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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-22 10:00:39
Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure Ted Dibiase Jr. is in the doghouse. Are you able to confirm or deny this or can you report on the reason. Did he try to make a pass at Stephanie or something?

There's been no word about DiBiase being in the doghouse but injuries and bad timing have certainly hurt him being pushed.

The recent article with Kofi visiting the WWE warehouse where they store all their old props sounded familiar. Didn't CM Punk and a film crew go there last year? I think it was assumed to be for his DVD but the footage never materialized. The article with Kofi is fun but I imagine the Punk video would be as good if not better with his love for the olden days. Any word on if it'll get released?

Yes, there was material shot for the WWE CM Punk documentary where he visited the warehouse, but it never made it onto the final product.

Do you think Amazing Kong will return to TNA?

She has publicly stated she has no interest, but you never know.

Now that Sarah Del Rey is the trainer of the women of FCW is she also in charge of the Divas/Womens Division on both Raw and Smackdown? Has be given the responsibility of training/working along with other stars such as Kaitlyn, Tamina, Aksana and Eve Torres?

No. She is just responsible for training girls in the developmental division.

Someone recently suggested one way TNA could look into improving in 2013 and that was signing a few more women wrestlers into the Knockout division. To be honest it was me. WWE recently signed former womens wrestling stars from SHIMMER. Why don't TNA do that? With Sarita and Rosita all but a memory TNA can fill those positions if they so desire. Why not?

Either they don't have the financial means or the interest.

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