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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-19 14:36:58
Combat Zone Wrestling will present their latest "Reflections" iPPV with owner DJ Hyde doing a live shoot interview, interacting with fans via Facebook and Twitter. It's been teased that he's going to be really vocal about relationships with other promoters and issues with them. The show will be available for $7.00 at They will also be doing a trivia deal where the winner will win free streams for all 2013 CZW iPPVs.

The promotion was very happy with the iPPV sales of their Cage of Death 14 event two weeks ago with their iPPV buys at tripling their usual levels. The show was simulcast on and going forward shows will also be simulcast on as owner DJ Hyde feels that different fans have chosen their destination sites for iPPV programming and he would prefer to be on all of them as a way to get the most eyeballs on the promotion.

The company is really proud of how well received Dean Ambrose, who headlined here as Jon Moxley, has been in WWE.

CZW is starting to put together plans for 2013.  One aspect they want to push hard is the utilization of female talents who can work with their male talents in the ring.  DJ Hyde really credits Greg Excellent and Mia Yim with opening up that door and wants to go forward with that, so expect a bigger influx of female talents coming in.  The promotion will be doing a double header in February in Voorhees, NJ with WSU.  The WSU event will be headlined by Mercedes Martinez vs. LuFisto, so don't be shocked to see those women working CZW as well.  They are also planning to push the envelope more, not in terms of violence, but in ways they run the creative end of the company.

The big focus for the company right now is Wrestlecon, which will feature the Cage of Death and they are already trying to come up with ways to top the match they held at COD 14.  DJ Hyde was really high on Colt Cabana's professionalism for his work setting up a match against Greg Excellent for that show.

Masada, Drake Younger, Danny Havoc and DJ Hyde are heading over for a Big Japan tour next week.  Masada will be touring with DTU in Mexico soon and there is talk of doing some inter-promotional work with that company.  The promotion is also scheduled to tour Germany in the Spring.

Best of the Best will be 4/13/13 in Voorhees, NJ.  The 2013 Tournament of Death will be 6/22/13 in Townsend, Delaware.


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