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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-12-13 22:06:07
Previously . . . at Final Resolution, the Hogans got involved in the match between Austin Aries and Bully Ray. Who won The Final Battle between A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels? What is next for the loser? Did Aces and Eights help Bobby Roode again on Sunday night?

Impact is at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘Eight more days’ Tenay, Taz, and Todd ‘Middle Seat’ Keneley.

Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring and he is not in a good mood. Bobby says that he has to admit that he is a bit taken back, confused, and pissed off. He is trying to figure out what happened on Sunday night at Final Resolution. He considers himself a businessman, an intelligent businessman.

He says that he made an expensive investment into the World Championship. He had a guarantee that he would become the new World Champion. It did not happen. He made a deal with Aces and Eights. Where he comes from, a deal is a deal. Bobby says that he wants answers and he wants them now.

Aces and Eights make their entrance into the Impact Zone and to the ring. Devon tells Bobby that a better deal came up.

Bobby wants to know if someone outbid him.

Devon says that Roode is a businessman and they are a club that likes to do business with businessmen. Someone had a better deal.

Roode wants to know who came out with the better deal.

Devon tells Roode that when a deal is made, they don’t like to discuss the business. They keep it in the club.

Aces and Eights make their way onto the apron. Devon says that they cannot tell Roode who outbidded him, but Roode may just get his answer.

Jeff Hardy’s music plays and he does not want any music. He is sick of this business bs and who paid who. Those thugs jumped him twice. They are here to fight. He is joined by James Storm to the ring and they take care of DOC and Devon.

Taz, Todd, and Tenay want to know who it was who outbid Bobby Roode.

Next week is Championship Thursday and the Knockouts will be involved. One of the potential opponents for Tara is the subject of our profile.

Velvet Sky says that she was excited to be back last week. There was nothing better. She was out of the game for six months and she is more focused than ever. We will see a new side of Velvet Sky and she will be more focused. She says that the pigeons have been cooped up for so long that she is ready for business. We go to commercial.

We are back and we go to comments from Mickie James after her loss to Tara. She says that she let herself, her fans, and everyone down. She says that is not the way she wanted to end 2012. We see highlights from the match. Mickie says that she wanted to make an impact. She thought she had it all covered with Tara. Mickie says that she is the best female wrestler in the world.

Match Number One: Madison Rayne versus Velvet Sky

Madison has something to say to Velvet before the match starts. Madison hits Velvet from behind and the referee calls for the bell. Velvet with Irish whips and she sends Madison into the turnbuckles. Velvet with a snap mare and kick to the back followed by a leap frog neck snap and drop kick for a near fall.

Madison with a clothesline to Velvet and then she stands on Velvet’s hair and lifts her off the mat. Madison argues with the referee and then she stands on Velvet’s hair again. Madison chokes Velvet in the ropes. Madison with a reverse X Factor using the hair and then she drives Velvet’s head into the mat. Madison gets a near fall.

Madison argues with the referee and that allows Velvet to recover and she kicks Madison in the head. Velvet with chops followed by knees to the head and a clothesline. Velvet with a back elbow and a bulldog. Velvet with the sit out double underhook X Factor for the three count.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Kurt Angle is with Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff and he tells them that he will be with them in their corner for their tag match but they are on their own. Wes wants to get some coffee but Kurt tells them to get some 5 Hour Energy.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are asked if they paid off Aces and Eights. They laugh at the idea because Bobby is their friend. Daniels says that he was only focused on beating A.J. Styles on Sunday. He did not need any help. They suggest that A.J. was the one who paid off Aces and Eights.

We see footage from the eight man tag match at Aces and Eights. Samoa Joe calls them cowards by hiding their identities. Wes Brisco says that Aces and Eights couldn’t handle their speed. Wes says that he will do whatever it takes to stay on the roster. Joe says that the death watch is on.

Match Number Two: Robbie E and Robbie T versus Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff (with Kurt Angle)

The Robbies attack Wes and Garett before the bell and Robbie E sends Garett to the floor. Robbie T with a slam to Wes. Robbie E tags in and he punches Wes in the midsection and head. Robbie E chokes Wes. Wes with punches but Robbie E with a drop toe hold. Robbie T is tagged in and he kicks Wes. The referee deals with Garett and the Robbies double team Wes.

Wes struggles to get back to his feet and Robbie T applies a bear hug. Wes with elbows to escape but Robbie T keeps Wes from making the tag and Robbie E knocks Garett off the apron. Robbie T chokes Wes and Robbie E stays in the ring. Robbie E with a slam and then he goes to the turnbuckles. Wes gets a boot up but Robbie sees it. Robbie E misses an elbow drop and both men are down.

Garett tags in and connects with clotheslines and a shoulder tackle. Garett with a splash into the corner and then he hits a flapjack. Robbie T pulls Garett down by the hair and Robbie T is tagged in. Wes makes the blind tag and Garett clotheslines Robbie E over the top rope to the floor. Garett with a jawbreaker and Wes with a cross body on Robbie T for the three count.

Winners: Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff

After the match, while Wes and Garett celebrate in the ring, Kurt is on the floor and a member of Aces and Eights attack Kurt and hit him in the leg. Wes and Garett check on Kurt and they cannot believe what just happened.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look at what we just saw with the attack on Kurt Angle.

Kurt has his knee checked out and Garett goes to get some ice.

Another person who has been dealing with Aces and Eights is Joseph Park. Hulk Hogan told Joseph to go to OVW to learn how to wrestle.

We go to Joseph’s first day at wrestling school. Joseph is impressed with the building. Joseph meets with Danny Davis and he explains why he is here. Park is ready to start but he doesn’t have his gear. Danny has Park do his first day of training in his suit.

Brooke Hogan is in her office and Tara says that she hopes it is safe. Tara points out that their boyfriends are fighting tonight and she hopes there are no hard feelings because they are A Listers.

Tara says that she is also here to help Brooke select her opponent next week. Brooke tells Tara that she will find out like everyone next week.

We go to commercial, but first, He will be on Impact on January 3rd.

We are back and Kenny King talks about his match against Rob Van Dam at Final Resolution. It was a dream match that everyone has wanted to see. It is a match he wanted his whole career. He might have come up short, but he learns from his losses. It might not be about the belt tonight and he has learned what he needs to do to beat Van Dam and he will knock Van Dam square on his ass.

Match Number Three: James Storm and Jeff Hardy versus Aces and Eights (DOC and Big Masked Guy)

Storm and DOC start things off. Storm blocks punches and he connects. DOC misses a charge into the corner and Storm with punches. Storm with a clothesline and he works on the arm. Hardy tags in and hits a double sledge from the turnbuckles. Hardy continues to work on the arm but DOC tags out. Hardy with punches to the masked man but Hardy with a flying forearm and splash into the corner.

Hardy floats over and hits a head scissors that sends the masked man to the floor. Hardy with a baseball slide that sends the masked man into the guardrails. Hardy with a clothesline off the apron onto DOC and the masked man as we go to commercial.

We are back and Hardy kicks DOC but the masked man with a clothesline from the apron. DOC with kicks and Hardy goes to the floor. The referee forces Storm back to his corner and Aces and Eights double team Hardy. Hardy is sent back into the ring. DOC with an uppercut to the throat.

DOC follows with punches to the midsection. The masked man tags back in and he kicks Hardy in the ribs. The masked man with punches to Hardy in the corner and then he tags DOC in. DOC kicks Hardy in the ribs and he chokes Jeff with his boot. DOC makes the phantom tag and the masked man with an elbow drop for a near fall. Hardy with a sit out jawbreaker to escape the front face lock but he cannot make the tag.

DOC tags in and he kicks Hardy while the masked man holds him. DOC chokes Hardy in the ropes and then he kicks him. DOC with an elbow drop to prevent Jeff from making the tag. DOC with a reverse chin lock. Jeff with elbows and kicks but DOC knocks Storm off the apron and he tags in the masked man who hits a leg drop.

The masked man with a near fall and then he drives knees into the ribs. Hardy is sent to the floor and DOC Irish whips Hardy into the guardrail while Storm is sent back to his corner by the referee. The masked man gets a near fall. DOC tags in and hits a splash for a near fall. DOC kicks Hardy while the referee sends Storm back to the apron and then he applies a rear chin lock.

DOC with an Irish whip but Hardy with an elbow and Whisper in the Wind sends DOC to the mat and both men are down. DOC kicks Hardy and keeps him from making the tag. The masked man tags in and he kicks Hardy. Hardy with a mule kick and he tags in Storm.

Storm knocks DOC off the apron and then he connects with an enzuigiri to the masked man and he hits a cross body for a near fall. Hardy tags in and Hardy Irish whips Storm into the masked man and Hardy with Poetry in Motion. Hardy and Storm with a double suplex on DOC. A few more masked men come in and Storm and Hardy take care of them. Storm with a gutbuster to Devon and then Storm with a super kick to DOC and Hardy with a Twist of Fate on the masked man for the three count.

Winners: James Storm and Jeff Hardy

After the match, Aces and Eights get in the ring while Hardy and Storm leave. Devon says that they don’t fight other people’s business. Devon says that it was Austin Aries who paid them off.

Hulk Hogan is in the back and he has a delayed reaction to the announcement by Devon. He wants to know from some production people where Aries is. Bobby Roode enters and he cannot believe what he just heard. Roode wants to know who would pay off Aces and Eight.

Hogan gets a phone call from Austin Aries and Hogan says that he wants to see him and he tells Aries that he has to come clean by the end of the night or there will be hell to pay.

Hogan tells Roode to back off because he doesn’t know what he is doing with Roode.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package summarizing the Christopher Daniels/A.J. Styles match. Daniels says that he was the better man. He beat the white knight with his own sword.

A.J. Styles comes to the ring and he has something to say. He came out here and demanded this time. He wanted to address the people tonight. He doesn’t have to tell people how long he has been there or where he is going. He says that he is not going anywhere when a ‘You Still Got It’ chant starts.

The truth is he doesn’t know where he is going. He does not know what the next step is. He has spent so much time being a corporate guy, taking care of everybody else. He has forgotten about number one. He has forgotten about A.J. Styles. He says that he is out here because he wants to tell us that it has nothing with the people, the Impact Zone, Dixie Carter, or Impact Wrestling. It has everything to do with A.J. Styles.

He is sick and tired of being the corporate janitor, cleaning up every mess in TNA. He is tired of doing the right thing. From now on, he is going to be doing his own thing.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a moments ago moment of the moment when A.J. Styles told us that he is doing things for himself from now on.

Dixie Carter is in the back and she wants to know what is wrong with A.J. A.J. walks away without saying anything.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are in shock that A.J. is leaving. Daniels starts dancing saying that he got him packing. Frankie says that it is nothing like Christmas and he has a surprise for Daniels.

Match Number Four: Kenny King versus Rob Van Dam in a Non Title Match

They lock up and King with a side head lock. Van Dam with a hammer lock but King with a standing switch. Van Dam with a drop toe hold but King escapes by rolling out of the hold. Van Dam offers his hand but it is a ploy to kick King in the leg. They each miss kicks but Van Dam with a spinning heel kick.

King with a kick that sends Van Dam to the floor. King with a corkscrew pescado onto Van Dam on the floor. King rolls Van Dam back into the ring and gets a near fall. King with a suplex and he floats over and punches Van Dam before getting a near fall. King with an Irish whip followed by a leaping butt splash that sends King to the floor and he gets a near fall.

King with a punch and Irish whip. King charges into the corner but Van Dam with a spinning drop kick to King. Van Dam charges into the corner and he hits a leg drop from the turnbuckles for a near fall. King with a pinwheel kick and then he leaps to the floor and drops Van Dam on the top rope. King with a springboard blockbuster for a near fall.

King with an Irish whip but Van Dam moves when King charges into the corner. Van Dam with a slam and then he misses a split legged moonsault. Van Dam with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall.

King misses a spinning heel kick but Van Dam does not miss. Van Dam with a twisting leg drop and then he tells us who he is before going up top. That delay allows King to stop Van Dam. Van Dam pushes King off but King lands on his feet. Van Dam with a cross body but King rolls through and gets the three count with his feet on the ropes.

Winner: Kenny King

Bully Ray enters Hulk Hogan’s office and he wants to know if Hogan had a change of heart after Final Resolution. Hogan pushes a chair out of the way as he tells Ray that he doesn’t know the trouble he is causing with his shenanigans or coming to him to tell Hogan that he has a thing going on with his daughter. His personal bs has turned into Hogan’s business. She wouldn’t have been in harm’s way if Ray hadn’t been sneaking in the back door to do something on the side.

Hogan says that he hasn’t changed his opinion.

Ray wants to know why Hogan thinks there is anything going on between him and Brooke.

Hogan says that Brooke is personally invested.

Ray says that maybe she likes him. Why does Hogan think that he is doing anything back.

Hogan tells Mark that maybe it is one sided. Maybe she is chasing him around and maybe she threw him down on the couch in his office.

Ray says that they were sitting next to each other while she was apologizing for the way that Hogan was treating him.

Hogan says that if there is nothing going on, maybe Ray shouldn’t be hanging around Brooke.

Ray says that he was trying to shut Aries up and he was trying to show some respect. Ray says that he bled to earn Hogan’s respect. He wants to know from Terry what it will take.

Hogan says that they don’t have to bulls*** each other.

Ray says that he has respected Hogan since the first day he met him. He tells Hogan to let Brooke make her own decisions.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the Knockouts Title will be on the line next week on Championship Thursday. The options for Tara are Velvet Sky, ODB, Brooke Tessmacher, and Mickie James.

Kurt Angle will get a shot at the Television Title against Devon.

Match Number Five: Jessie Godderz (with Tara) versus Bully Ray

Ray with forearms to Jessie’s back followed by a double sledge. Ray with a clothesline and he punches Jessie in the top of the head. Ray with a shoulder tackle. Ray punches Jessie one more time. Jessie with an uppercut to the throat and he chops Ray. Ray is not impressed at a second chop either.

Jessie runs into a big boot. Ray with a chop to the chest and Jessie goes down to a knee. Ray with another chop that could be heard at Islands of Adventure. Ray thinks about another one for the people to hear at Universal Studios Hollywood but Tara gets into the ring to distract Ray and beg for Jessie’s life. Tara flinches and then he spanks her. Jessie with a double sledge to the back and Ray goes down. Jessie with punches and kicks and double sledges to the back.

Jessie with a crossface to Ray. Jessie with a forearm and follows with a drop kick. Jessie poses and he connects with elbows to the head. Jessie with another drop kick and punches but Ray with a chop to the chest. Jessie with a clothesline and forearms to the head. Jessie chokes Ray in the corner with his boot. Jessie with a running back elbow into the corner. Tara chokes Ray on the ropes while the referee is distracted.

Jessie with a drop kick. Jessie misses a leg drop and Ray with a Bubba Cutter for the three count.

Winner: Bully Ray

After the match, Ray gets on the apron and wants to know what is it going to take.

Austin Aries does not want to talk. He says that everyone will have to wait until he gets in the middle of the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look back at Aces and Eights refuse to help Bobby Roode against Jeff Hardy at Final Resolution and the attack on Hardy and Roode after the match.

Then we go back to earlier tonight when Bobby Roode’s question about how paid for Aces and Eights’ services was told to Jeff Hardy and James Storm.

The man who paid for Aces and Eights, Austin Aries makes his way to the ring and he has something to say.

Aries can’t say that he is surprised that the little kitten is out of the bag and the beans have been spilled. He is the man who trumped Bobby Roode’s offer to the Aces and Eights. Bobby might be upset but as a man who is willing to do anything to get the World Championship that the man who says that money talks, Austin Aries’ money sings to the Aces and Eights.

He is not surprised that Aces and Eights outed him because there is no honor among thieves. He did not care as long as the job got done. Devon said he doesn’t fight other people’s battles but at least he got paid.

Six months ago, he was the man to fight Hulk Hogan’s battle against Aces and Eights. He did not get paid for that battle. He was put in the front of the line and then Aries was tossed aside by Hogan for the Jeff Hardy bandwagon. That is why he is pushing buttons and stirring things until he gets back his World Championship.

Jeff Hardy comes out and Aries says that he is not surprised.

Hardy says that this is about him and what he has. Austin wanted the title so bad he hired a motorcycle gang. All Aries had to do was ask him.

Austin wonders if he has to climb any ladders or jungle gyms. Maybe they can built a moat for a Dragon’s Lair match. He has to jump through hoops in this place.

Jeff likes the ideas, but he tells Austin to show up next week on Championship Thursday. He wants to have Aries/Hardy III for the World Title.

Aries wants to know if Jeff wants to do this in front of the idiots and Jeff’s fans. As much as they would love to see that match, Aries doesn’t do what the fans want or what Jeff wants on his time line. Aries says that he does it when he wants.

Jeff says that is the difference between the two of them. He gives the fans what they want. Hardy punches Aries and they start to fight in the ring. Aries misses a brainbuster and Hardy hits a Twist of Fate. Aries rolls out of the ring when Hardy goes up top.

We go to credits.

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