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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-15 10:00:00
I love PWG. I think they run some of the best wrestling shows today, if not, the last couple of years. My 1st question is are the original 6 still owners of PWG? And should they expand the product? I remember they travelled to Europe and Japan(?), I remember the roster would travel to Philly promotions representing PWG. I would love to see them get more exposure and PPV's and TV deals...

I am not sure if the six original owners are still involved, but feel like they should just stay the course. Expanding to iPPV would prevent some of their roster from appearing due to contractual agreements elsewhere. Removing the product out of Reseda would hurt the atmosphere of the shows, which are a big part of the enjoyment of the shows.

For years, every wrestling fan has wondered what caused the rift between Macho Man Randy Savage and WWE (aka Vince) We've all heard the rumour of what Savage may or may not have done. Shortly after Savage's death, I remember reading an article on this site saying that Rowdy Roddy Piper went on record to say that the animosity between Savage and The WWE was due to Savage slapping Vince in the face. (I've never heard or read another wrestler adress this issue. So props to Piper) I believe the author of said article was Mike Johnson and there was a sly little comment of, "yeah, that was it." (note, it could've been Dave or even Buck, as he was still around at the time, I mean no offense to anyone) My question is, if the rumour of what Savage and this other McPerson did is true, why has it never been written or spoken of? One would think revealing something of this magnitude would sell books and interviews like gold. I'm a wrestling fan of almost 30 years and I know nothing is off limits when it comes to former wrestlers trying to make money one way or another once their career is over. But the Savage rumour has never been brought up, in print or interviews as far as I know. If it is true, I'm sure many know about it so why not bring it forward in hopes of making money off it?

I don't recall saying it was the legitimate reason and neither does Dave. As far as why people don't bring it up, it could be they don't agree with Piper's assessment. Randy's brother Lanny Poffo gave an entirely different reason for Savage leaving WWF, which had to do with Savage "putting business" first after his family was slighted by McMahon. Poffo explained it in a DVD released by Kayfabe Commentaries.

You said that tattoos probably aren't the reason Rey Mysterio's wearing a shirt these days, but are there instances where tats HAVE become an issue for talent? I remember the Harris twins being made to alter some offensive ink before starting their first run in WWE, and I always wondered if tattoos were the reason MVP worked in a full bodysuit, knowing he'd done a long stretch in prison. It'd be interesting to see how the PG-era WWE would handle the situation if one of their top stars showed up to work one day sporting new ink of questionable taste.

WWE certainly wants to control the look of their talents and that includes the tattoos. There have actually been developmental talents released for getting tattoos without permission.

Have you guys heard any logical reason why The Freebirds have not been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, particularly WM 27 in Atlanta?

In my mind, no.

Any idea what attire the Shield will wear? So far they have only been in SWAT style outfits.

I am guessing they will work in those.

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