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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-12 08:00:00

December 12th

On this day in history in ....

1980 - Dewey Robertson (The Missing Link) & George Wells defeat The Sheepherders in Richmond, Virginia to win the NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Title.

1985 - Tatsumi Fujinami & Kengo Kimura defeat Antonio Inoki & Seji Sakaguchi in the finals of the IWGP Tag Team League, becoming the first IWGP Tag Team Champions. However, the two teams were actually tied for second place going into the finals of the tournament. The first place team, Bruiser Brody & Jimmy Snuka, no-showed the event, supposedly due to a disagreement between Brody and Sakaguchi.

1986 - Steve "Dr. Death" Williams wins the first (and only) Pro Wrestling Illustrated Cup tournament in the UWF by defeating UWF Champion One Man Gang in the finals.

1987 - Mark & Chris Youngblood defeat The Samoans (Fatu & Samu) to win the WWC Caribbean Tag Team Title in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

1988 - Carlos Colon defeats Ron Garvin for the WWC Universal Heavyweight Title in San Juan, Puerto Rico to begin his eighth reign as champion.

1989 - Jerry Lawler defeats Kerry Von Erich for the World Class/USWA Texas Heavyweight Title in Dallas, Texas.

1992 - Tracey Smothers defeats Tony Anthony in a tournament final to become the first Smoky Mountain Wrestling "Beat The Champ" Television Champion in Morristown, Tennessee. The title had unique rules, in that the champion would vacate the championship if he made five successful title defenses on television in a row.

1997 - Momoe Nakanishi defeats Sache Nishibori for the All Japan Singles Title in Chiba, Japan.

1999 - WWF held their Armageddon Pay-per-view in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Here are the results:
- In a Heat match, Al Snow defeated Test.
- The APA won a tag team battle royal with The Hardys, The Dudleys, The Hollys, Edge & Christian, Too Cool, Mark Henry & The Godfather, and Mean Street Posse to earn a tag team title match at the Royal Rumble.
- Kurt Angle defeated Steve Blackman with a German suplex..
- Miss Kitty won a Evening Gown Pool match to win the WWF Women's Title, defeating champion Ivory, B.B., and Jacquelyn.  After the match, she removed her own dress and pulled off her bra, exposing her breasts to the live and television audience before Sgt. Slaughter cover her with a towel.  She later issued an apology for her actions.
- Hardcore & Crash Holly defeated Viscera & Rikishi when Hardcore pinned Rikishi after Viscera accidentally kicked him.
- Val Venis defeated Davey Boy Smith and D'Lo Brown in a Triple Threat match to win the WWF European Title.  Brown had hit the Lo Down on Smith, but Venis immediately hit both of them with the Money Shot and got the pin on Smith.  
- Kane defeated X-Pac in a steel cage match with a tombstone piledriver.
- Chris Jericho defeated Chyna to win the Intercontinental Title with the Walls Of Jericho.
- The Rock & Mankind defeated World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws via disqualification when Al Snow interfered.
- WWF World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show defeated Big Bossman in under four minutes with a chokeslam.
- Triple H defeated Vince McMahon in a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere match when Triple H pinned him after hitting him with a sledgehammer.  Due to the stipulations of the match, if Triple H won, he received a World Title match, and if Vince won, then the marriage between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon would be annulled. However, after the match, Stephanie turned on her father and willingly joined with Triple H.  

2001 - Rob Conway & Nick Dinsmore (Eugene) defeat Jason Lee & Derrick King to win the OVW Tag Team Title in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

2004 - WWE held their Armageddon Pay-per-view in Atlanta, Georgia, headlined by JBL retaining the WWE Title against Undertaker, Booker T, and Eddie Guerrero in a Fatal Four Way match. The show, which was not well received by fans, also saw Kurt Angle defeat Santa Claus.  Seriously. Read on:

by Buck Woodward

WWE Armageddon opened with a video focusing on the main event, with comments from Booker T, Eddie Guerrero and Undertaker promising to end JBL's title reign.

WWE Tag Team Champions Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio vs. Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree, with Hiroko.

RVD and Suzuki started off, exchanging hold on the mat.  Kenzo hit some shots, but RVD took him down with a spin kick, and RVD tagged in Rey for the 4:20 double leg drop for a two count.  Rey hit a springboard bodyblock on Suzuki for another two count.  Suzuki reversed a whip into the buckles on Rey and tagged in Dupree. Rene worked over Rey in a corner, whipping him hard into the opposite turnbuckles.  Rey dodged a charging Dupree and slid under his legs, but Dupree caught him with a boot to the face. Rey flipped over Dupree on a springboard and used a headscissors to put him in 619 position, but Kenzo hit Rey from the apron to stop him from doing it. Rey flipped over Suzuki and tried to powerbomb him to the floor, but Suzuki held onto the top rope, until RVD kicked him off so Rey could powerbomb him on the floor.  Dupree gave Mysterio a baseball slide, but RVD went after him, draped him over the guardrail, and hit a corkscrew legdrop off the apron.

Back in the ring, RVD and Mysterio worked over Dupree until he came back with a standing dropkick on RVD.  Dupree went for a tag, but Suzuki was still down on the floor from the powerbomb. RVD catapulted Dupree into a Mysterio springboard senton, which he changed into a clothesline when he overshot Dupree.  Suzuki finally recovered and tripped up RVD from the floor, allowing Dupree to hit a clothesline.  Suzuki tagged in and hit a clothesline of his own on Van Dam, then put him in a chinlock. RVD broke out and hit a spinkick, and tagged in Mysterio.  Rey went to work on Dupree, but as Hiroko distracted the referee, Dupree and Kenzo gave Rey a double team Hot Shot on the top rope into a reverse powerbomb by Dupree. Torrie Wilson ran out and chased Hiroko to the back.

Kenzo delivered a kneedrop to Rey for a two count, then went into an armbar. Rey punched out of it, crawled under Kenzo's legs, and went to tag RVD.  Kenzo was late hooking Rey's leg to stop him, so Rey had to slow down his crawl, which looked bad, so Suzuki could stop him. Dupree tagged in and put Rey in a surfboard. Rey kicked out of it, but Dupree gave him a reverse atomic drop and tagged Kenzo back in. Suzuki chopped Mysterio in a corner, then choked him.  Rey kicked Kenzo a few times, and Suzuki badly missed a charge, but managed to grab Mysterio in a back suplex for two. Dupree tagged back in, but Rey flipped out of a back suplex attempt.  Dupree knocked Van Dam off the apron so he couldn't tag in, then double teamed Rey with Kenzo as RVD tried to run in, but was stopped by the referee.

Kenzo choked Rey against the bottom rope, and clotheslined him for a two count.  Rey again had to slow down on his way to the corner so Kenzo could grab him and stop the tag from happening.  Dupree and Kenzo did the French Tickler dance, and Dupree dropped a headbutt on Rey for a two count.  Dupree whipped Mysterio hard into a corner, but Rey hit a pair of kicks and gave Dupree a rana, sending him into the ringpost.  Mysterio tagged Van Dam, who hit a series of kicks on Dupree and a dropkick.  RVD slammed Dupree and hit the split legged moonsault for a two count.  RVD knocked Suzuki off the apron and gave the Original Rolling Thunder with Rey to Dupree. Suzuki broke up the cover, and all four men started going at it.  Suzuki backdropped Rey to the floor.  RVD fought his opponents two on one.  Suzuki was kicked to the floor, and RVD hit a bodyblock (looked like a botched spot) for a two count.  Rey came in and he and RVD set up Dupree and Suzuki for 619's.  Rey hit the move, and Dupree fell to the mat as Suzuki was thrown to the floor by RVD. Van Dam then hit Dupree with the five star frog splash, while Mysterio gave Suzuki a pescado.  Van Dam got the pin on Dupree at the thirteen minute mark.

Winners: Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio.

Buck: Someone want to tell me what the point was of doing a title change on Smackdown if they were just going to have RVD & Mysterio win the rematch too?

Daniel Puder did a somewhat awkward promo for the "Dixie Dogfight" boxing match, promising to destroy Mike Mizanin for talking too much.

Kurt Angle came out, accompanied by armed security to guard his gold medals. Angle said he was going to treat the fans to a special "Kurt Angle Invitational".  Angle announced that he was going to take on Santa Claus.  Santa came to the ring, tossing out candy canes to the crowd. Angle shook hands with Santa, and made a crack about Tazz being one of his elves. Angle said he didn't like Santa Claus because his daughter never wants to talk about him (Angle), only Santa.  Angle said his daughter was watching tonight, and he was going to make Santa tap out.  Angle took Santa to the mat (Santa's wig fell off), gave him an Angle Slam, then put him in an ankle lock for the tap out.

Winner: Kurt Angle.

Angle took his medals, and left.

Mike Mizanin did a promo for the boxing match, talking about how everyone is saying he is an underdog for the fight, but that this "dog has some bite".

A video package on the Tough Enough competitions and eliminations was shown.

Al Snow joined the commentators for the next match.  Snow said Puder was favored, but that no one should underestimate Mizanin.

General Manager Theodore R. Long came to the ring and said he was there to bring the fans "must see" events. Long put over the Tough Enough competition, saying it started with thousands of entries, and now it was down to two finalists. Long then acted as ring announcer for the boxing match.

Daniel Puder vs. Mike Mizanin, boxing match. This was allegedly a legitimate boxing match (they had a commissioner at ringside, and a boxing referee), scheduled for three rounds, one minute each, with one minute rest periods between rounds. No standing eight count, and no three knockdown rule.  The fighters could not be saved by the bell in any round.  Both men wore headgear for the fight.

Round One: Both men came out just flinging wild punches at each other.  They broke on the ropes, and Puder measured some shots.  Mizanin came back with some wild punches again, and Puder slipped on the mat (obviously a slip). Mizanin kept throwing, landing a few, although Puder threw less but hit more.

Round Two: Mizanin charged and flung punches again.  Puder hit a shot to the back of the head, and the referee warned him.  Mizanin kept trying to run around, throwing punches and running back and forth.  Puder hit better shots again, but Miz's headgear definitely helped him.

Round Three: Mizanin kept charging at Puder and throwing wild punches and trying to tie him up.  It appeared Miz's strategy was to grab as much as possible.  He noticeably looked at the screen at one point to see the clock. The round ended with fans booing, and Miz holding his hands up.

Theodore R. Long then announced that the fans would make the decision. Both men got applause, but it was obvious that Puder got the louder ovation.  Long declared Puder the winner. Miz looked dejected, but hugged Puder anyway.

Winner: Daniel Puder.

Al Snow interviewed both men following the fight.  Miz seemed content that he wasn't knocked out. Puder said that his style is Ultimate Fighting and breaking arms, not boxing with gloves on. They then plugged the Tough Enough voting.

Backstage, Eddie Guerrero told Booker T that he could pin him tonight and win the title from JBL.  Booker laughed, and said he could pin Guerrero to win the belt.  Guerrero said they both had another obstacle tonight, The Undertaker.  Booker said he could take Undertaker down.  Guerrero said he could have the Undertaker, and he would take on JBL, since he knew he could beat him.  Booker said they should double team Undertaker and JBL, and then they could settle things one-on-one between themselves. Undertaker approached them from behind, stared at both men, then walked by them.  Guerrero and Booker blamed each other for having a big mouth around the Dead Man.

Doug & Danny Basham vs. Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas.

The announcer's called this a "bonus" match.  Haas got right in the face of the Bashams before the match. Holly started out with Doug, putting him in a side headlock.  Doug leapfrogged Holly and hit a dropkick, then slugged it out with Holly.  Hardcore dodged a charge and rolled him up for a two count.  Doug brought him into his corner and tagged in Danny.  Danny ran into a Holly boot, and Hardcore delivered a back suplex for a two count.  Haas tagged in and worked over Danny in a corner with forearms.  Haas booted Danny and took him down with a fireman's carry.  Danny fought back with punches and tagged in Doug.  Haas slid under Doug's legs and hit a pair of armdrags. Doug snapmared Haas and hit a kick to the back, and elbow to the head, then applied a chinlock. Haas armdragged out, but was tripped by Danny as he went to the ropes.  Doug delivered a series of kneedrops and tagged in Danny.  The Bashams dropped a series of elbows on Haas and Danny scored a two count.  "Boring" chants started to ring out, but died down quickly.

Danny dropped another elbow for a two count.  Doug tagged back in, snapmared Charlie and applied a trapped arm chinlock.  Haas armdragged out, but Doug hit him with a stiff clothesline. Haas hit a T-Bone suplex on Danny.  Bob Holly tagged in and hit a series of clotheslines on both men.  Holly backdropped Danny and dropkicked Doug.  Holly gave Doug a top rope clothesline.  Holly threw Danny out of the ring.  Doug knocked Haas off the apron.  Holly powerslammed Doug.  Miss Jackie and Dawn Marie came out to check on Haas, and started fighting.  Haas tried to hold them apart as referees came down to break it up.  Holly was distracted by what was going on, and Danny rolled Doug out of the ring and took his place. Holly went to small package Danny (thinking it was Doug), but Danny reversed it and got the pin at the seven minute mark.

Winners: Doug & Danny Basham.

Following the match, Bob Holly yelled at Haas for letting the women ruin their match.

The Royal Rumble commercial aired.  It shows members of both rosters, dressed in wigs and costumes as if they were in "West Side Story" and singing (yes, singing) about having  a Rumble.  Babyfaces and heels in the same "gangs", they appeared to have them divided up by brand. Suddenly, the singing ended, and Vince McMahon was shown sitting up in bed saying "That's not the rumble I had in mind".

The events leading to Jesus vs. John Cena was shown.

Streetfight: U.S. Champion John Cena vs. Jesus, with Carlito Caribbean Cool.

It was announced before the match that it was No DQ, and Falls Count Anywhere.  Cena wore a "Ruck Fules" shirt, and a new U.S. Title belt, which had a spinning front plate decorated like a U.S. Flag. Cena glared at Jesus as he came down the aisle with Carlito, who still had his arm in a sling. Carlito spat apple at Cena from the apron, but instead of going after Carlito, Cena charged Jesus as he was coming into the ring. The bell rang as Cena punched Jesus down in a corner, then choked him against the bottom rope. Jesus raked Cena's eyes, and Carlito threw a kendo stick to Jesus.  Jesus hit Cena in the side with it, targeting his kidney, but Cena charged him and knocked him to the floor.  Cena got control of the stick on the outside and beat Jesus with it again and again. Cena kicked Jesus' head against the ringpost. Cena chased after Carlito, who ran up the aisle.  Cena yelled after him "you're next".  Cena went back to Jesus, hitting him with a series of right hands. Cena dared Carlito to come back down the aisle.  Cena took off his shirt, revealing bandages on his back from the "kidney injury".  Cena kicked Jesus, who was now bleeding, in the head.

They went into the crowd, with Cena punching Jesus and choking him with a television cable.  Cena stopped to have a beer with a fan, then went back to pounding Jesus.  Cena hit him with a trash can, as they were going up into the stands. Cena was threatening to toss Jesus off an entranceway, but Carlito showed up and hit a weak shot at Cena. Jesus and Carlito tried to run away, but Cena caught up with him, putting a trash can on Jesus' head.  Carlito tried to get involved again, but had no affect, as Cena continued to pound Jesus back to ringside.  Cena jumped off the guardrail and gave Jesus a facebuster into the mats on the floor.  Cena tossed Jesus back into the ring and pulled out a metal trash can lid and a street sign. Cena blasted Jesus with both weapons. Cena pumped up his sneakers and gave Jesus an FU for the pin, ending the one sided squash at the eight minute mark.

Winner: John Cena

Post-match, Carlito went to steal Cena's lock and chain again, but Cena stopped him.  Cena grabbed the chain and knocked out Carlito with it.  Cena then took his belt and chain and left the ring.

Backstage, Miss Jackie told Charlie Haas she can't believe Dawn Marie came out during Haas' match tonight. Haas said he was getting tired of everything going on.  Jackie said she was going to take care of Dawn tonight.  Charlie reminded her to take off her engagement ring before the match, which he took and put in his pocket.  Charlie and Jackie kissed, and Charlie slapped her on the rear end to send her off to the ring.

Miss Jackie vs. Dawn Marie, Charlie Haas as referee.

Haas came to the ring with Jackie. Dawn slapped Jackie to start the match, and Jackie returned the shot. Jackie tossed Dawn around by the hair, and Dawn tried to backdrop Jackie to the ring apron.  Jackie hit a shoulderblock from the apron.  In the ring, Dawn hit a headbutt and they two traded punches.  Dawn hit some shoulderblocks in a corner, and Dawn spat on Jackie.  Jackie and Dawn rolled around on the mat, and rolled over Haas.  Dawn approached Haas, and Jackie rolled her up from behind.  Dawn reversed the rollup, and hooked the tights as Haas counted to three, ending the match at the two minute mark.

Winner: Dawn Marie.

Haas revealed that he was indeed having an affair with Dawn Marie, saying he loved Jackie, but he was not "in love with her".  Haas said Jackie was beautiful, but making love to her was like making love to a "dead wet fish".  Jackie started to cry.  Haas pulled out the engagement ring from his pocket, turned to Dawn, and asked "Dawn, why are you such a slut?"  Haas said he wouldn't marry either one of them, and left the ring, with many in the crowd chanting "Charlie".

Backstage, Joy Giovanni approached Big Show and gave him a kiss for good luck.

Big Show vs. Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak.

Jindrak started off with Show, dodging a lockup and doing the old Rick Rude hip swivel.  Jindrak started flexing his muscles, then locked up with Show.  Show put him in a armbar and lifted him off the mat.  Show chopped Jindrak in a corner, then gave him a Beel throw across the ring.  Jindrak tagged Angle, despite Angle not wanting it.  Angle got in the ring, and Show shoved him to the mat.  They locked up, and Show shoved him down again. Angle tagged in Luther.  Luther threw some punches, but Show put him in a corner and chopped him, then snapmared Luther.  Show knocked Angle off the apron, brought Jindrak into the ring, and headbutted both men.  Angle pulled Show over the top rope from the apron, and Luther and Jindrak hit a double shoulderblock. Angle kicked the downed Show, but tagged out quickly to Jindrak.  Jindrak stomped Show down in a corner and hit a dropkick, then tagged in Luther. Reigns choked Show in a corner, but Show tripped him to the mat.  Jindrak tagged back in, and Reigns and Jindrack gave Show a double vertical suplex for two.  Angle tagged in and applied a camel clutch variation.  Angle switched into a reverse front facelock, then into a more traditional facelock.  Show got to his feet and lifted Angle, but Luther came out and hit him in the back.

Angle stood on Show's back to choke him against the bottom rope, then tagged in Luther, who continued the assault.  Show battled back with a headbutt, but Reigns kicked him in the leg and tagged Jindrak, who kicked at Show's legs.  Angle came in to tackle Show to the mat, allowing Jindrak to apply a camel clutch. Show battled up, but Angle ran in for a cheapshot.  Luther came in and he and Jindrak whipped Show across the ring, but Show rallied, slamming Jindrak and Reigns.  Angle came in, and Show grabbed him by the throat, but Reigns and Jindrak double teamed him.  Big Show hit a double clothesline on them, then gave Jindrak a reverse powerbomb (throwing Jindrak backwards over his head from a powerbomb position).  Show gave Angle a headbutt.  Show whipped Luther across the ring, and he went over the top rope to the floor.  Angle hit the Angle Slam on Show, but when he went for the ankle lock, Show kicked him from the ring.  Luther and Jindrak went for Show again, but Show swatted Reigns out of the ring. Angle went to bring the ringsteps into the ring, but Show kicked them into the face of Angle on the floor.  Show then gave Jindrak the F5 (called the F5 by the announcers, who acted shocked to see the move) for the pin at the nine minute mark.

Winner: The Big Show

A video on WWE's visit to the Middle East last year was shown.

Backstage, Smackdown's number one announcer, Funaki, interviewed ... Funaki.  Funaki asked himself if he could beat Spike Dudley, when Spike walked in and interrupted him.  Spike told Funaki that he would never win the Cruiserweight Title.  Funaki and Spike had the following exchange:

Funaki: "Knock, knock"
Spike: "Who's there"
Funaki: "Armageddon"
Spike: "Armageddon who?"
Funaki: "I'm a gettin' your belt and becoming the number one Cruiserweight champion"

Cruiserweight Champion Spike Dudley vs. Sho Funaki.

It was mentioned that the other Dudleys are still recovering from injuries suffered at the hands of the Big Show. They traded holds on the mat to start, with Funaki cradling Spike for a two count, then grabbing a small package for another two.  Funaki grabbed La Magistral for another two, then Spike kneed him in the gut to stop him.  Funaki blocked a hiptoss and delivered an armdrag.  Funaki put Spike in an armbar, but Spike broke out with a punch.  Spike floated over a slam and went for a rollup, but Funaki rode Spike through the ropes and to the floor.  Funaki hit a baseball slide and tossed Spike back in for a two count.  Funaki went to work on Spike's arm, but was caught with an elbow on a charge.  Spike went to the top rope, but Funaki stopped him and slammed him off the top rope.  Funaki dropkicked Spike for a two count. Funaki punched Spike, but was backdropped to the apron.  Spike and Funaki battled up the ropes, and teased superplexing each other to the floor.  Spike ended up dropping Funaki face first from the middle rope to the floor. Funaki crawled onto the apron at the eight count, but Spike dropkicked him back to the floor.  Spike rolled Funaki into the ring, got a two count, then hit a double stomp.

Spike put Funaki in an abdominal stretch, but Funaki hiptossed out.  Spike headbutted Funaki, then went for a slam and a back suplex, but Funaki fought to land on top of Spike on both moves for one counts.  Spike gave Funaki a gutbuster out of a fireman's carry for a two count.  Spike put Funaki in an abdominal stretch, punching Funaki in the ribs with his free hand while maintaining the hold. Funaki broke out, but Spike slugged him down to the mat.  Funaki floated out of a back suplex and put Spike in the Tree of Woe. Funaki stood on the top rope as Spike tried to sit up in the Tree of Woe, and Funaki jumped off with a double stomp to the gut.  Funaki hit a backdrop, clothesline and bulldog, and got a two count. Funaki gave Spike an enzugiri for a two count.  Funaki went to the top rope and hit a flying bodypress for a two count. Funaki went for a tornado DDT, but Spike tossed him away and hit a headbutt to the midsection.  Spike went for the Dudley Dog, but Funaki blocked it.  Spike went for a sunset flip, but Funaki reversed it and hooked Spike's legs for the three count at the ten minute mark.

Winner and new Cruiserweight Champion: Sho Funaki.

Dave: Nothing says "screw you Cruisers" like this.  UGH!

Funaki celebrated by hugging all the announcers at ringside.

A video hyping the main event was shown.

Backstage, JBL spoke with his cabinet members and acted like a defeated man as he headed towards the ring alone.

WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield vs. The Undertaker vs. Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero in an "Anything Goes" Fatal Four Way match.  JBL's cabinet is barred from ringside.

JBL walked to the ring, depressed, instead of his usual limo entrance. Booker T came out next, as JBL went to the floor, and Eddie Guerrero then did his usual low rider entrance.  Undertaker then did his big entrance. JBL kept arguing with the referee from the floor that it wasn't fair that he could lose his title without being pinned.

JBL got into the ring at the bell, then rolled out to the floor.  Undertaker attacked Booker and Guerrero to start the match, giving Booker a boot to the face and working Guerrero over in a corner.  JBL rolled in and covered Booker, but the referee wasn't paying attention.  Taker chased JBL around the ring and back in, where JBL found himself trapped between all three opponents.  JBL was pinballed between the three with punches and forearms.  Booker hit JBL with a back kick, and Taker started to elbow JBL in the corner while Guerrero and Booker just watched.  Taker covered JBL, and Booker and Eddie broke it up, then double teamed Taker in a corner to the boos of the fans. Booker and Guerrero gave Taker a double elbow.  Booker and Taker ended up fighting on the floor, and JBL went at it with Guerrero in the ring, suplexing Guerrero for a two count.

Booker came in and grabbed JBL, holding him so Guerrero could dropkick him. Booker and Eddie worked over JBL.  Taker got on the apron, and Booker kicked him to the floor.  Booker gave JBL a side slam, and Eddie hit a slingshot senton.  Booker gave Taker a baseball slide.  Guerrero covered JBL, and Booker pulled him off.  JBL cradled Booker, and Eddie broke it up.  Taker made it back into the ring and went after everyone, then gave JBL a sideslam.  Eddie broke up the cover, and Taker tossed him from the ring.  Taker DDT'd Booker, and JBL broke it up.  JBL covered Booker, and Taker broke it up.

Taker and JBL went to the floor, with Taker punching JBL in the head.  Guerrero jumped onto Taker's back with a sleeper. Taker flipped off Guerrero, but Booker hit him with a superkick.  Taker elbowed Booker and tossed him into the crowd.  JBL thumbed Taker in the eye and rammed him headfirst into the steps.   JBL teased a powerbomb on the floor, but Taker backdropped him. Taker took Guerrero into the ring and started pounding him in the corner. Booker came in, and Taker missed a kick in the corner on him.  JBL came back in, chopping and punching Booker.

Taker took over again, sending JBL to the floor and working over Booker and Guerrero. Booker hit a series of rights on Taker, but Taker hit him with a spinebuster to stop the assault. Undertaker went for the Old School ropewalk, but Eddie ran over to stop him.  Taker kicked Guerrero down, then did the rope walk with Booker and hit the forearm. Undertaker slugged Guerrero from the ring, then hit a faceplant on Booker, but Guerrero got back in to break it up.  Eddie threw a series of punches at Taker, but Undertaker just flung Guerrero over the top rope and to the floor.  Eddie scurried away from Taker, but he tossed Eddie back into the ring, then elbowed him with his neck stretched over the ring apron. Taker legdropped Guerrero on the ring apron.  JBL clotheslined Undertaker on the floor.

JBL took Booker into the ring and choked Booker with his wrist tape, which is legal here (but JBL hid it with a chinlock anyway). Guerrero pulled a ladder out from under the ring and hit Taker with it on the floor.  In the ring, JBL hit Booker with an elbow, then went for the title belt.  As he got back in the ring, Booker went on fire, hitting all three opponents with side kicks.  Taker and JBL fell out of the ring, and Booker gave Guerrero an ax kick for a two count. The crowd was starting to get behind Guerrero.

JBL pulled Booker to the floor, and Booker kicked Taker away, but JBL raked his eyes and powerbombed Booker on the announcers table. The table didn't break, so JBL jumped off a chair and put Booker through the table with an elbow.  Taker then powerbombed JBL through the Spanish announcers table. Guerrero, in the ring, saw what was going on, then pretended to be out cold in the ring.  Taker got in the ring, picked Eddie off the mat, but Guerrero floated over his attempted tombstone. Guerrero ran off the ropes, but Taker caught him with a chokeslam.  Taker picked up Guerrero for the Last Ride, but Eddie picked up the title belt and hit Taker in the head with it as Taker lifted him for the move.

Eddie Guerrero hit two frog splashes in a row, then covered, but Taker kicked out at two and sat up.  Taker went after Guerrero, but Guerrero kicked him low and went for the ladder he pulled out earlier.  Guerrero hit Taker twice with the ladder, then set it up.  Guerrero climbed the ladder, with the fans chanting his name, and gave Taker a frog splash from the ladder.  Guerrero clutched his knee and was slow covering Undertaker.  JBL pulled the referee from the ring on the two count.

Guerrero took the ladder and knocked Undertaker to the floor with it.  JBL ran back in, and Guerrero sidestepped him and JBL went into the ladder. Guerrero hit three consecutive vertical suplexes, and covered JBL, but Booker broke up the cover and tossed Guerrero to the floor.  Booker gave JBL an ax kick, but Taker broke up the cover. Taker stomped Booker in a corner, then gave Guerrero Snake-Eyes and a boot to the face.  Taker covered Guerrero after a legdrop, and Guerrero kicked out.

Taker chokeslammed Booker, then chokeslammed Guerrero. Taker completed the trifecta by chokeslamming JBL. Undertaker prepared to tombstone JBL, when Heidenreich ran in from nowhere and attacked Taker to a chorus of boos.  Heidenreich gave Taker a spinning slam, then left the ring. JBL crawled onto Booker for a two count.  JBL then crawled onto Guerrero for a two count. JBL then crawled towards Taker, but Taker sat up.  Heidenreich pulled Taker from the ring and put him in the cobra clutch.  JBL hit Booker with the Clothesline From Hell, and pinned him, as Guerrero tried in vain to crawl over and break up the pin, ending the match at the twenty-six minute mark.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield.

Heidenreich left, as did JBL.  Undertaker sat on the floor, slowly getting to his feet and looking mad.  Eddie and Booker sat on the mat, looking on in disbelief, as the show ended.

2007 - A Jillian Hall Christmas album was released on iTunes, playing off of her gimmick as a terrible singer in WWE.

2007 - TNA announced that Karen Angle had broken her foot at the Impact taping earlier in the week in Orlando, FL.

2008 - WWE Hall of Fame "High Chief" Peter Maivia was posthumously honored at the Samoan Sports Awards in Auckland, New Zealand.  Maivia was inducted into the Samoan Sports Association's Hall of Fame. His daughter, Ata Maivia (Dwayne Johnson's mother) was on hand to accept the honor while Johnson sent a DVD message that was played at the award ceremony.

2009 - CZW held Cage of Death 11.  Ben Kerin filed the following results from Philadelphia, PA:


Scramble MATCH
Joe Gacy vs. Rich Swann vs. Drew Gulak vs. LJ Cruz vs. Alex Colon vs. Ryan Slater is up

Ryan Slater picks up the win after a hanging piledriver in the ropes. Crowd is hot!


Ryan McBride vs. Jon Dahmer is up.

Jon Dahmer def. Ryan McBride with the MurderPlex.


CZW Wired TV Title. John House comes to the ring with the belt. Tyler Veritas vs. Adam Cole!

Tyler Veritas gets the win and becomes the first ever CZW Wired TV Champion after making Cole tap to the crossface.


DJ Hyde is out, talking to the crowd about how Tyler and Cole are family to him, and that they're going to steal the shows in 2010....

Drew Gulak was standing in the entrance way staring down Veritas. DJ Hyde introduces the US Marines into the ring, thanking them.


No rope barbed wire match being set up!

Thumbtack Jack gets the win after a cross legged brainbuster off the cinderblocks. DISGUSTINGLY BLOODY.

Two guys with hoodies on rush the ring..ITS JC BAILEY WITH BILLY GRAM!! Bailey hits TJ with a brainbuster onto cinderblocks!


DJ Hyde in the ring asking the fans what they think of the show. Nate Hatred comes out and tells DJ to shut up

DJ says they should just have the match now, and attacks Hatred. Match is going on while the ropes are being put up! Crowd brawl!

Joe Gacy runs into the match disguised as a CZW staff member and attacks Hyde.

Hatred hits Hyde with the Decapitator but Hyde kicks out, hits Hatred with a discuss Lariat, and gets the win!

Rodney Rush is at ringside (he was also at ringside during the Wired matches).


4-Way Tag Match - BLKOUT vs. Azrieal & Bandido Jr. vs. Team Macktion vs. The Naptown Dragons is up.

BLKOUT pick up the win after Sabian hit a double stomp on xOMGx who was being held up by Ruckus


CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title - Greg Excellent vs. Drew Blood is up.

Greg Excellent def. Drew Blood to win the Jr Heavyweight Title after a Tiger Driver onto cake.


Match for a shot at the CZW title in February - Jon Moxley vs. B-Boy vs. Eddie Kingston vs. Egotistico Fantastico is up

Jon Moxley picks up the win after a quick small package on Kingston.


CZW Tag Team Titles - The BLKOUT vs. The Best Around

The Best Around get the win after TJ Cannon hits a Shooting Star Double Stomp onto Ruckus who was laying on a ladder.


CZW World Heavyweight Title - Devon Moore vs. Drake Younger is up

hit Devon with a backfist. DJ Hyde comes out and announces that Drake vs. B-Boy will take place in January!

Drake Younger retains with the Drakes Landing through a table. Drew Blood ran in during the match and Tombstoned Drake, then Kingston

Drake vs. Thumbtack Jack. On March 27 CZW will be invading Indianapolis, Indiana

DJ announces that there will be a doubleheader in February, and the first show will be free. March will be a doubleheader with WXW


Two cage walls, two barbed wire walls that are hanging off (Caribbean spider web) with panes of glass on both sides, scaffold with a hole in the middle with two panes of glass underneath, four panes of glass on the front of the scaffold and barbed wire at the back (which will be electrified). A pane of glass in three corners.


Sami goes over with a Curtain Call through the glass scaffold through a table! Sami gets up, goes to cut Havoc with the switchblade..lights go out..ITS THE NECRO BUTCHER!!!!!!

Necro takes out Sami, and helps Havoc to his feet, before shaking hands with him and then taking a seat and taking a drink. Thanks for joining us for Cage of Death 11, we'll see you in January!

2010 - Dutch Mantel announced the release of his second book "Tales From A Dirt Road."

2011 - WWE broadcast a Slammy Awards edition of Monday Night Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live from Norfolk, Virginia and your announcers are Jerry ‘Anne Hathaway’ Lawler and Michael ‘James Franco’ Cole.

We begin the annual search for Slamming Excellence with our first award. The presenters for this award are Booker T and Hornswoggle. They are accompanied by Eve and Alicia Fox respectively.

Booker wants to know how everyone is doing and he says that this is the logic defying and head scratching Moment of the Year. Hornswoggle mentions that Booker will face Cody Rhodes on Sunday and will win the Intercontinental Championship.

The first award is Tell Me I Did NOT Just See That Moment and the nominees are:
Santino Marella almost winning the Royal Rumble
Miz hitting John Cena with a Rock Bottom while dressed as the Rock
R Truth losing a WWE Title match because of ‘Little Jimmy’
Jim Ross shaking his groove thing during the Michael Cole Challenge

The winner is Jim Ross shaking his groove thing during the Michael Cole Challenge.

Jim comes out flanked by Eve and Alicia. Jim thanks everyone and he says that he never thought he would win a Slammy for getting jiggy with it.

Michael Cole gets up from the announce table because he has to make every single thing about him. He says that these awards are a sham. Cole says that JR won a dance contest that was rigged and now he is going to accept an award for it. Cole says that JR got jiggly with it like a bowl of human chocolate pudding.

Booker calls Cole a loser. Booker says that Jim Ross can beat Cole in a rap off.

JR makes his way to the ring while Lawler wonders what will happen in a rap challenge.

Booker tells Cole that he gets to go first.

Cole has a spasm before he starts to rap. Cole mentions that he beat Lawler and calls Jim Ross fat.

Booker calls that the worst rap he ever heard in his life. He says that it is time to hear how it is supposed to be done and Jim Ross is next.

Jim Ross points out that Lawler beat Cole at Mania and then he tells Michael Cole to kiss his ass.

Booker asks the fans who they thought won and they say that Jim Ross won, but the real winners are the people who are not watching or forgot that Raw was three hours.

Booker stops Jim Ross and he says that the people want to see the JR-a-roonie. Booker goes first and he is followed by the Sauce-a-roonie.

You can vote for Superstar of the Year on

Mick Foley is walking in the back and he is happy that he gets to present a Slammy tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for more Slammys to award and our next presenters are Mick Foley and Ted DiBiase. They have the Official Human Guide Divas leading them to the podium.

Mick says that they are here to present the Slammy for the Holy #((@ Moment of the Year and Ted steals the Mick Foley Cheap Pop. Mick says that he knows why he is here, but he wants to know why Ted is here to present this award. Mick wonder if it is because Ted is the richest person in the WWE Universe while Mick is the cheapest, but Mick says that he calls it thrifty. Ted reminds Mick that he is an ordained minister so he is the holy part.

Sheamus power bombing Sin Cara through a ladder and into a suspension
Randy Orton giving Christian an RKO onto the ring steps
Mark Henry superplexing Big Show and collapsing the ring
Evan Bourne’s Shooting Star Press off a ladder at Money in the Bank

The winner is Big Show and Mark Henry collapsing the ring.

Show comes out to accept his award. Show thanks the Academy of Sports Entertainment Arts and Athletics. He says that Mark might be a little gunshy after what happened at the last Smackdown. Show says that the Slammy would look good next to the World Championship title belt. Show says that he is not visually spectacular talking so he is going to do something in the ring.

We see the footage from what happened during Smackdown between Mark and Show.

Wade Barrett says that some might think that the award is a bit premature when you consider what he is going to do to Randy Orton at TLC. There will be nothing unexpected about him giving Randy Orton the beating of his life. Barrett tells Show that if he wins at TLC, the Barrett Barrage is coming after him next.

Match Number One: Big Show versus Wade Barrett


We are back and the match is joined in progress and Barrett is on the floor. Barrett drops Show’s arm on the top rope but Show with a running shoulder tackle and Barrett goes back to the floor. Show follows Barrett to the floor and the table is set up on the floor and Barrett is in a Tables Match. Barrett sends Show into the ring post and Barrett with a boot to Show’s head and Show is resting on the table. Barrett goes to the turnbuckles but Show recovers and Barrett thinks twice about it because Show breaks through the table with two shots.

Show with a chop that sends Barrett back into the ring and Barrett goes to the floor. Barrett gets a chair and Show punches it so the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Big Show by Disqualification

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the Road Dogg Jesse James to present the next award. He says that he is trying to keep his verbiage PG and that is a tall order for him. It is time for the Pipe Bomb of the Year Award. The nominees are a lot of things from R Truth, a few things from Booker T, some Santino goodness, stuff from Rock, stuff from Punk, guest host stuff, a few Zack Ryder stuff, General Manager blunders, and Punk asking for ice cream bars.

The Winner is CM Punk.

CM Punk comes out with a mannequin that is wearing a Dynamic Dudes shirt. Punk thanks a lot of people and says that as an activist he wants to shed light on a cause. He wants to mention someone backstage who works day in and day out and does not get the spotlight he deserves. He deserves an honor all his own. He says that this person is boring, completely bland, 100% non descript, and lacks a lot of things. To top things off, this person is 100% anatomically incorrect. Punk has a tribute video for John Laurinaitis.

Punk says that Johnny couldn’t be here because he is watching Point Break wishing that he could be Patrick Swayze. Punk steals a line from Sally Field in Johnny’s voice.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the Divalicious Moment of the Year Award and the presenter is Lita. Lita mentions some of her favorite moments and it is time for the nominees:

Natalya with the double Sharpshooter
Kelly Kelly winning the Divas Title
Kharma sending Michelle McCool into oblivion
Beth Phoenix and her Super Glam Slam

The winner is Kelly Kelly winning the Divas Title. Kelly accepts the award but Beth Phoenix and Natalya come out because they are sore losers. Beth takes the award and Kelly slaps Beth. Natalya has to hold Beth back.

It is time for the OMG Moment of the Year Slammy and the presenter is Santino Marella, dressed like Jeremy Piven. He is joined by the Bellas, who are looking for Alberto Del Rio or a guest host. Santino says that there are moments that stop time and change history. When that moment is over, you know that they will never be the same and you have to say OMG. The Bellas correct him and tell him that it is not one word. They read the cue cards and call Santino an idiot. Santino calls them a couple of floozies who follow around Alberto Del Rio like a couple of escorts.

The nominees are:

Triple H Tombstones the Undertaker at Wrestlemania
Rock with the Rock Bottom to John Cena to steal the spotlight at Wrestlemania from the Miz
The Walkout
Punk wins the WWE Title at Money in the Bank

The winner is Undertaker kicking out of the Tombstone at Wrestlemania.

Triple H comes out and he is in the leather jacket and finally . . . The GAMEHAMMER has returned to Raw.

Hunter throws Gamey into the ring so he can bring back the Most Electrifying Expectoration in Sports Entertainment . . . The Game Fountain.

Hunter says that the OMG was not what you saw, it was a short period of time when the epic match between the Undertaker and himself ended. It was when the Undertaker could not leave the ring under his own power. Hunter reminds us that Taker was carried from the ring. Nine months later, the Undertaker is no more. The Oh My God Moment was when the streak came to an end.

Speaking of coming to an end, that brings him to Kevin Nash. Hunter says that he would like to see what Kevin Nash has done to him.

Hunter tells Nash that he should have finished the job because he is back. He suggests that maybe their entire friendship was based on lies and deception with both guys scratching to the top. This Sunday, might will make right. On Sunday he will climb to the top of the ladder because he is right. This Sunday, he will get the hammer because he is right. He will bring the hammer down on Nash over and over again because he is right. The deceptions are done and he will show that he is right and that Kevin Nash is simply done.

Hunter walks up the ramp and Santino wants to hand him the award but Santino remembers what Nash did to him so he runs away.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for Trending Star of the Year and we have David Otunga with his sweater and travel mug and Tony Atlas.

David says that it is a symbol of social media significance while Laughing Tony Atlas from the Abraham Washington Show is back. David asks Tony if he knows what he is saying. The nominees will compete in a Fatal Four Way and the winner will be announced at the end of the match. Tony says that he is laughing at David. David drinks from the Holy Grail of Travel Mugs.

The nominees are:

Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
Dolph Ziggler
Zack Ryder

Match Number Two Two Two: Daniel Bryan versus Cody Rhodes versus Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero versus Zack Ryder in a Fatal Four Way Match


Ziggler goes after Ryder while Rhodes kicks Bryan. Rhodes with knees to the midsection and he punches Bryan. Bryan sends Rhodes to the floor. Ziggler is sent to the floor. Bryan with a suicide dive on Rhodes while Ryder hits a flip dive on Ziggler and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ryder and Bryan are in the ring and Bryan with kicks to the chest. Ryder sends Bryan into the corner and Ryder hits the running boot to the head. Ryder gets a near fall. Ryder with an Irish whip but Bryan flips over and then Ryder and Bryan both hit flying clotheslines and Rhodes gets a near fall on Bryan followed by one on Ryder.

Now it is time for Rhodes and Ziggler to square off but they decide to take care of Ryder and Bryan. Ziggler kicks Ryder while Rhodes kicks Bryan. Ziggler with a belly-to-back suplex and kip up while Rhodes works over Bryan. Ziggler with a drop kick to Bryan’s head and Ziggler with a boot cover but he moves away and Rhodes pushes Ziggler. Dolph and Cody argue and Bryan with a rollup on Rhodes but Ziggler breaks it up.

Rhodes with a kick to Bryan but Bryan with a sunset flip but Rhodes with a reversal. Rhodes and Bryan with a series of reversals. Rhodes sends Bryan to the floor and Ziggler holds Ryder for Rhodes to work on the ribs. Ryder is sent to the floor and Ziggler gets a near fall with a rollup. Rhodes with an Alabama Slam for a near fall.

Ziggler goes to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Rhodes has Ryder in a Figure Four but Rhodes charges into knees. Ryder sets for the running boot but Ziggler with a clothesline from the apron and then he kicks Ryder. Ziggler tries for a neck breaker and Ryder with a sunset flip but Bryan with a sunset flip on Ryder. Everyone but Rhodes with a clothesline.

Rhodes with Beautiful Disaster on Ziggler for a near fall but Bryan breaks it up. Bryan with European uppercuts and kicks to Rhodes and Cody is not having a good time. Bryan with the running drop kick into the corner. Bryan goes up top but Rhodes hits the ropes and crotches Bryan. Ziggler misses a splash into the corner when Ryder moves. Zack goes up top but Ziggler stops him with a forearm.

Ziggler goes for a superplex and he hits it at the same time that Rhodes hits one on Bryan. All four struggle to get back to their feet and Ziggler and Rhodes exchange punches. Ziggler with a kick and then Rhodes sends Ryder into Ziggler for a Rough Ryder. Rhodes with Cross Rhodes to Ryder. Bryan tries for the LeBell Lock on Rhodes but Ziggler with a sleeper. Bryan escapes and he misses a round kick. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for the three count on Bryan.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler may have won the match, but who will win the Slammy?

Jerry Lawler comes into the ring and the winner is Zack Ryder.

Ziggler shows his anger at losing the award and he gives Ryder the Zig Zag.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for more Slammy Awards to be presented. The next award is Game Changer of the Year and the presenter is Christian who is helped by two crutches and the ones the doctors gave him. Christian has an award not on the ballot and he wants to give the Courageous Moment of the Year award to himself for showing up despite having numerous injuries.

This award is to remember the one moment that changed the landscape of the WWE. Christian wants to know how he is not nominated for this award or how he is not Superstar of the Year. He won two World Championships this year. Christian blames everyone and their stupid faces for not showing enough outrage that he did not get one more match.

The Nominees are:

Triple H and Vince McMahon when Vince was fired
Edge announcing his retirement
Kevin Nash attacking CM Punk to allow Alberto Del Rio to cash in
The Rock and John Cena

The winner is The Rock challenging John Cena at Wrestlemania.

John Cena comes out and he says that this award does not rest on the shoulders of one man. Cena is not going to take credit on his own. John wants to introduce the most electrifying man in entertainment, Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne does not come out and John cannot believe that Dwayne isn’t here. He says that Dwayne never said he would leave. Dwayne’s assistant isn’t even here.

John apologizes and says that when Rock is too busy we get a pre-recorded statement form Rock. John is shocked that Dwayne didn’t even send a clip. John calls it worse than JR’s rap.

John apologizes on behalf of Team Bring It for not bringing it. That doesn’t make this moment worth any less. It makes this moment worth more. John says that he is having fun and he knows that Dwayne will see this and he hopes that it will fuel Dwayne’s preparation and determination. John says that the real game changing moment is on April 1st at Wrestlemania. John wants to make sure that the Rock is at his best. John says that Wrestlemania will be the biggest moment in the history of WWE. At Wrestlemania, Rock and John Cena change the game forever.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: The contract signing from last week.

We see footage of how the Barrage can outsmart the Apex Predator from last week’s Raw.

Match Number Three: CM Punk and Randall Orton versus Alberto Del Rio and Miz


Punk and Miz start things off and Punk kicks as Miz backs into the ropes. Punk with a side head lock followed by a snap mare and kick to the back. Punk with a slam and snap leg drop. Punk with a single leg sweep and he tags in Orton and Orton with the Garvin Stomp on half the body and he hits a leaping knee drop for a near fall.

Orton with a suplex to Miz for a near fall. Orton punches Miz followed by an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow and then Miz with a DDT for a near fall. Miz with a front face lock and he tags in Del Rio who kicks Orton in the back. Del Rio with kicks and then he chokes Orton. Miz with a choke while the referee was not looking. Del Rio with a snap mare followed by a drop kick to the back and he gets a near fall.

Miz tags back in and he kicks Orton. Orton punches Del Rio on the apron and then he punches Miz but Miz punches Orton and the referee is distracted by Miz and Orton is sent into the apron by Del Rio. Miz gets a near fall. Miz with a reverse chin lock as he wears down Orton.

Orton with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Del Rio and Punk tag in and Punk with a clothesline from the ropes followed by a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Punk with a knee into the corner followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Punk says that it is nap time and he gets Del Rio up but Del Rio with elbows and then Miz drops Punk against the ropes while Del Rio distracts the referee.

Del Rio with a knee as we go to commercial.

We are back and Miz with a chin lock on Punk but Punk with a back slide for a near fall. Miz with a clothesline and he gets a near fall. Del Rio tags in and he punches Punk and he applies an arm bar. Punk with head butts followed by an arm drag. Punk with a neck breaker. Miz tags in and he kicks Punk and hits a knee to the back. Miz with a kick to the head followed by a leg drop.

Miz misses a boot and Punk with a rollup for a near fall. Miz hits Punk from behind and he tags Del Rio back in. Del Rio with a kick to Punk’s midsection and then he hits an arm breaker for a near fall. Del Rio with a kick to Punk followed by an Irish whip and a running kick to the shoulder.

Miz tags in and hits the Awesome Clothesline and he gets a near fall. Miz with a boot to the head and he has something to say to Randall. Miz sets for the Skull Crushing Finale but Punk gets Miz up. Miz escapes and he tries for Reality Check but he can only hit the neck breaker. Punk with a round kick and Punk tries to make the tag but Del Rio pulls Punk into the center of the ring.

Wade Barrett pulls Randy Orton off the apron and Miz misses the Awesome Clothesline. Miz escapes the Go To Sleep and Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the three count.

Winners: Miz and Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Orton realizes what happened to him and he goes through the crowd after Barrett.

Ricardo gives Miz and Del Rio a ladder and then hit Punk in the midsection and the back. Miz holds the ladder on Punk and Del Rio jumps onto the ladder. Miz gets the mic while Del Rio applies the cross arm breaker with Punk’s arm in the ladder.

Miz says that they aren’t going to take out Punk because they want him at TLC so one of them can take his title at the pay per view. Miz says that he wants Punk to watch this for the next six days when Punk’s pipe bomb explodes in his face.

We see Michael Cole voting for the Superstar of the Year.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole says that the launch of the WWE Network will be the most anticipated channel ever.

It is time for the Slammy for ‘A-Lister of the Year’ and the presenter is Vickie Guerrero. She is joined by Goldust. Goldust congratulates Vickie for being a winner. He says that Vickie is the only one who wears more makeup than him. Vickie with an Excuse Me.

The nominees are:

Hugh Jackman
The Muppets
Cee-Lo Green

The winner is Snooki.

Snooki showed that she was better than Dwayne because she recorded her comments. She thanks her fans and wishes Zack luck at TLC.

Josh Mathews is in the interview area with Mark Henry. Josh asks Mark what his state of mind is having to face John Cena six days before his match with Big Show. Mark says that if Big Show thought what happened to him was bad, he hasn’t seen anything yet. The title is not going anywhere. John Cena disrespected and embarrassed him. Cena should not be worried about Wrestlemania. He should be worried about being inducted into the Hall of Pain tonight.

We go to commercial.

Before our next match, Jinder Mahal comes out and he complains in Punjabi and then he says that tonight the Great White will play supporting role in Jinder Mahal’s Slammy winning performance.

Match Number Four: Sheamus versus Jinder Mahal


Sheamus with a Brogue kick before the bell rings.

We are back and it is time to find out who the Superstar of the Year is. Presenting the award is Rey Mysterio. Rey thanks everyone and he says that it feels good to be back. He says that this award is the greatest honor for the WWE superstars because the fans vote on it.

The nominees are:

John Cena
Mark Henry
CM Punk
Randy Orton
Alberto Del Rio

The winner is CM Punk.

John Laurinaitis, the man who is Interim Raw General Manager and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, and the co-star of Bizarre on Showtime. John reminds everyone that Punk will be defending his title at TLC and he is in no condition to accept the award at this time so he accepts it in his honor.

Mark Henry walks in the back and he does not seem angry that he was not the Superstar of the Year . . . and we see the latest ‘Who is coming on 1/2/12’ video. Is it Undertaker? Is it Edge? Is it Officer Barbrady? We go to commercial.

We are back and Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole talk about a soldier who came up to Vince McMahon while he was in the Middle East last week and they show the soldier’s son in the crowd.

Match Number Four . . . this time we mean it: Mark Henry versus John Cena


They lock up and Henry sends Cena to the mat. We go to commercial because we have seen one move.

We are back and Henry with a splash into the corner and Cena goes down. Henry gets a near fall. Cena rolls out of the way to avoid Henry and then he leap frogs Mark and tries to slam him but he collapses under Henry’s weight and Henry gets a near fall. Henry works on Cena’s neck.

Henry squeezes Cena’s head but Cena powers out and Cena with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Cena pops up and he looks around. Cena sets for the five knuckle shuffle and he hits it. Cena gets Henry up for the Attitude Adjustment but Cena collapses and Henry gets a near fall.

Henry with a knee to the corner followed by head butts. Henry chokes Cena with his medically wrapped foot. Henry gets Cena up but Cena escapes and punches Henry in the body and head. Cena with a flying shoulder tackle that does nothing. Cena tries again and Henry catches Cena and applies a bear hug.

Cena powers out of the hold and he tries for a cross body but Henry catches Cena and hits the World’s Strongest Slam and pyro goes off and the lights go out.

Kane’s video plays on the screen and he has returned in his Kane X outfit and mask. He comes to the ring and Henry rolls to the floor.

Kane grabs Cena by the throat and gives him a choke slam. Kane stands over Cena and summons the hellfire and brimstone. Kane takes off the outer mask to reveal another mask. We go to credits.

2011 - So, the Slammy Awards went to.....

Tell Me I Did Not Just See That: Jim Ross dancing.

Holy **** Moment of the Year: Big Show and Mark Henry destroying the ring at Vengeance.

Pipebomb of the Year: CM Punk.

Divalicious Moment of the Year: Kelly Kelly winning first WWE Divas title.

OMG Moment of the Year: Triple H tombstoning the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27.

Trending Star of The Year: Zack Ryder.

Game Changer Moment of the Year: Dwayne Johnson challenges John Cena to Wrestlemania main event a year in advance.

A Lister of the Year: Snooki.

Superstar of the Year: CM Punk.

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