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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-20 10:15:00
WWC announced over the weekend that they will open the year by bringing back that traditional "Three Kings Day" show, "Euphoria 2013".

The show will take place on Sunday January 6th, 2013; belltime 7:05 PM, at the historic "Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum" located in Bayamon, PR.

With the cancellation of that Sunday's WWE Smackdown show in Ponce, this makes perfect sense. They have already announced 3 matches and hinted on the possibility of one more.

The show will be headlined by a match between "Mr. Ray-tings" Ray Gonzalez and Savio Vega, with WWC's President Victor Jovica as special guest referee.

It has also been announced that Sons of Samoa will receive a rematch against Thunder & Lightning for the WWC Tag Team titles and "The Precious One" Gilbert will defend his WWC PR Heavyweight title against "The Bad Man" Andy Levine.

During last weekend's TV show, they ran an angle where Invader #1 got into an argument with Carlito after he defeated Ray Gonzalez in a "hair vs hair" match with some help from Savio Vega. Invader told Carlito that his behavior was not that of a real man and that his father had not taught him to act like that. He still has a "thorn in his heart from when Carlito teared his wedding pictures and he is challenging Carlito to another match. Carlito argues back and forth until they are pull apart. What is not clear is if this match would take place at this next event (Euphoria) or if it will be saved and built up for a future show.

There is a belief that either Ray Gonzalez will be coming back for the show under the "Ray Fenix" [Phoenix] mask, which he used when he left WWC back in 2001 and showed up in IWA, while engaged in a legal battle with WWC over money and his character.

Also, there has been a lot of talk of the possibility of "Mesias" Ricky Banderas making an appearance, but it has not been 100% confirmed.

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