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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-24 09:59:00

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Just read a question sent earlier about whether the WWE will use the Roman numerals for WrestleMania 30 or not considering the three X's are sometimes associated with the adult industry. Another thought entered my mind. Do you think it would be clever of WWE to capitalise on the fact that it would be WrestleMania XXX and do a program with CM Punk trying to make it a Straight Edge WrestleMania, considering that the three X's are also a symbol associated with the straight edge lifestyle? Perhaps even facing off against a certain beer drinking enthusiast? (If he was willing and capable of doing so, of course)

Provided that the stars align properly, and that is a big if, sure that would be very cool.  Now we just need Steve Austin to actually want to do a match and for Punk to be booked strongly for the next year plus!

R-Truth's injury from TLC looked pretty bad, but I didn't see any spot in the match where it could have happened and he didn't show any sign of injury during the match. Any thoughts as to how and when it happened?

I didn't notice when it happened either but it was shortly before the finish as they took it home early after he got hurt.  With all of the plunder around the ring at the show, that kind of thing can happen.  Now he just needs to make sure he is completely healed up before he comes back.  The worst thing that could happen would be for him to get a staph infection.

Ok I’m kind of mad and for the record that is the frame of mind I am in writing this question. I just finished watching Legends of Wrestling round table from WWE on Demand and it was entitled ‘hardcore’. Now first off any show on hardcore involving the Road Dog can’t be taken seriously I know, but with Michael Hayes, JR, and Pat Patterson on it I will let it slide. Ok, here is my question and what I am miffed about. Throughout the entire show they dismissed and mocked ECW as a single note product, and that is the reason that ECW eventually failed. I have a huge problem with that, mostly the idea that ECW one, was all about mindless violence for the sake of violence, I don’t think it was, and secondly that because all they did was violence the viewing audience left the product and people got tired of it. Is this really what WWE ‘guys’ think of ECW and do you think they have a legitimate point? Additionally, they also finally conceded that yes the ‘Attitude’ era was a version of what ECW was, but that the WWE perfected it because unlike ECW they added storylines and ECW never did. What says you on that one?

I think if any of them said that (and I would be surprised of Jim Ross did because he knows better), they were clueless.  I could see Hayes or Patterson being shills like that, but it would surprise me if JR did.  There was an aspect of violence in ECW, but there were also great wrestling matches.  Those guys all know that because they all watched Vince Russo glom the concepts he saw on ECW's TV show and bring them to WWE!  Hell, the biggest star of the Attitude era, Steve Austin, started the Stone Cold character in ECW.  Then he went to WWE and they made him The Ringmaster before realizing how stupid they were and then let him do the character he formulated in ECW.  To say ECW didn't have storylines is too stupid and ridiculous to even comment on (and shame on any of those guys that said it because none of them can actually believe it).  ECW went down because they just couldn't generate the revenue that the needed to survive.  They had no corporate backing from a TV network.  If they came along today Spike supported them the way that they support TNA, they would still be around.

Do you believe that under the right circumstances that Sting does sign with WWE that the "Streak vs Streak" match between CM Punk and The Undertaker would still happen? Makes more sense to me if WWE were smart to make Sting vs Undertaker, two of the last of their time. Thoughts?

I don't know what you mean about Punk having a streak since I think his WWE Title run is going to end at the Rumble.  With that said, Sting hasn't signed with WWE thus far and I just don't get the sense that he will do so at this point.  In TNA he controls his own destiny where his character is concerned.  That wouldn't be the case if he went to WWE.  But if he did want to go, sure him vs. Taker would be a great match to sell the show with.

The big question people are asking is who The Shield are working for? The answer, to me, seems simple and dare I say highly logical is Brad Maddox. Everyone who has gotten jumped has crossed his path. I was wondering if I'm the only one who sees this?

I really hope they are not working for anyone.  Making them subservient to someone else makes them secondary characters.  I want them to be doing things for themselves and establish the group as a top act.

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