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By Ken from CT on 2012-12-14 08:10:00

*World champ Big Show defeated R-Truth. Sheamus and Antonio Cesaro were at ringside doing commentary. Cesaro knocked Sheamus into Show.

*Big Show went to Booker T demanding that Sheamus lost his Chair Match at TLC.

*Team Rhodes Scholars defeated The Usos.

*Big Show, flanked by David Otunga, demands that the TLC title match be canceled. Booker T refuses and Otunga threatens legal action and Booker's job. Sheamus hits the ring with a chair and says that if the match is canceled, he has no reason not to beat Show with a chair right now and threatens them with one. Show backs down and the match is still on Sunday.

*Backstage, The Shield attacks Randy Orton.

*Kaitlyn defeated Aksana.

*Miz TV with Daniel Bryan and Kane. They talk about TLC. The Shield arrives to attack them by Ryback shows up and instead the two sides have a staredown.

*Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd & Hornswoggle & Great Khali defeated Prime Time Players & Epico & Primo.

*WWE Intercontinental champ Kofi Kingston defeated Alberto Del Rio.

*WWE United States champ Antonio Cesaro defeated Sheamus by countout when Show dragged William Regal out and beat him with a chair, leading to Sheamus running out of the ring to help him.


*Sheamus defeated World champ Big Show by DQ.

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