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By Readers on 2005-01-20 13:15:00

The votes are all in, and the winners of the first ever Year End Awards have been determined!

Below we have listed the winners, and on the following pages are the full results in each of the 21 categories, including exact vote totals. We'd like to thank everyone who voted in the polls. 

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2004 Year End Award Winners

Wrestler Of The Year - Chris Benoit 

Tag Team Of The Year
- America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) 

Promotion/Brand Of The Year
- RAW 

Match Of The Year
- Chris Benoit vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels - WWE Wrestlemania XX - March 14, 2004 

News Story Of The Year
- Brock Lesnar leaves WWE for football 

Technician Of The Year
- Chris Benoit 

Announcer Of The Year
- Jim Ross 

Angle/Storyline Of The Year
- Benoit and Guerrero are World Champions of their respective brands 

Best Interviews
- Mick Foley 

Brawler Of The Year
- Batista 

Character Of The Year
- Eugene 

Color Commentator Of The Year
- Tazz 

Comeback Of The Year

Flyer Of The Year
- AJ Styles 

Hottie Of The Year
- Trish Stratus 

Most Improved Wrestler Of The Year
- Batista

Move Of The Year
- Canadian Destroyer - Petey Williams 

Newcomer Of The Year
- Shelton Benjamin

Show Of The Year
- WWE Wrestlemania XX 

Feud Of The Year
- Chris Benoit vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

Stupidest Thing Of The Year
- WWE Creative 

Full results are on the following pages:
Page 2 - Wrestler Of The Year, Tag Team Of The Year, Promotion/Brand Of The Year
Page 3 - Match Of The Year, News Story Of The Year, Technician Of The Year
Page 4 - Announcer Of The Year, Angle/Storyline Of The Year, Best Interviews
Page 5 - Brawler Of The Year, Character Of The Year, Color Commentator Of The Year
Page 6 - Comeback Of The Year, Flyer Of The Year, Hottie Of The Year 
Page 7 - Most Improved Wrestler Of The Year, Move Of The Year, Newcomer Of The Year 
Page 8 - Show Of The Year, Feud Of The Year, Stupidest Thing Of The Year

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