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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-16 09:59:00

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You hear all this talk about John Cena playing politics and hold wrestlers back. When I was a kid, I never really saw Hogan holding people back even though he did. Maybe it was because I was a kid and didn't notice these things, but I feel that John Cena is blatant about protecting his spot on TV. CM Punk put over Zack Ryder first and suddenly Cena starts showing up with Ryder and they worked a whole main event angle together, which actually ended up hurting Ryder's career. Ryback gets hot and suddenly Cena is chanting "feed me more". AJ Lee is a hot commodity and suddenly Cena has a relationship with her. It's just weird watching Cena get his hands on every angle and not start thinking he is playing a dirty game of politics. What's your take on it?

I think Hogan was a lot more blatant in how he wielded his power while Cena is more along the lines of "if Vince wants it, I will do it".  It's more passive aggressive whole Hogan was more obvious and transparent.  Throughout Cena's run he did what the boss wanted, which is easy to do when it always benefits you.  Now it's time for him to give back and if need be say to Vince that his goodwill should be used to make new guys.  Tonight would be the perfect place to start, with Dolph Ziggler at the TLC PPV. 

When WWE was in Great Britain recently, I am sure I saw a video on your site (maybe it was actually on Raw) that had Wade Barrett coming out to thank the fans… He seemed very overwhelmed at the reaction he got (a true babyface reaction). He seemed truly humbled by the reaction…don't they have heels and faces in Great Britain? Why did they feel they had to make Wade a face to thank the fans for the great support… that's just a secondary question. The REAL question is this… Why the Hell did anyone feel that John Cena needed to be part of that segment to get Wade Barrett over. (You know, he had to come out and put Dolph in his place.. And hand the mic back to Barrett)… I realize it's all part of giving someone the rub… but it was clear to anyone with half a brain.. Wade Barrett didn't need the rub in that moment….

The audience in Great Britain and Canada tends to love workers that come from their countries whether they are faces and heels.  WWE understands that and has stopped fighting the reactions that they get, for the most part.  That is why they have the announcers use the "bizarro land" moniker to describe the reactions.  As for Cena's involvement I agree, it didn't need to happen and shouldn't have happened. 

Was the "Brian Pillman has a gun stunt" a real thing or did WWE set it up?

I am guessing you are a younger fan here.  Yes, it was all worked.

I seen that WWE plans on getting more edgy next year, does that mean like a new era , and can u see a possible return of bra and panties matches??

I have to admit, I felt a little dirty reading this question.  With all of the porn available on the net, bra and panties matches have kind of run their course.  With that said, the "edgy" directive I have heard about is more about getting away from the ultra-silly stuff and putting more focus on the ring and what happens in it.  It's not about returning to R rated stuff.  With the deals they have in place with major companies, they can't go down the sleaze road even if they wanted to, which they don't.

Is WWE going to refer to Wrestlemania 30 as "Wrestlemania XXX"? I'm sure WWE doesn't want their biggest show of the year having any association with the other use of the letters XXX

That is a good question.  Right now, they are referring to next year's show as "29".  Given the sexual connotation of Triple X, they just may shy away from it.  I could see confusion to parents when their kids ask to order "an X rated wrestling show".  Yeah, I think you may be on to something here. Then again, if they make the previous person's wish come true the Roman numerals would be apt.

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