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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-19 09:59:00

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Among the many bizarre and inadvisable posts Kurt Angle has made on Twitter, he has alluded several times to possibly making one last run in WWE. I've learned to take anything the guy says with a grain of salt, but do you see any chance of this ever happening? From what I understand, they didn't part ways on the best of terms.

They didn't indeed.  WWE wanted Kurt to address what they felt were issues.  He disagreed with them and chose to leave rather than do so.  I will never say never in this business, especially since WWE has brought back other people that left badly, but if I had to bet I would go with him not ever returning, certainly not anytime soon.

Your idea of having Punk lose to the Rock at the Royal Rumble PPV, then winning the Rumble match and getting a rematch at Wrestlemania sounds good, but that would mean that Rock would have to hold and defend the belt until Wrestlemania. He isn't a "regular" on the roster, isn't there every week, etc. So how would that plan work?

Rock is advertised for a lot of dates in between The Rumble and Mania, including The Elimination Chamber PPV, so that won't be an issue if they decided to do it, which I don't see happening by the way.

I asked this question before, but I didn't really get the answer I was looking for so I'm going to try to phrase it in a clearer way. What I want to know is, how do ideas go from something from the creative team to a match on Live Television. For example, suppose Stephanie McMahon says she wants 3MB to cut a short promo, have a match and to go over on Santino and Zack Ryder. My guess is, Stephanie has the idea, it gets written by a creative team member, then gets put into the hands of a producer, then to the wrestlers, and then to the cameras, through the satellites, and on to my TV? Are the more or less steps to it than than? Really, I want to know how does an idea get executed? The way I've scaffolded it out seems like there are a lot cooks in the kitchen and someone's idea could get turned into something else completely by the time it gets to the performers. Thanks and sorry if this question was kind of long.

First off, Stephanie is more of a facilitator and manager than the head of the process.  Vince McMahon is the head of the process.  He meets with the creative team during the week and ideas are pitched and refined, or thrown in the trash.  A script is put together and then is revised (multiple times at Raw most weeks).  But everything is done off of the script and everyone of importance in their respective job gets it.  The producers work with their assigned talents on whatever they are doing at the show.  Some things are taped before the show starts and interspersed.  The rest is done in front of the crowd.  But what you see is what Vince and the creative team want it to be, unless something unplanned happens in the interim.

Almost 1 year ago on the RAW after TLC 2011, the closing image was CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, & Zack Ryder standing victorious with their respective titles they had. That RAW had a bad rating if I'm not mistaken & those 3 were never made to look as strong again... looking back now at that, how much of a mistake was it not to ride those 3 longer?? Ryder has obviously floundered since then, Punk had his forced heel turn that's questionable at best, and D-Bry as superb as he's been at times this year, is kinda stuck in neutral right now with Kane.

Vince McMahon would argue with you on Punk, but I wouldn't.  But I agree with you, it was a big mistake to not listen to the fans and what they wanted from those three guys. 

Since we saw Lawler/heart attack angle will we see a Linda/campaign angle?

I never say never, but I don't think Linda wants any part of that at this point. 

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