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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-18 08:00:00

December 18th

On this day in history in ....

1970 - Toru Tanaka defeats Fritz Von Erich in Houston, Texas to win the NWA American Heavyweight Title (later to become the World Class World Heavyweight Title), ending Fritz' eighth reign as champion.

1975 - Giant Baba won All Japan Pro Wrestling's 20-man Open Championship tournament in Tokyo with 11 points, beating out second place finishers Abdullah The Butcher and Dory Funk Jr. by one point.

1978 - Ricky Steamboat defeats Ric Flair in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to win the United States Title for a second time.  This also marked the end of Flair's second reign with the belt.

1991 - Blue Panther defeats Satanico in a tournament final to become the first CMLL World Middleweight Title in Acapulco, Mexico.  Panther would vacate the title six months later when he jumped to the rival AAA promotion.

2006 - Vladimir Kozlov was brought to the main WWE roster for the Raw brand.  He would work for the company until being released in 2011.

2006 - WWE issued the following statement today:

Video Game Defense Rejected

District Court Cottbus in Germany today ruled that the video game "WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2006" played no role in the homicide of a homeless man, as the defendant claimed in a last ditch effort to reduce his sentence. The court also ruled that the claim could not be used to justify the crime.

WWE is pleased the court saw through the last gasp attempt to lay blame for the murder of this homeless man on playing a video game. Steffen G., a 19-year-old with a history of alcoholism and violence, beat the homeless man and left him to die after consuming 1 bottle of beer, 2 bottles of wine, and 1 bottle of chocolate liqueur and displaying violent behavior. The court called it like it was.

2006 - TNA taped three weeks worth of TV at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  Richard Trionfo filed the following results:

Impact 12/28

- Jeremy Borash is outside Jim Cornette's office.  Kurt Angle is in the office, demanding a rematch with Samoa Joe.  Cornette says he is still trying to decide if Sting or Christian will get the title match against Abyss at the PPV.  Cornette asks Angle not to disrupt Impact like he did last week.  Angle says he is going to get his rematch and leaves the room.  Cornette then calls security and tells them to keep an eye on Angle tonight.

- James Storm & Chris Sabin defeated Petey Williams & Christopher Daniels when Storm hit Williams with a chair to get the three count.  During the match, Sabin tried to bring a chair in, and ended up arguing with Jerry Lynn, who tried to stop him, at ringside.  Daniels hit a dive from the ring, hitting both Sabin and Lynn, resulting in a brawl amongst the three of them.

- They showed Samoa Joe in the back, on crutches, accompanied by a woman.

- Team 3D came out.  Brother Ray noted how few tag teams there are now.  He said AMW split up, the Naturals have been beaten so badly they'll probably never be seen again, and Voodoo Kin Mafia is busy with the other VKM, so all that leaves is LAX.  Brother Runt came out and said he was glad that Team 3D was back, but he wondered where Team 3D was last week when LAX was beating him up. Brother Ray reminded Runt that he had been told to stay out of trouble while they were gone, and he went and got himself involved in a mess with Abyss.  Ray and Runt argued, and Ray asked Runt if he had been drinking, to which Runt pulls out a bottle. They begin shoving, and Ray clotheslined Runt.  Devon tells Ray to take it easy on Runt.  Ray tells Devon to get a table, but Devon refuses.  LAX then hits the ring and attacks Team 3D, with security coming out to break it up.  Brother Runt gets a chair and hits Homicide, Hernandez and some of the security members.  Homicide gets put on a table, and Brother Ray powerbombs Runt through the table with Homicide on it.

- Robert Roode defeated Lance Hoyt.  During the match, they showed Ms. Brooks in the back making an offer to Eric Young, then she came out to ringside to help Roode get the victory.

- Sting defeated Christian Cage and Abyss in a Nightstick On A Pole match.  The rules of the match were that the first person to get the nightstick and use it would be the winner. Tomko interfered in the match, grabbing the nightstick, but Sting catapulted Christian into Tomko, causing him to drop it, and Sting got it and hit Christian with it for the win.  After the match, Tomko and Christian went after Sting, but Abyss helped Sting.  Sting handed Abyss the nightstick and left.  Jim Mitchell yelled at Abyss after the match.

- Mike Tenay and Jim Cornette were in the ring, and Cornette announced Sting vs. Abyss vs. Christian in an Elimination match for Final Resolution.  They announced that Samoa Joe had been named "Mr. TNA" for 2006.  Joe came out to accept the trophy, and Kurt Angle came out during his acceptance speech with the woman that was with Joe earlier.  Angle tells Joe if he doesn't give him a rematch, he's going to break her ankle.  Joe tells Angle to come down to the ring, but Angle is about to put the woman in the ankle lock and Joe agrees to the rematch.  Angle says "It's not personal" then pauses and says "It is personal" and puts the woman in the ankle lock.  Joe chases Angle off, and the woman is carried off to end the show.

Impact 1/4

- Rhino defeats Robert Roode with a rollup.  Ms. Brooks tries to distract Rhino, but it doesn't work, leading to another Roode-Brooks argument.  As Rhino leaves the ring, AJ Styles attacks him, and Roode joins in to help Styles.  They finish him off with Styles hitting a frog splash.

- Voodoo Kin Mafia came out wearing sombreros and ponchos.  BG James talked about how WWE hasn't responded to their challenge yet. They repeated the challenge from Turning Point, and noted that they tried to issue the challenge at a live WWE event. They said they would have to "step things up" and they would deal with Michael Hickenbottom directly.  They challenge him to show up at the Alamo at "High Noon" the following Wednesday to accept the challenge, and then they will tape it to be shown on Impact.

- Homicide defeated Brother Runt in a streetfight.  Hernandez interfered, giving Runt the Border Toss into a ladder, then Homicide got the cover. After the match, Homicide set up Runt for a Gringo Killer, but Team 3D ran out for the save.

- Christian Cage vs. Kurt Angle was a no-contest.  As Angle came to the ring, Samoa Joe attacked him, and they brawled all over the Impact Zone.  Security separated them.  Jim Cornette came out and said to let them fight, and told security to just make sure the fans don't get hurt.  Joe and Angle brawled out of the building.  Jim Cornette announced that at Final Resolution that  Joe vs. Angle will be a 30-minute Ironman match. Christian and Angle finally happened, with Tomko attacking Angle, and the lights going out and Sting appearing in the ring to end the show.

Impact 1/11

- AJ Styles, Chris Sabin & James Storm defeated Petey Williams, Christopher Daniels & Rhino when Sabin pinned Daniels.

- Kurt Angle defeated Matt Bentley with the ankle lock.  After the match, Raven caned Bentley for losing the match.

- Konnan came out, but was attacked by Team 3D, leading to a brawl with LAX.  After the brawl, Brother Ray took the mic and said that since LAX took out Brother Runt, they took out Konnan.  Ray said this was a war that LAX couldn't handle.  Ray said they would take the tag titles from LAX at Final Resolution.

- Jim Cornette brought out Christian with Tomko.  Cornette said that Tomko was barred from ringside for Christian vs. Abyss vs. Sting at the PPV.  He then ordered Christian to sit in a Penalty Box cage for Tomko's match tonight.  Christian refused, so Cornette said if he didn't do it, he would be removed from his title match.  Cornette then said he had someone who owed him a favor to help, and Kurt Angle came out and put Christian in the cage.

- Abyss defeated Tomko via disqualification.  Samoa Joe came out and brawled with Kurt Angle, who was at ringside.  Christian got out of the cage and attacked Abyss from the DQ.  The lights went out and Sting appeared.  Christian and Tomko left, and Abyss raised Sting's arm, then turned on him and gave him Shock Treatment.

Xplosion Matches

- Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt defeated Austin Starr & Alex Shelley.  After the match, Starr & Shelley argued.

- Eric Young & Ron Killings defeated Chris Sabin & Senshi with Killings pinning Sabin with an ax kick.

2007 - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution covered a hearing on the Georgia Athletic Commission regulating professional wrestling at this link.  "I think it went positive," commission chairman J.J. Biello told the Constitution.  "We were looking for feedback. We're open to looking at the rules and changing some things as long as it fairly represents the interest of the state and the fighters, or entertainers in this case. Our main concern is the health and safety of the performers."

The WWE attorney who attended the hearing (but did not address the Commission), John Traylor, commented, "It's good they listened to people who know the business. These rules they proposed are ridiculous."  Traylor approached a number of the local wrestling personalities who spoke at the hearing after its conclusion, praising their comments.

One of the most interesting turns coming out of the hearing what that Cary Ichter, who is representing the father of the late Chris Benoit, Michael and was believed to be one of the main opponents of the business going in, was actually the commission member who was most open to pushing back the decision 60 days in order to meet with promoters.

Kelly Farr of the Commission, who had pretty much guaranteed the new rules would be established at the moment, attempted to stifle comments from several wrestling personalities by claiming that they had surpassed their five minute time allotment when they actually hadn't, something other members of the Commission noted.

Ichter brought up the motion to push the vote back 60 days.  When the decision was made to do so,  Farr put his head down so those attending couldn't see his reaction.  In the end, no changes were made to how pro wrestling was regulated within the State.

2007 - WWE broadcast ECW on Sci Fi.   Mike Johnson filed the following TV report:

Joey Styles and Tazz plugged the main event, ECW champion CM Punk vs. WWE United States champion MVP.

WWE Tag Team champions The Miz & John Morrison vs. Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang

Moore kept Miz off balance early, getting several near falls.  Miz tagged out to Morrison in order to break Moore's momentum.  Morrison nailed an elbow and European uppercut.  Moore tried to hiptoss Morrison, but Morrison reversed then nailed a twisting legdrop.  Morrison tagged Yang, who rebounded off the ropes with a dropkick to Morrison's face.

Yang works over Morrison with a Hammerlock until Morrison catches him with a forearm.  Morrison whips Yang into the ropes but Yang rebounds and catches him with a head scissors, but not until he does several full rotations around Morrison.  Tazz quipped that it reminded him of old Ted Arcidi matches, which may have been the funniest line in wrestling all year.  Moore tags in, but Morrison nails him with a chop to the throat.

Miz tagged in but Moore armdragged him over.  Yang and Moore double teamed Miz.  The champs are tossed outside the ring.  Yang and Moore attempted stereo baseball sliding kicks but were caught and taken out on the floor as they went to commercial.  So far, so good.

When they returned from the commercial, Morrison was in control of Yang, but missed a charge in the corner.  Yang tried to make the tag, but Morrison cut him off.  Yang finally made the tag.  Moore backdropped Morrison, then nailed a swinging neckbreaker.  Moore went to the top, stopped Miz from knocking him off.  Morrison tried to superplex Moore in, but was fought off.  Miz attacked Moore from behind, knocking him off the ropes.

Morrison tagged Miz, who put the boots to Moore.  He slammed Moore, then drilled him with a stiff kneelift to the chest.  He snapped Moore's throat under the bottom rope with a slingshot, then locked on a neck vice.  Morrison tagged in and beat Moore with elbows and forearms, but can't get the pinfall.  Morrison continued to work over Moore's neck.  Morrison went to the second rope but as he came off, Moore dropkicked him in the mid-section.

Moore finally made the tag to Yang, who cleaned house on the champions.  Yang hit a slingshot dive to the floor.  Morrison took him out, but was hit with a baseball sliding kick.  Moore dove off the top tope to Morrison on the floor.  

Back in the ring, Yang nailed a flying bodypress off the top on Miz, who reversed it but only got a two count.  Miz went for the Reality Check, but Yang escaped and landed behind him.  Miz ran him towards the ropes.  Morrison was waiting and attempted an enziguiri from the apron, but Yang ducked and Moore got nailed.  Yang hit a standing moonsault off the top onto the dazed Miz and scored the pin.

Your winners Jimmy Yang and Shannon Moore!

Styles and Tazz noted that they had to have earned a title shot with the win.  We see footage of the PPV followed by Punk preparing backstage for his match.

Tribute to the Troops video promo.  WWE promoted it as "the only entertainment event broadcast from Iraq."

When we returned, Tazz was in the ring with Shelton Benjamin and a young wrestler.  Tazz said we were going to see a special challenge with the new gold standard of ECW, Benjamin.  He asked the young wrestler his name and it was Colin Delaney from Rochester, NY, so he got the babyface hometown pop.  Colin was acting all nervous, which Tazz pointed out.  Tazz asked him if he had any experience and Colin said it was his first match.  Holy Mikey Whipwreck, Batman.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Colin Delaney

They locked up and Benjamin took him over with an exploder suplex.  Benjamin was playing up that he was the veteran waiting to rip apart the rookie.  Colin got one shot in, which led Benjamin to hit him with a big boot then drill him with cross faces.  He powerbombed Colin into the turnbuckles.  He nailed the leaping inverted bulldog and scored the pin.

Your winner, Shelton Benjamin!

They aired a video feature on Kofi Kingston.

Kenny Dykstra (with Victoria) vs. Nunzio

Nunzio was dressed like an elf and tossed out presents   He tried to give Dykstra a candy cane but got taken out for his trouble.  We're a long way from the Sicilian Shooter!   Dykstra nails a delayed vertical suplex.  .  He peppers Nunzio with punches to the noggin.  Candy Canes went flying everywhere.  Nunzio fired back but was cut off and Dykstra worked him over with a side chinlock.  Nunzio fired back, but was backdropped into the candy canes.  ECW! ECW!  Dykstra nails an awesome Alabama Jam for the pin.

Your winner, Kenny Dykstra!

They aired a video feature on MVP, who has to be the most improved performer in this business for 2007.

They aired a video feature on the Ric Flair storyline, which I love.  Good stuff and it's nice to see WWE showing respect to the greatest performer of all time..

ECW champion CM Punk vs. WWE United States champion MVP: Champion vs. Champion

If time is kind to these two, you could really envision this as a Wrestlemania main event a few years down the line.  MVP took the mic and introduced himself to the crowd and cut a promo saying Punk was going to find out why MVP was "better than you."   Punk made his way to the ring as they went to commercial.

When they returned, Punk and MVP were working each other over with some back and forth mat wrestling and reversals.  Punk took down MVP with a single leg takedown, then used a snapmare to position MVP.  He scissored MVP with his legs but MVP escaped and went for a side headlock.  Punk escaped and scissored MVP's head again.    They continue to go back and forth on the mat.

Punk catches MVP with a leg lariat.  MVP catches Punk with a great suplex, then nails a Yakuza Kick for a two count.  MVP worked over Punk and then cinched in an armbar.  MVP continued to control Punk on the mat with a neck vice.  Punk finally gets to his feet and tries to battle MVP off but is taken back down and beaten with crossfaces before making a pinfall attempt.

Punk slapped MVP then went for a leg lariat, but MVP held onto the ropes, then nailed a boot to the face.  Punk fired back but was caught with an over the knee jawbreaker.  Anyone who complains there isn't enough wrestling in WWE isn't watching ECW regularly.  MVP drilled Punk with a discus forearm, then dragged him to the center of the ring for a chinlock, sitting over Punk's back as he yanked him backwards.

Punk battles his way to his feet, holding MVP on his back, finally pulling himself backwards.    Punk nails several forearms.  MVP went for a suplex but Punk knees him in mid-air.  Punk nailed the back forearm, then a kneelift for a two count.  He hit the running knee into the corner, followed by the bulldog.  Punk nailed the springboard clothesline into the ring for a two count.

Punk was drilled backwards into the corner.  MVP and Punk battled in the corner.  MVP hit a back suplex but Punk escaped at two.  Punk fought off MVP and went to the top but was pushed off and caught in the tree of woe.  MVP kept bearing on Punk.  The referee counted to five and disqualified MVP.  What a crock of a finish for such a good match.

Your winner, CM Punk!

After the bell, MVP hit the running boot to the face of Punk and walked off.  Chavo Guerrero  ran out and attacked Punk, nailing Punk with the Three Amigos.  He went to the top and nailed Punk with a frog splash.  Joey Styles and Tazz wondered why Chavo had targeted Punk as they went off the air.

2008 - Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler" grossed $46,928 for it's first day of screening last night in New York City, an average of $11, 732 over four screens at two theaters in Manhattan, one in Lincolm Center and the other, the great Landmark Sunshine theater in the Lower East Side.

2009 - TNA backstage interviewer Lauren Brooks announced today via her twitter account that she would be leaving the company shortly. Brooks wrote, "Truly going to miss the wrestling fans and my fam @ TNA, but time to focus on my 2 Golf Channel Shows! Keep a lookout!"

2009 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We start off with a look at the Smackdown contributions during the TLC pay per view.

We are live from Laredo, Texas and your announcers are Todd ‘Why can’t I get the third man in the booth gig’ Grisham and Matt ‘Eight and a half hours of me this week . . . King of White Noise’ Striker.

We start off with Teddy Long who comes to the ring as if he is not in fear of Batista any more after what he did to Batista on Sunday night.

Teddy reminds us that Undertaker successfully defended his title on Sunday, we will have a new number one contender determined to see who faces the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble.

Batista ruins Teddy’s announcement and he says that there is no need to look for a number one contender because he is here right now. Batista reminds Teddy that he told him to make it right after he got screwed on Sunday. Batista does not think that this is making it right. Batista gets to the ring and he tells Teddy that this is the last time that he is going to tell him what is happening. Batista says that he will get another title shot to make things right. Batista wants to know if he needs to get a chair. Batista says that there does not have to be a match to determine the number one contender.

Rey Mysterio’s music plays and Rey comes out. He says that he wants to challenge Dave Batista tonight to be the number one contender. Rey says that you don’t have to be 6 foot 5 and jacked up with muscle to be champion. Rey asks Dave if he thinks he is the man because of what he does. Rey tells him that he is nothing but a bully. Rey says that he thinks Batista always looked at him as a little guy but Batista never looked inside Rey to see what was there. Rey speaks in Spanish and the crowd approves. Rey says the best way to get back at Batista is to never let him hold the World Title again.

Teddy has an idea and he decides to come up with a match for the playas and it will be Rey Mysterio versus Batista to determine the number one contender. Teddy says that it will be a straight up wrestling match so there will be no chairs. Teddy also decides to make the winner of the match the number one contender and the winner will get a special Christmas present next week when they face the Undertaker.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: John Morrison, Matt Hardy, and R Truth versus Drew McIntyre, CM Punk, and Luke Gallows

Hardy and Punk start things up and Punk with a side head lock and hammer lock. Punk tries for a kick but Hardy blocks it and he slaps Punk. Hardy sends Punk into the turnbuckles and Truth is tagged in and they hit a double back elbow followed by a senton and fist drop combination on Punk. Punk runs Truth into the corner and McIntyre tags in and he punches Truth followed by a head butt. Morrison with a blind tag and a clothesline to McIntyre followed by punches. Morrison punches Punk and Gallows and then the referee deals with Gallows while Morrison hits a side Russian leg sweep and standing shooting star press for a near fall. McIntyre goes to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Morrison with a side head lock take down to Punk. Punk with knees and punches but Morrison with a shoulder tackle. Morrison with a leg lariat to Punk for a near fall. Punk sends Morrison to the apron but Morrison punches Punk. Morrison gets sent to the floor by a thrust kick from McIntyre on the apron. Punk goes after Morrison on the floor and he sends Morrison’s head into the apron. Punk with an elbow to the throat before he returns to the ring. Punk with a punch but Morrison fights out of the corner and it works until Gallows hits him with a big boot and he punches Morrison. Gallows with another big boot. Gallows with a front face lock while Morrison tries to get to the turnbuckles. Gallows with a hard Irish whip and McIntyre tags back in and he stomps on Morrison’s head. McIntyre gets a near fall and then he puts Morrison in an arm bar with a cross face. Morrison with an arm drag but McIntyre returns to the attack and he keeps Morrison from making the tag. Gallows tags in and he punches Morrison and follows it with an elbow drop for a near fall. Gallows with an uppercut and Punk tags in. Punk gets a near fall after a double team move. Punk with a figure four head lock. Gallows tags in and hits a fist drop to Morrison. Gallows with a neck breaker for a near fall. Gallows with a back breaker and Punk hits a knee to the head off the turnbuckles for a near fall. Punk punches Morrison and tries for the Go To Sleep but Morrison counters with a sunset flip. Hardy tags in and he punches Punk and hits a clothesline. Hardy with an Irish whip and clothesline followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Hardy with an elbow from the turnbuckles and then he hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Hardy with a Side Effect for a near fall. Truth goes after Gallows while McIntyre sends Truth to the floor. Morrison takes care of McIntyre and Morrison goes up top. Punk pulls Morrison off the turnbuckles to the mat. Hardy misses a Twist of Fate and Punk gets his trophy from Gallows and hits Hardy with it and gets the three count.
Winners: Luke Gallows, CM Punk, and Drew McIntyre

We are in the back and Maria and Mickie James are playing Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 and the television goes off. Beth Phoenix enters and she has the plug in her hand. She tells Mickie that this is why she did not win the Women’s Title at TLC. Beth reminds Maria that she is the Diva of the Year, but while she won last year, Beth says that she wanted to be the most dominant Diva. Maria shows her Slammy and Beth says that she will make sure that Maria’s return to Smackdown is a short one.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the DX Christmas merchandise hard sell.

Good news for you DX fans because they will be on Smackdown next week. We go to commercial.

We are back and Eric gets on the mic and he tells Vickie that he knows that she is angry because of what he has been saying about her. Eric speaks in Spanish and then he says that he does not know where she is coming from. He says that there is no punishment as bad as being in a relationship with Vickie.

Vickie comes out with a few EXCUSE MEs. She says that she is tired of him saying nasty and inconsiderate things about her. Vickie has a special gift for Eric’s birthday. That gift is a match with Kane.

Match Number Two: Eric Escobar versus Kane

Escobar with punches to Kane but Kane with an uppercut followed by an Irish whip and a running clothesline into the corner. Kane clotheslines Escobar over the top rope to the floor and then he sends Escobar into the apron. Kane tells Vickie to get away from him and then he returns to the ring and runs into an elbow. Escobar with a back elbow but Kane with a big boot. Kane with a side slam and then he sets for a choke slam and he hits it for the three count.
Winner: Kane

After the match, Kane leaves the ring and Vickie enters to laugh at Eric. Vickie suggests that Eric choose his words more wisely. Eric says that he has been talking himself into some beatings. He thinks about what he should say and then he tells Vickie that he might be sore tomorrow, but Vickie will still look the same tomorrow. Eric plays keep away with the mic.

We go to commercial.

Chris Jericho comes to the ring and he says that he was unfairly ejected from Raw due to a legal loophole because they never lost to Degeneration X. He says that he was the victim of the biggest screwjob in WWE history and calls it a conspiracy. Jericho talks about the parasites and he will leave Raw when he is ready to leave Raw. Jericho says that he is being punished for being the best at what he does. He is being ganged up on by everyone. Jericho says that his best friend and tag team partner has been taken from him so now he must fend for himself. Jericho reminds us that he won a Slammy with Big Show and now his partner is not even here. Jericho says that this is not over so he will continue to do what he has done for nine months and that is dominate Friday nights as the face of Smackdown.

Match Number Three: Chris Jericho versus Great Khali with Runjin Singh

Jericho goes to the floor before locking up. Jericho continues to try to frustrate Khali by staying on the floor and apron. Eventually, he gets to the ring and he kicks Khali in the leg and punches him. Khali with a punch to the head and Jericho falls into the corner. Khali with an elbow in the corner followed by kicks and then he steps on Jericho’s chest. Jericho rolls to the floor to get a breather. Khali pulls Jericho to the apron but Jericho drops Khali on the top rope. Jericho comes off the turnbuckles and Khali catches him tries for a choke slam but Jericho escapes. Khali with the chop to the head and then Jericho avoids the choke slam and goes to the floor. Jericho walks to the back while the referee makes the ten count.
Winner: Great Khali by count out

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd with Natalya versus Jimmy Wang Yang and Slam Master J

J and Kidd start things off and they lock up. J with a waist lock and Kidd with a standing switch. J with a take down and then he gets Kidd in a wrist lock before tagging in Yang. Yang stays with the wrist but Kidd with a kick. Yang with a rana and then he clotheslines Kidd over the top rope to the floor. Yang with a kick that sends Smith off the apron. Yang and J with stereo suicide dives. Yang tries to pull Kidd out of the corner but the referee stops Yang. Kidd moves out of the way and then he hits a drop kick to the back. Smith tags in and they start for a double suplex but Kidd goes to the apron while Smith hits a delayed vertical suplex and he gets a near fall. Smith with knees to the back and then he hits a belly-to-belly suplex and holds on for another belly-to-belly suplex and finishes things off with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Smith with shoulders to the back but Yang with an elbow and a tornado DDT and both men are down. Yang reaches to make the tag to his partner and he inches closer to his target and he makes the tag. J with shoulders to Kidd followed by a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. J with a Northern Lights suplex and bridge for a near fall. Kidd with a boot to J and Kidd goes to the apron. J with a drop kick as Kidd tries for a slingshot move back into the ring. J sends Kidd back into the ring and before he can return to the ring, Natalya pulls J to the floor and slams him. Yang gets in Natalya’s face and Kidd with a baseball slide to Yang. Smith and Kidd hit the Hart Attack for the three count.
Winners: David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd

After the match, The Hart Dynasty gets on the mic and Natalya says that revenge is a dish best served cold. After a decade they finally get their chance with Degeneration X. Next week, might be a DX Christmas, it will be a time for the Hart Dynasty to celebrate. Smith says that it would be a great way to end their Christmas by winning the tag titles from them. Smith says that unlike their fathers, they will not be intimidated and they won’t back down. Kidd says that this is a new era in the Hart family and what they couldn’t or wouldn’t do, they will do. He says that they are better than the best . . . period.

We are back with the Smack of the Night: Maria being named the Slammy Award Winner for Diva of the Year. We miss the Kanye Batista Moment.

Beth emerges from her dressing room and she is stopped by Michelle McCool and Layla and Michelle wants to say a lot of words without pausing to Beth. Beth says that she has a match. Michelle wants to make sure that they did not rub Beth the wrong way since she came to Smackdown. Michelle talks about Maria and Mickie and continue to make fun of Mickie’s weight. Beth starts to show some frustration with what Michelle and Layla are saying about ‘being big boned’. Beth says that it would be horrible if some ‘big girl’ shut their mouths. Beth walks away and Michelle wants to know what Beth’s problem is.

Match Number Five: Maria versus Beth Phoenix

Beth is all business and she pushes Maria down instead of locking up. Beth pushes and punches Maria followed by an Irish whip. Maria with boots to Beth but Beth catches Maria on a cross body attempt. Beth gets Maria on her shoulders and despite attempts to escape, Beth slams Maria to the mat. Beth sends Maria to the apron and then Maria with a shoulder but Maria runs into a double sledge. Maria with a rollup for a near fall. Maria with a kick but Beth runs Maria into the turnbuckles. Maria with a kick and she tries for a victory roll but Beth slams Maria to the mat and then she hits the Glam Slam for the three count.
Winner: Beth Phoenix

After the match, the referee checks on Maria.

It is time to see the trailer for Marine 2: Club Paradise Boogaloo.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Gutter Ball.

We are reminded that next week, DX will defend the Tag Titles against David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd while Undertaker defends the World Title against the winner of tonight’s Rey Mysterio/Batista match.

Match Number Six: Rey Mysterio versus Batista in a Number One Contender Match

Batista misses a punch and Rey with kicks and then Batista catches Rey and sends him into the turnbuckles. Batista has his knee on the back of Rey’s head and then he punches Rey. Batista throws Rey under the bottom rope and then they return to the ring and Batista with a kick and then he sends Rey to the apron. Rey with shoulders and then he drops Batista on the top rope and hits a missile drop kick that actually sends Batista to the floor, not ‘into the position’. Rey with a springboard seated senton to the floor and then Rey returns to the ring and he tries for a baseball slide but Batista moves out of the way. Batista gets kicked in the head and Rey with a baseball slide to send Batista to the floor. Rey tries for a moonsault onto Batista from the apron but Batista catches him and he runs Rey into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back and Batista works on Rey’s back and sends Rey into the opposite corner with a hard Irish whip. Rey goes to the floor and Batista follows. Batista picks up Rey and he sends Rey’s back into the ring post. Batista picks Rey up but Rey with punches and a cross body but Batista catches Rey and hits a back breaker and then he stretches Rey over his knee. Rey with kicks and a forearm to escape the hold but he runs into a big boot and Batista gets a near fall. Batista with an Irish whip but Rey moves when Batista charges. Rey tries for a sunset flip but Batista stays on his feet. Batista uses the ropes to choke Rey and the referee warns him. Batista with a punch to Rey and Rey falls into the ropes. Rey with a kick but he runs into a devastating clothesline but Batista can only get a two count. Batista with a slam to Rey and then he picks up Rey one more time and slams him again as he continues to wear down Rey’s back. Batista with a third slam and then he goes to the turnbuckles. Rey gets up and he stops Batista. Rey goes up top and he tries for a rana but Batista holds on to the ropes. Batista takes his time and he comes off the turnbuckles but he goes into a drop kick. Rey with kicks but Batista with a knee. Batista runs into an elbow and Rey follows with a kick and a seated senton splash. Rey with a bulldog out of a wheelbarrow move for a near fall. Rey goes to the apron and hits the springboard leg drop but Batista kicks out at two.

Rey tries for a kick but Batista blocks it and then he throws Rey into the turnbuckles. Rey with a DDT counter and he gets a near fall. Rey tries to regroup and he slides through Batista’s legs and then he drop kicks Batista in the leg and you know where Batista falls. Rey hits the 619 but he lands on Batista’s knees on a springboard dive attempt. Batista can only get a two count. Batista with a running power slam but he can only get a two count. Batista with a Boss Man slam for a two count because Rey gets his hand on the ropes. Rey fights out of a Batista Bomb and he sends Batista to the floor with a rana. Batista gets a chair and the referee reminds him that he would be disqualified if he uses it. He hits the floor with the chair. Batista hits a spear but he can only get a two count. Batista picks up Rey and sets for a spinebuster but he takes too long and Rey gets an inside cradle and gets the three count.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

2010 - Paul Morton, the father of Ricky Morton, who refereed for decades for a number of territories in the Mid-South region for the Jarretts and Gulas families, among others, passed away.

2010 - Ring of Honor held Final Battle 2010 in The Manhattan Center in New York City.  Stu Carapola filed the following live report:

-The All Night Express defeated Kyle O'Reilly & Adam Cole in a killer opener. Nobody held back a bit in this one and they left it all in the ring. Cole & O'Reilly looked great here and gave a really good accounting of themselves, coming really close to beating the ANX several times. ANX with the Blockbuster/Powerbomb combo for the win.

-Colt Cabana defeated TJ Perkins in a comedy match. After trying unsuccessfully to get Perkins in the Billy Goat's Curse several times, Cabana reversed a pin attempt to a sunset flip for the win.

-Sara Del Rey & Serena Deeb defeated Daizee Haze & Amazing Kong. This one never really got out of first gear and the crowd kind of died during this one. It picked up a bit toward the end when Kong came in and started killing people, but didn't hit the level it could have. Sara needed to give Daizee the Butterfly Powerslam and two piledrivers to put her away.

-Eddie Edwards defeated Sonjay Dutt in another solid bout that saw them get back on track after the last match. Sonjay Dutt really took advantage of the opportunity he got this weekend and busted his ass in both matches to put on great performances, and I hope ROH noticed and think about bringing him back in as a regular part of the roster. Eddie destroyed Sonjay with a hard clothesline, a powerbomb, and a 2K1 Bomb to pick up the win.


-Homicide defeated ROH TV Champion Christopher Daniels in a solid if unspectacular match. The ref got bumped and Homicide took off his t-shirt, threw it in Daniels' face, then hit an Ace Crusher for the win. Finish was a bit out of nowhere, but whatever. Mike Bennett, who had been sitting ringside observing the bout with "Brutal" Bob Evans, took a microphone and mocked Daniels by congratulating him on his win.

-Jay, Mark & Papa Briscoe defeated the Kings Of Wrestling & Shane Hagadorn. This was a good match if not as blowaway as their last two iPPV matches, but it was all about building to Papa Briscoe finally getting his hands on Hagadorn. Sara Del Rey got ejected from ringside early on, and then Papa was the star of the show, hitting a flying headscissors on Claudio and then eventually getting ahold of Hagadorn and beating him into oblivion. The finish came when Jay got Hagadorn up for the Doomsday Device and Papa Briscoe went up to the top rope and hit the flying clothesline to put Hagadorn away for the win. Very entertaining match.

-Roderick Strong defeated Davey Richards in an unbelievably match to retain the ROH World Title. Awesome, awesome match that went at least 35 minutes, tons of close calls and at one point Davey had Roderick tapping out to the ankle lock but Truth Martini was distracting the referee and he didn't see Roderick tapping. The match continued and Davey had the ankle lock again, but just released the hold and collapsed, and Roderick took advantage of the opportunity by hitting several big moves and then getting the Stronghold, and Davey was out so the referee called for the bell. Crowd was really shocked Davey didn't win, and Davey laid motionless in the ring and was attended to by referees, Kyle O'Reilly and Eddie Edwards while Jim Cornette had Bobby Cruise tell the fans to please be patient because we might have a concussion situation. Davey finally came to and realized that he had lost and spent several minutes just sitting in the ring staring into space while coming to grips with his loss, then headed to the back. Davey got a HUGE ovation on his way out. Terrific match.

-El Generico defeated Kevin Steen in an unveblievably brutal Fight Without Honor, and as a result Kevin Steen is out of ROH. This was ridiculously violent, and included several sick ladder spots, chairshots, table spots, and even Todd Sinclair did a table spot. Steve Corino tried to interfere but Colt Cabana stopped him, nailed Steen with a chair, and chased Corino to the back, but Generico only got 2. Generico gave Steen a top rope brainbuster, but only got 2. Finally Steen was on his knees and Generico had a steel chair in his hands but Steen tried to stop him by holding up the old red and black Generico mask. Generico took it and hesitated before cracking the chair over Steen's head and pinning him for the win. Colt Cabana came out to celebrate with Generico, who waved goodbye to Steen. After they left, Steen acted like he was going to give a speech, but just flipped off the crowd and left.

2011 - WWE broadcast TLC 2012 on PPV.  Mike Johnson filed the following TV report:

Welcome to's live, ongoing WWE TLC 2011 PPV coverage. Coverage will be posted at the end of the first segment.

TLC kicked off with a nice video package inspired by "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole welcomed everyone to the show.  No Booker since he's wrestling.

Vickie Guerrero came out and introduced Dolph Ziggler.

WWE United States champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder.

Massive pop for Ryder coming out.  Ryder got the early offense on Dolph, including a catapult into the corner, then a clothesline over the top to the floor.  Ryder hit a flip dive over the top to the floor and jumped up doing the fistpump.  He slammed Ziggler into the apron but Dolph came back with a DDT on the apron.    The crowd immediately began chanting, "Let's go Ryder."  

Ziggler followed up with a neckbreaker and a series of elbowdrops.  He covered Ryder for a two count.  Ziggler continued the assault and locked in a side chinlock.  The crowd was behind Ryder big time, chanting for him.  Ziggler drilled him down and mocked Zack by doing situps in the ring.  Ryder was trapped in the chinlock again and the crowd chanted for him to make the comeback.  Say what you will about Ryder, but the crowd is emotionally invested into him in a way they aren't about most of the guys working today.

Ziggler placed Ryder on the top and slapped him but Ryder slapped him back and nailed a missile dropkick for a two count.  Both men struggled to return to their feet.  Ziggler charged but was nailed with an elbow to the face.  Ryder followed up with a running forearm and a boot scrape in the corner.  They called it the Broski Boot.  Ryder covered Vickie but she draped Dolph's foot over the bottom rope.  The referee threw her out of ringside.

Ziggler rolled up Dolph with a jackrabbit rollup.  Dolph rolled through and reversed it grabbing the ropes for leverage but Ryder still kicked up.  Ziggler nailed the Famouser but Ryder kicked up at the last second.   Ziggler went for a sleeper but was shoved off.  Ziggler nailed a leaping leg lariat for a two count.   Ziggler went to the top but was cut off.  Ryder nailed a top rope rana for a close near fall.

Ryder signalled for the Rough Ryder but Ziggler sent him into the turnbuckles and rolled him up, hooking the tights for another two count.  The crowd chanted for Ryder, who pulled himself up in the corner.  Ziggler went for a big splash in the corner but Ryder drilled him with a pair of knees.  Ryder nailed the Rough Ryder and scored the pin as the place went nuts. 

Your winner and new United States champion, Zack Ryder!

Ryder ran to the first row with the title and embraced his father.  He leapt on the announcer's table and did the firstpump. 

Good opener and the right result.  A really nice feel good moment.

Backstage, Booker T told Alicia Fox he was excited about his match against Cody Rhodes where Cody attacked him and worked over Booker.  A ton of officials hit the scene and pulled them apart as Rhodes screamed "Can you dig that Booker? Merry Christmas."  Booker looked irate as he got to his feet.

WWE Tag Team champions Air Boom vs. Epico and Primo (with Rosa Mendes)

Rosa was doing a Shelly Martinez deal, dancing while pointing to her charges when they were in the corners, just like Salinas in LAX.   Epico and Bourne started off.   Bourne caught him with a small package early for a two count.   Bourne controlled him and sunset flipped him for a two count.  Kingston tagged in.  The challengers tried to double team him but were nailed with a dropkick.

Primo cut off Kofi and monkeyflipped him out of the corner.  Kingston landed on his feet and monkeyflipped Primo in response.  Bourne tagged in and the champs began working over Primo.  Primo cut off Bourne.  He tried to nailed a springboard bodypress on both Primo and Epico but they caught him and tossed him out of the ring to the floor.  Epico tossed him back into the ring for a two count.

Epico and Primo cut the ring off on Bourne, stomping him in the corner.   Primo covered him for a two count and locked in a front facelock.    Bourne nearly fought his way to the corner but was carried back to the challengers' corner.  By the way, Mendes is looking beyond hot.  Happy to finally see her in a regular role.   The challengers kept working over Bourne, who kicked up.

Cole and Lawler talked about what was trending.  I bet 25 years from now, people are really going to care as they watch this PPV.

Kingston tried to rally his champion.  Epico locked Bourne in the Gori Guerrero Especial, trying to force a submission.  Bourne finally nailed Epico, drinking him down to the mat with both his knees.  Kingston made the hot tag and cleaned house, as they say, on the challengers.   Kingston nailed Epico to the floor and clotheslined Primo.  Kingston drilled Primo with the Boom Drop.  He called for Trouble in Paradise but Primo saw it and ducked backwards.  Primo kicked him but Kingston came back with a flying bodypress for a two count.  Epico broke it up.  Bourne nailed a dive to the floor on Epico.

Kingston nailed Trouble in Paradise on Primo and scored the pin.

Your winners and still WWE Tag Team champions, Air Boom!

Solid match but nothing really outside the box memorable.  Everyone worked a decent pace and it was pretty much what you'd expect.

They announced Booker T was being evaluated by medical staff.  Josh Mathews said that it's believed his match with Cody Rhodes is off, but they don't have confirmation.

Teddy Long was dressed as Santa Claus and decorating a Christmas tree.  Hornswoggle showed up dressed like a elf.  Long said that he's been a good little boy, Teddy has some surprises for him.  Horny said he's not a boy, he has a beard, he's dressed ridiculous and asked since when Santa is a black man.  Long said where he grew up, no jolly white man would go.  Long said that last week Hornswoggle tried to talk jive on Raw, so Long gave him a book on Ebonics so he wouldn't "embarass himself" again.  Hornswoggle kicked him in the leg on the way out and Long was hopping up and down.  It felt like a bad sitcom scene.

Tables Match: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett.

There were a number of tables set up around the ring.  Big "Randy" chant at the bell.  They faced off and started slugging it out.  Orton nailed his back snap on Barrett and immediately went to the floor to bring a table into the ring.  He had it placed standing upwards about to bring it in when Barrett kicked the table from inside the ring, snapping it into Orton's face.  Barrett went to the floor and worked over Orton.  He tossed Orton back in and went to slide a table in.  The leg opened and was caught on the apron so Orton kicked the table into Barrett's chest.

On the floor, Orton sent Barrett into the ring steps.   He started to crawl towards the aisle as Orton set up a table up on the floor.  Orton chased Barrett towards the entranceway but was caught with a kick.  Barrett tried to nail a pumphandle slam through a table but Orton slipped out and kicked him.  Barrett flipped the table over to prevent being put through it.  Orton chased him back towards ringside, nailing him into the apron and then teasing he was going to do a move off the stairs through a table.  He went for a suplex but Barrett blocked and posted Orton into the ringpost.  Barrett followed that up with a big boot on the floor.

Barrett brought several tables into the ring as Orton recovered on the floor.  He continued working over Orton on the floor and slammed his head into a table.  Barrett placed Orton on a table on the outside and climbed the ropes outside.  Orton rolled off the table but Barrett attacked him and continued working over Orton.  He rolled Randy back into the ring and went to the ropes.  Barrett came off with an elbow off the middle turnbuckle, then choked Orton against the ropes.  He trapped Orton in the ropes and drilled him with a series of knee strikes.  Orton was hanging precariously in the ropes.  Barrett tried to nail a big boot, sending Orton through a table on the floor but Orton's leg caught the ropes and saved him.

Barrett placed a table in one of the corners and teased an over the shoulder powerslam into it.  Orton slipped out and nailed a series of clotheslines and a powerslam.   Orton went for the hanging DDT but Barrett slipped out and sent Orton over the top to the apron.  He went for a big boot but crotched himself.  They battled on the apron and Barrett went for Wasteland.  Orton fought out of it and caught Barrett with the hanging DDT.

Orton began calling for the RKO.  Barrett sent him off into the table but Orton cut himself off.  Barrett caught Orton with the Black Hole Slam.  He slammed the table over the prone Orton.   Barrett set up a table near one of the corners.  He draped Orton facedown on the table and went to the ropes.   Barrett came off the ropes with a dive but Orton popped up and caught him with the RKO through the table for the win.

Your winner, Randy Orton!

Good, physical match.  Barrett looked strong with his offense on Orton and even though he lost, the way they set it up, it was one of those deals where Orton caught him with a miracle move at the right moment to save the day.  They didn't elevate Barrett but they didn't in any way shape or form hinder him either way. 


Backstage, The Bellas were sitting with Santa Long saying how they each deserved a present over the other and blaming the other one for being the bad one.  Long said they both have been bad but it's the holiday season.  He said that they both deserved something.  He handed them his business card in case they wanted to play reindeer games.  They slapped him and walked out.  Long told them to call him.  Jack Swagger showed up and told Long he was ridiculous for not doing anything for what happened with him and Mark Henry on Smackdown.  Long wanted Swagger to sit on his lap to talk about it.  Swagger started cutting a promo on Long but Sheamus showed up.  Long turned his attention to Sheamus.  Swagger was mad he was being blown off so Sheamus insulted him.  Long tried to tell them this wasn't the time or place.  Long then changed his mind and made a match between them tonight.

WWE Divas champion Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

Phoenix dared Kelly to slap her again, then drilled her with a slap.  Kelly slapped her and dropkicked her out of the ring.  Kelly bulldogged Phoenix off the apron to the floor and slammed her several times into the apron.  Back in the ring, Kelly did a cartwheel into a Tarantula like move.  Kelly did a spinning headscissor into the corner.  She followed Phoenix into the corner but was powered up into the buckles.

Beth began working over Kelly in the corner and scored a near fall.  She used her boots to stop over Kelly's back and pulled her off the ropes into a powerbomb like move.  Kelly screamed and cried.  Her selling has gotten a lot better in recent weeks.   Phoenix locked in a camel clutch.  The mics caught her asking the ref if they still had time.  Kelly caught her with a surprise small package for a two count.

Kelly nailed a bulldog and started slamming Phoenix' head into the mat over and over.   Phoenix was kicked off a charge into the corner but caught her with a slam down for several near falls.   With Kelly down, Phoenix ascended to the top.  She went for a top rope legdrop but Kelly rolled out of the ring.   Kelly pulled herself up and went for the K2 but Phoenix reversed it and went for the Glam Slam.  Kelly rolled through for a near fall but Phoenix reversed it for another near fall.  Phoenix pulled up Kelly and nailed a powerbomb type flapjack.  She crawled over to Kelly and scored the pin.

Your winner and still Divas champion, Beth Phoenix!

Easily the best Divas match all month.  They worked their asses off and Kelly especially showed a ton of improvement. This was the weakest thing on the show so far from an in-ring standpoint but by no mean was this a bad match.

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio was screaming at Ricardo that he has one job and that's to get Del Rio's car and food ready.  He yelled at Ricardo to get his food.  Miz showed up and said they worked together to weaken Punk but when the bell rings...Alberto cut him off and said that there was never any alliance.  He said he was just using Miz.  Miz said "Really?" several times.  He said that Del Rio's title run was as unineresting as the Ravens' Superbowl reign.  Miz bragged that he beat John Cena at Wrestlemania while Del Rio couldn't beat Edge while Edge's neck was hanging on by a thread.   Del Rio started mocking Miz in Spanish and Miz told him he didn't comprende, mocking Alberto.  Alberto said he was a real man while Miz was a pretend badass from a reality show.  He said that Miz couldn't take Ricardo, much less Alberto.  Ricardo came back with food and Miz shoved it in his face.  Ricardo stood there shocked and Del Rio shoved him down as well.  Good segment.

WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T.

 As Booker came to the ring, Rhodes attacked him from behind, slammed him into a guard ral and put the boots to him.  A ton of officials, including Road Dogg and Bill DeMott, came out to force Rhodes to the back.  Several officials and a trainer helped Booker to his feet.  They told him they wanted him to return to the back so he could be examined.

No match...yet.  The angle has actually been a good old school throwback in terms of getting heat on Cody, but its the type of angle you should be doing on TV to build to the PPV, not the PPV itself.

Sledgehammer Ladder Match: Kevin Nash vs. Triple H

They noted HHH was the current COO of WWE, so that storyline is still in play.  They have a ton of ladders set up around ringside and in the entranceway,

They started slugging it out.  Nash tried to get him in the corner but HHH slipped out and drilled him with a flurry of punches.     Nash kneed him in the mid-section and drilled HHH in the corner with knees.  HHH battled back with a series of rights but Nash threw him into the corner for a number of knees in the mid-section.   Nash beat HHH down to the mat but HHH came back with a big knee, sending Nash to the floor.

HHH followed him.  He went to grab a ladder but Nash booted him.  He grabbed a ladder and ran it into HHH's face and neck, sending him into the timekeeper's area.  The storyline was that Nash was targeting HHH's neck.  Nash placed a ladder in the ring and turned to go after HHH but HHH had recovered and leapt off the barrier with a double axehandle,  HHH peppered him with punches on the floor.  HHH clotheslined him into the crowd.

HHH took some time to catch his breath and went after Nash as he returned to the his feet.   Nash caught him with an elbow and nailed Snake Eyes, dropping HHH on the guard rail barrier.  He went to whip HHH into the ringpost but it was reversed and Nash nailed the ringpost.  Nash was rolled into the ring after HHH worked over his knees.  HHH used a ladder and drilled it into Nash's knees.   He picked up the ladder and drilled it across Nash's knee.  He placed Nash's leg in the ladder and locked on a figure four leglock.  That's a new twist I've never seen before.

HHH set up ladders in opposite sides of the ring corners.  He dropped one down onto Nash.   He pulled Nash up to whip him into the other ladder but Nash reversed it and HHH took a backwards bump into the ladder, then sailed over the top to the floor.  It was an impressive sight.   Nash waited for HHH to recover and as he pulled himself up, Nash slammed a ladder into HHH's head.

Nash went to the floor and brought HHH to the apron, nailing him with several elbows across the throat.   A ladder was set up across the middle turnbuckle in a corner.  Nash nailed a sideslam on another ladder.   He nailed a catapult in a corner on HHH, sending him upwards into a ladder.   HHH was pushed to the floor by Nash.   Nash began preparing the announcer's table to use it.   He went for a powerbomb but HHH backdropped him onto the table, with Nash hitting it barely and rolling over it to the floor. 

HHH returned to the ring and set up a ladder in the middle of the ring.  He began climbing for the sledgehammer but Nash nailed him across the back and pulled him down to the mat.   He placed the ladder in the corner and whipped HHH into it.   Nash chokeslammed HHH in the middle of the ring.   Nash went to the floor and pulled a table out from under the ring.   He brought it into the ring.  Nash was moving really slowly.  He set up the table and pulled down the singlet.  He pulled HHH over for a powerbomb but HHH tackled him into the ladder.  It was an awkward moment.

HHH nailed Nash with the ladder, sending him off the apron to the floor.  He set the ladder up and went up the ladder.  Nash began climbing the other side.  HHH got to the hammer but Nash met him on the top before he could get it.  Nash swung the hammer into Nash's head twice, although the blows didn't look like they were huge blows.  Nash took a bump off the ladder through the table, which looked impressive.

HHH retrieved the sledgehammer as Nash pulled himself to his feet.  HHH nailed him with shot after shot.  He tossed the ladder out of the ring and stood over Nash.  He threw down the sledgehammer and set Nash for the Pedigree.  Nash blew the move.  The announcers said Nash's leg collapsed.  HHH pulled him up and nailed the move.

Nash tried to make the clique hand sign to HHH but got a crotch chop for his efforts.   HHH drilled him with the sledgehammer and pinned him.

Your winner, Triple H!

They stretchered Nash out.  I really have to wonder if this was it for him, given his run and how badly it has been so far .

As far as the match, well, they did their best but this wasn't very good.  There were a few moments that looked good but you could tell that Nash just couldn't take the type of punishment you need in a match like this. His knees aren't good and even working that in didn't help things. The crowd live was into it as they got to the big spots so it wasn't a total abomination but you could see that they were trying to create this huge back and forth war and it just didn't have the intensity needed to get that across. In a way that's WWE's fault for even booking this.

Matt Striker interviewed WWE champion CM Punk.  They showed the attack from this past Monday.  Punk said he had six days to watch that over and over and as painful as it was, he was something more painful.  He saw clown shoes Johnny Laurinatis accept a Slammy Award for Superstar of the Year and he's yet to be given his Slammy.  Ace showed up and Punk wanted to know where his Slammy is.  Ace said it was sent but since its the holiday season, it might take awhile to get to him.  He told Punk to concentrate on his title.  Punk told him to go fire himself, because after tonight he's still going to have to deal with Punk as champ.  Ace told him to good luck.  Punk told him luck was for losers and walked off.

Jack Swagger vs. Sheamus (with Vickie Guerrero)

It was all Sheamus early, including a series of shots to the chest as Swagger was caught in the ropes.  Swagger was sent to the floor.   Guerrero distracted Sheamus as he went to follow, allowing Swagger to attack him and toss Sheamus hard into the barrier wall.   He worked over Sheamus and tossed him to the ring.  Swagger nailed the Vader Bomb splash out of the corner for a two count.

Swagger sent him into the ropes and drilled Sheamus from behind.  He went to do it again but this time ate a clothesline.  Sheamus nailed a series of clotheslines including one in the corner.  He began beating the hell out of Swagger in the corner and slammed him for a two count.   He went to the outside but Swagger knocked him off the apron to the floor.  He followed but was rammed into the ringpost back first and sent into the barrier wall.

Sheamus tossed him back in and went to the top for the flying battering ram for another two count.   Swagger came back and began working over Sheamus' knee and leg, setting up for the anklelock.   Sheamus was able to roll through and sent Swagger into the corner.  He nailed the Brogue Kick and scored the pin.

Your winner, Sheamus!

Pretty much your standard TV match.

Backstage, Josh Mathews interviewed The Big Show.  Show was all smiles.  He said that when he saw Mark Henry on Friday, he knew he had Henry beat.  He said he has the freedom to nail Henry with a chair tonight and tonight's the night he nine year drought as not being World champion is over.  He forgot that ECW title run apparently!   He said tonight was the night for the Giants.

WWE World champion Mark Henry vs. Big Show: Chair Match

Henry's ankle was all taped up.  When the bell rang, Show rolled to the outside and tossed a ton of chairs into the ring.   He nearly nailed the referee with one.   He and Henry both grabbed chairs and faced off.   Henry threw the chair down and walked out of the ring.   He said the match wasn't happening and demanded his title belt.  He walked off.  Show followed him.  Henry tried to nail him with the belt but Show ducked and nailed him with a chair several times.  He worked over Henry on the floor with body shots.  Henry cut him off with a knee to the mid-section and nailed Show across the back with a chair.

Henry slammed Show's hand across the stairs and sent him back into the ring.   As Henry returned to the ring, Show brandished a chaiir.  Henry slammed it out of his hands.  Show was selling that he hurt his left hand outside.   Henry worked him over, driving the chair into his chest.   Show fired back, but was selling his hand.  He went for the chokeslam but Henry fought him off and worked him over with a chair.  The story was that Show's KO punch would be useless.

Henry went for a bodyslam but Show fought him off.  He went for a chokeslam but couldn't do it.  Henry went to nail Show with a chair but Show nailed him with a right handed KO punch.  Show covered him and made the pin.

Your winner and new World champion Big Show!

Henry immediately attacked Show from behind with a chair and DDT'd him on a number of chairs.

The building began chanting for Daniel Bryan and he hit the ring and cashed in. They announced it was for the title.

Daniel Bryan covered Big Show and won the belt.

Your winner and NEW World champion, Daniel Bryan!!!!

Bryan immediately got in Michael Cole's face and declared that he was the new World champion. He turned to the camera and said that this was for everyone who supported him the last 12 years and thanked them. He celebrated.

The Henry vs. Show match wasn't much beyond some chair spots but since it was the set up for the title cash-in, it didn't need to be. Quite the cool moment to see Bryan win the belt. We now have two former ROH champions as the WWE kingpins.


Josh Mathews interviewed Booker T.  He said Booker didn't need to go out there and do this but Booker said that he didn't ask for this fight, but he's going to finish it.  He said it's not about winning but about not going out like a sucka.  It was a strong serious promo.

WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T

Booker came out strong, working over Rhodes with chops and punches.  He clotheslined Rhodes down and slammed him hard.   Booker scored several near falls.  The crowd was chanting for Booker as he followed Rhodes to the floor.  Booker nailed a series of chops and punches as Rhodes was entirely on the defensive.  Rhodes was tossed back into the ring but caught Booker with a knee as he returned through the ropes.  They battled over a suplex but Cody snapped him throat-first on the ropes and drilled him with a forearm.  Booker fell to the floor outside.

On the floor, Rhodes peppered Booker with punches and slammed him into the barrier.  He yelled that it was a young man's game "and I'm the youngest."   Rhodes sent Booker back into the ring and tied him up on the mat, trying to wear him down.   Cody whipped him into the corner but was caught with an elbow as he charged.   He went for a clothesline but Rhodes did the same and they were both down.  The referee nearly counted both out.  

Booker and Rhodes returned to their feet and battled back and forth.   Booker got the better of the exchange but Rhodes cut him off.  Booker ran through him with a clothesline and a sideslam for a two count.   Booker nailed a sidewalk slam on Rhodes.   Booker did the Spinaroonie.  He went for the Axe Kick and a scissors kick but Rhodes ducked both and drilled Booker with a kick to the head for a two count.  The announcers wondered why Booker did the Spinaroonie when he did, wondering if he was out on his feet.

Rhodes drilled Booker with another kick to the head and scored the clean pin.

Your winner and still WWE Intercontinental champion, Cody Rhodes!

They did a solid job.  Booker looked fine for a guy who hasn't wrestled regularly in some time.  The story was that Booker fought the good fight but he was too hurt from the attacks earlier and Rhodes eventually wore him down.  It was fine as a way to legitimize Rhodes but not a show stealing match by any means.

WWE champion CM Punk vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio - TLC Match

Big CM Punk chant when he hit the ring.  Punk went right after both of his challengers but they doubled up on him.    They beat him down against the ropes and whipped him in for a move.  Punk ducked and dropkicked both men.  He snapmared Miz and kicked him in the back.  They quickly overcame Punk and snapped him over the top rope, then beat him with stomps.

Miz and Alberto nailed a double suplex and continued the assault.  They went to the outside for weapons.  Miz was distracted by Ricardo, allowing Alberto to attack him from behiind with a chair.  Del Rio pulled a ladder to the ring but Punk nailed a suicide dive into Alberto, who was holding a ladder.  Punk slammed the ladder down on him and tossed Miz into the ring.  He grabbed a chair but Miz cut him off as he returned to the ring.  Miz nailed him in the gut with a chair.  He went for a diving move off a chair but Punk nailed him.  He nailed the high knee and went for a bulldog on the chair but Miz turned it into a back suplex on the open chair.

Miz went to the outside and tried to nail Alberto with the Skull Crushing Finale but was fought off and backdropped onto a ladder on the floor.   Del Rio went to bring a ladder into the ring but Punk charged him.  Del Rio lifted the ladder and tried to nail Punk with it but Punk ducked and kicked the ladder into Alberto.   He set up Alberto for a suplex through a table on the floor but Alberto slipped out.  Punk nailed a neckbreaker on the floor but was attacked by Miz with a chair.  Miz missed a shot towards the ringpost and hurt his hand, dropping the chair.  Punk beat the hell out of his back with the chair on the floor.  Punk sat Miz on the top of the ring barrier and placed  a chair in front of him.  He charged and leapt off the chair, nailing the kneelift in the corner.  Miz fell into the first row.

With everyone down, Punk pulled a ladder into the ring.  He climbed to the top but Ricardo handcuffed Punk to the ladder.  That allowed Del Rio to kick the hell out Punk.   Alberto began climbing the ladder but Punk kicked the strut he was cuffed to, then kicked the other strut, destroying the ladder.  Del Rio bumped off of it.   Punk set up the ladder against the ropes and flapjacked Alberto onto the ladder.

Miz returned to the ring with a ladder as Punk retrieved another from the outside.   Miz caught him with the ladder and nailed him with a number of shots.  Miz made it to the top but Punk pulled him down onto his shoulders and went for the GTS.  Miz fought off the move before it could be nailed.  Punk tossed Miz to the outside but Miz stayed on the apron.  Punk went for a superplex off the top through a table to the floor but Alberto returned to the ring and drilled Punk with a hard enziguiri to the head and Punk fell backwards off the ropes through the table on the floor.  The crowd chanted, "Holy sh**."

On the outside, Del Rio drlled Miz with a ladder, then with a chair.  The crowd began chanting for Punk.   Del Rio locked Miz's arm inside a ladder, then locked on the cross armbreaker.  Miz screamed in pain.   Ricardo started screaming in Spanish for Alberto to forget Miz and return to the ring.   Del Rio slammed a chair down onto the out of it Punk, then beat another chair over the champion several times.  He locked Punk's arm in a chair and locked in the cross armbreaker on Punk.

Del Rio set up the ladder in the center of the ring and began climbing.  Miz and Punk were able to return and tipped the ladder.  Del Rio flew off and was crotched on top, then crashed to the outside.   Punk and Miz, both hurting, battled back and forth with right hands.  They clotheslined each other.   Ricardo set up a ladder in the center and climbed to the top as the announcers questioned what he was doing.  He got to the top but Miz and Punk tipped the ladder over and Ricardo took this insane bump off the top of the ladder down through two tables set up at ringside.  He sailed past the one closest to the ring and crashed through the other one.  Referees began checking him immediately as it was a scary as hell bump.

Punk and Miz began battling back and forth in the ring.    Punk missed a charge in the corner and nailed his shoulder in the ringpost.  Miz grabbed the open handcuff and locked it on Punk agaun, this time to the outside of the turnbuckle that connects to the ringpost.  Miz started mocking him, so Punk nailed a roundhouse kick to the head, KOing him.  Punk began trying to unhook the turnbuckle as Aberto and Miz began setting up ladders, trying to get to the belt.  The building began chanting for Punk.  As Alberto and Miz made it to the top of the ladder, Punk snapped the turnbuckle free from the ring and attacked Miz from behind with a series of shots .  All three battled on top of the ladders.    Miz was knocked to the floor.  He and Del Rio battled on top and Del Rio was punched off.

Punk nearly had the belt but Miz pulled him down.  Miz scrambled up but Punk pulled him onto his shoulders and nailed the GTS. Punk climbed to the top and grabbed the belt.

Your winner and still WWE champion, CM Punk!

Punk sat on the top of the ladder holding the belt to close the show.  He held the belt up and screamed, "Best in the world!"

A hell of a hard hitting main event to close the show.   This was a really physical war and while the handcuff stuff could have been really campy, it worked really well as a false finish because the crowd was so into Punk as a top guy.  There were some really great bumps and all three, as well as Ricardo, have to be applauded for this performance.  A hell of a way to end the WWE PPV calendar.  Loved this.






















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