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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-25 09:59:00

First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday!

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Did Vince subliminally tell all ECW fans just what he thought of their pet promotion last night with  the beatdown of Tommy Dreamer toward the end of the show? I sure as hell took it that way, and honestly thought it a bit classless.

I didn't see it that way.  First, Dreamer got the pinfall in his match.  Then, he was beaten down by The Shield, but they have done the same to top tier acts as well.  So I don't see any deeper message there, especially when part of the reason that ECW lasted as long as it did was due to the support of Vince McMahon.

Ok who did Alberto Del Rio make mad. First they turn him face, second they team him with The Miz and then they put him in a program against 3MB!!! He was a strong heel for the WWE and, IMHO they have wasted it. What gives?

Good Lord, you tell me and we will both know.  I haven't figured out the reason his face turn either.

Are TNA looking to keep Jeff Hardy and RVD around when their contracts expire in the new year?

They definitely want to keep Hardy.  I haven't heard one way or another about RVD but I would think that they would want to keep him.  And for him, the schedule is a lot less grueling than WWE's. 

With WWE looking to bring back some old faces, do you see Matt Hardy being approached to come back? He seemed to be a great wrestler/ambassador for WWE right up until his last days?

Well, I think you are forgetting the end of his run there, when he got sent back to the hotel in England and in New Jersey.  WWE remembers that kind of stuff and given their stature as a company they have to.  With that said, I think in Matt's case they will take a wait and see attitude before making any kind of move where he is concerned.  It would just make sense for their standpoint to see him walk the straight and narrow for a while before considering bringing him back.

Dave-- In your opinion, what are the top promotions out there that have the best workrate-- WWE, TNA, ROH, DGUSA and CZW? Can you rank them?

That is a hard question to answer since those promotions all do different things.  For example, a lot of guys in WWE could work the styles of the other groups but they aren't asked or allowed to.  CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, etc. can go with the best of them but that isn't what WWE does.  TNA and ROH have to do things within the confines of weekly TV, so they just can't go balls to the wall the way DGUSA can.  So it's hard to compare them since they all do different things.

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