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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-23 09:59:00

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With all that talent call ups in the WWE from NXT, when can we expect to see releases? Also it seems most of the call ups are heels, could that be why ADR and the Miz were made babyfaces?

The call ups are more about desperately needing new blood on the roster.  I don't expect that will be the impetus for talent to be released en masse.  If/when there is another bloodletting I expected it be due more to a bad financial quarter than anything else.  Miz was turned because he is a good PR man and does a lot of promotion for the company, so it made sense for him to do it as a face.  As for ADR, I have no idea what their thinking is. 

With all of this 1-3-13 promo business, I can't help but think....when did Sting last appear? I feel like if they didn't do the promos, I wouldn't have even known he was out....

It was early November, so Sting won't even be out of action two months when he returns.  Once again, TNA made a small thing seem like a big deal.  With their big teases they have become the boy who cried wolf.  They figure it gets people talking, but it also disappoints them when it's "only" Sting.

If you were doing a best feuds lists for World Class, would you put Eric Embry vs. Devastation Inc. on the list?

It would depend on how many feuds I was listing but it was a great one and I enjoyed it a lot.  It would do well in my personal ratings.

Is there a reason other than safety WWE started doing Tribute to the Troops at domestic bases?

With the war in Iraq over and the war in Afghanistan winding down, they decided to do it for troops here at home.

I think your good idea of having Punk lose to the Rock at the Royal Rumble PPV (if he has to lose), then winning the Rumble match and getting a rematch at Wrestlemania, will not happen. What do you think at this point (late December) will happen? Is Punk already aware of the fact, that after over a year as WWE Champion, he will be in the deepest midcard after the Rumble? I mean, is there one reason for Vince to push Punk even longer?

I KNOW my idea won't happen.  I never thought it would.  I just thought it was a good idea.  I see Punk losing to Rock, of course, but that won't be the end of him.  Yes, there are plenty of reasons for Vince to push him, starting with the fact that he likes Punk and trusts him.  He is not going to go down the card.  I see him being in a prominent match at WrestleMania.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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