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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-14 10:00:08
Dino Bravo seems to be forgotten from wrestling history. I remember his death was surrounded in mystery. What happened to him and why do you think he is never talked about?

Bravo was actually found murdered in his home gangland style in what was believed to have been a mob hit as he was allegedly involved in a deal to illegally import cigarettes into Canada. I actually liked Bravo's work but I think the reason he's never talked about is that he was never considered a great worker and when you think about it, there aren't many classic Bravo matches, angles or promos to reminisce over.

Why was there never a sequel to They Live?

There didn't need to be. John Nada sacrifices himself to reveal the truth.

Why doesn't anyone run in the old ECW Madhouse of Extreme anymore?

The Elks Lodge #878 aka The Madhouse of Extreme was bought by a Korean religious group and converted into a church a few years ago. To date, they haven't allowed pro wrestling back into the venue.

Do you know if footage still exists from the infamous WCW Worldwide tapings that were recorded weeks or months in advance, but never aired due to situations changing, such as Sid Vicious getting fired over the scissors incident? I think it would be an interesting thing for WWE Classics on Demand, or the long-awaited WWE Network, to show.

Unless WCW destroyed it, which is a possibility, it would be in the WWE Libraries.

Could WWE book The Shield to lose at TLC and still have them come out strong and credible? How would you book them to lose and remain strong?

I don't believe so. To me, they need to go over to keep being built as a credible threat.

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