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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-18 09:59:00

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Tommy Rich. What happened? For a year or two in the early 80's he looked like the next big wrestling star. Did he offend the promoters or something?

He was hot when he was young and given the World Title as part of a power struggle with a few NWA promoters.  After he lost it shortly thereafter, he continued his career around the South.  I think the biggest issue was that in the eighties, the look of wrestlers changed.  Rich was a normal looking guy at a time when huge (and in many cases unnatural) physiques took over the business.  A lot of guys who didn't take steroids looked small in comparison to those that did and that hurt them.

How does The Shield not have a single WWE match and destroy top stars? Even the Rybacks of the world at least beat up jobbers then mid carders for a bit, but these guys just come out of the crowd and whoop ass. I seriously don't get it.

You must be a newer fan because in the past a number of successful groups have come in and wreaked havoc before working matches (such as The Outsiders in WCW).  Given the sameness of WWE's product of late, I like that The Shield have been booked differently.  It makes them seem special and different.

Why the heck aren't the tag titles on the line in TLC instead of this silly pinfalls and submissions business? I mean, are they to have to tag in too? *groan*

I hate to say it but since it's true I will.  The tag team belts don't matter at all in WWE.  The company puts no emphasis on them and they are treated accordingly.

Is it just me or does Mike attend and watch way more shows than Dave does? Isn't Dave the head man at the site and should be knowledgeable about the ongoings of all promotions, not just WWE, ROH and TNA?

Yes, I own the site but frankly I have never been big on giving myself titles the way some other website owners are.  To me, Mike and I are a team.  I don't need to call myself  "Editor-In-Chief" or "Publisher" as a way to make myself look important.  I see Mike and I as equals here and what we do compliments each other.  That is how I prefer to run the site.  Mike goes to more shows than I do, for a few reasons.  One, he wants to!  I don't make him go anywhere.  The one show I would like to go to every year is WrestleMania but Mike has dibs on that and we both can't be away from the site on the busiest weekend of the year.  So I stay here and run things while he is on location.  Another reason he goes to more shows is his location, he is in New York and is closer to more shows than I am in Las Vegas.  And probably most importantly, he is thirteen years younger than me.  Trust me, when you get older staying up until the wee hours of the night/morning wipes you the next day.  As for me, one thing you never consider is the back of house duties I have here at the site, the things you don't see.  They still have to get done.  There are only so many hours in a day and I do like to spend SOME time with my family.  If that means I miss Another Group You Never Heard Of's iPPV I can live with that.  If there is anything worth knowing about on the show, I will find out believe me.

With the new teaser of someone returning to Impact on 1/3/13 and "Hell is coming with him" (Wyatt Earp from Tombstone), my first guess would be the return of Abyss. But it looks to me as though one of the members of Aces & Eights is built like Abyss and wears the same hooded sweatshirt as he did. So, who is most likely in your opinion to be the mystery man? Sting returning from a brutal beatdown as the dark character from WCW, Jeff Jarrett coming to reclaim his company as the leader of Aces & Eights or save the company, or Abyss to seek revenge for his "brother" being brutalized?

First off, any resemblance that an Aces member has, as long as he is masked, is not considered to be a tell by TNA.  Until a guy is unmasked, he is not "anyone".  With that said, TNA can go with Abyss, Sting, Jarrett, a mix of those or something else.  The early word has been that it's a trigger point for TNA to start the new year off with.  Remember in the past that they have done stuff like this and there really hasn't been a good payoff, so don't expect too much until they give you reason to. 

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