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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-26 09:59:00

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Naomi showed some good athleticism and a unique moveset at the TLC PPV. What do you think about her potential as a singles competitor in the diva's division?

Alicia Fox has good athleticism too and it hasn't worked out that great for her.  I could see Naomi getting the push of the month but WWE just doesn't put any real focus on the division so until they do I don't really see anyone getting a big push beyond AJ and Eve.

Were you as stunned as I was that, during the Slammys broadcast, WWE felt the need - not just once, but several times - to give us detailed step-by-step instructions on how to find their app? I doubt anyone tech-savvy enough to own an iPhone really needs Michael Cole's help to download a freakin' app. I wasn't sure whether to find it condescending, or take it as evidence of how out of touch Vince is with the audience.

I think you make a huge assumption about the intelligence of some people.  Just because they buy a powerful device like a smart phone, it doesn't mean they are proficient at its usage.  In dealing with people in many fields over my life, I have found that some can follow directions very well while others need a lot of, let's just say, support.  WWE's goal was get people to download the app.  Mission accomplished.

Why is Sin Cara still in the WWE?! He's one of the sloppiest workers I've ever seen! He's gonna kill someone in the ring, he almost killed himself with that botched fall through the table at the PPV tonight...

WWE has a large Mexican audience and they want to have stars that appeal to that audience.  And to be fair, Cara was working with a bad knee at the match.  With that said, he can do a lot better than he has in WWE.

Who is/was larger, Andre or Big Show? Also, do you think the fact that Big Show routinely gets slammed (by Cena, Sheamus, etc.) diminishes his stature as a giant?

Andre was about 6'10 while Show is a legit 7 footer.  Plus, Show is more muscular, so he is larger.  The way I see it, if he doesn't take those moves than there isn't much you can really do with him.  If he just totally destroys guys, then he could never lose.  I think the big power spots help the guy that does them more than diminish Show.  Andre was from a different era. 

More often than not these days in WWE, the champion comes out before the challenger. I hate it. Why do they do this, even sometimes when the champion is the face and would receive the bigger pop either way?

Generally it's because the heel is the champ and they want the face to get a big pop.  I totally agree with you here.  I hate it too.  The champ should always come out last.  He has earned that right.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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