cena off Ziggler and she yells at Cena. Cena kisses Vickie and that gives him enough power to give Ziggler the Attitude Adjustment for the three count.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Vickie tries to slap Cena and Cena blocks it and gets Vickie up for an Attitude Adjustment. CM Punk comes into the ring with a chair and he hits Cena in the ribs and back with the chair.

Punk leaves the ring and walks to the back as we go to credits.

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