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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-20 10:00:00
I just read your TEN IDEAS TO HELP IMPROVE TNA AS THEY LEAP INTO 2013 and it makes me wonder- does Dixie Carter, Hogan or anyone in upper management in TNA read your site? If they do they don't seem to be listening. After all TNA's been around for a little over 10 years and it's taken them this long to get where they are now. If they listened to your site when they started they would have been way ahead by now.

I can't speak for Hogan, but I know that a number of people in upper management of TNA (and WWE for that matter) do indeed read the site.

Sometime ago WWE signed former SHIMMER star Sarah Del Rey as a wrestling instructor/trainer. Del Rey has been known as a no nonsense, doesn't back away from a fight style wrestler. If she becomes successful in improving the ring work of the girls of FCW will this possibly bring some up to either Raw or Smackdown?

Well, yes. That's the idea in training someone, to get them good enough to make the company money with their work.

There was a woman in WCW who went by the name of Major Gunns. Whatever happened to her?

Gunns, real name Tylene Buck, moved into adult modeling and films after WCW.

hink one thing that TNA can improve upon in 2013 is the Knockout division. Although it has a great compliment of outstanding women wrestling stars such as Mickie James, Velvet Sky, Miss Tessmacher, Gail Kim among others I would love to see TNA try and sign a few more new faces within the Knockout Division. One move I would love to see is the attempt to resign Angelina Love. What do you think? <.b>

Love would obviously be a good signing, but considering she left the company of her own accord, I think that's something she would want. I think the Knockouts division is fine right now because bringing in more women, you eventually lose some in the shuffle, so less is more.

Is it just me or is Tyson Kidd amazingly underpushed? He's excellent in the ring, fan friendly, smooth technically and seems to have a genuine baby face personality. Is there a reason he isn't being considered for a decent feud (ie: with Cesaro or Sandow?) It's such a shame to see him get virtually no TV time and the tv time he gets are for pointless matches.

I agree with you, but right now, that's the slot the company has him in. Hopefully, the cream gets to rise to the top but he's working for WWE and having solid matches, so you can't see that as a negative. Lots of other guys just as talented as he is are doing the same on the independents and making very little in comparison. I would say he's the most underrated guy on the WWE roster, but he's there and that's better than not being there.

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