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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-13 10:00:00

I saw your article about John Morrison going to Dragon Gate USA and it got me wondering about his future in WWE. He's been gone for almost a year. Seems like he left amicably. He jobbed to Miz on Raw. He didn't really badmouth the company when he left. WWE even put him in the alumni section of their website. I know he wanted to heal up. The WWE roster sure could use him. I regarded him as a future WWE champion. Has WWE made any offers to him? Do you see him returning to the company? Thanks for the great work you guys do at the site!  

There's been no sign that Morrison is looking to return to WWE right now, but I am sure they would be happy to have him if he was interested in returning.  He was at the point where he was burnt out and had a lot of nagging injuries and if they aren't pushing you in a tip-top position, that can be really monotonous and unfulfilling.  He wanted to go rest up and has only been wrestling from time to time when it's someone unique he's interested in facing.  He's actually turned down quite a few big payday offers because it's not about making money right now.  When it is, I do believe we'll see him return to the WWE fold.

Just a quick question to see if you know or can find out why...WWE put out a LONG time ago two 5-DVD sets of WWE Survivor Series Anthology.  Are they ever going to continue that or is a dead project in the water.  It ended the year before Montreal and I would really love to complete my collection having already purchased the other box sets (WM, Summerslam and Royal Rumble)...

My guess is that they needed to put a lot of work into censoring the WWF Attitude era material and they didn't have the time or manpower to get it done.  Hopefully now that they are not longer legally required to blur the entire world, that will no longer be the case!

I recently saw some figures on the internet of some recent TNA house show attendance and one show reportedly drew just 250 fans Bemidji, Minnesota on November 30! Assuming these numbers are accurate, how could TNA have not cancelled this show with such low ticket sales? There is no way TNA made any money off this show, especially with guys like RVD and Jeff Hardy to pay on the card. The other two shows that weekend only drew 550 fans each, so I cannot see this being a profitable tour. How can TNA go ahead with shows like this knowing that they and the local promoter are going to to lose quite a bit of money? There is no way merchandise sales can make up for the lack of attendance. Also, why is TNA running the Alamadome if they probably will not sell more than 4000 tickets, if they are lucky. Seems like they could have rented a cheaper venue in San Antonio. Thanks.

I was told awhile back by one source that some of the TNA shows are sold by the promotion to third parties, so the company gets a flat fee either way no matter what the attendance is.  Some of the shows TNA runs are financially backed solely by the company, so they are on the hook for whether it does well or not, but others the profits (or lack thereof) land in the lap of those responsible for the show.  So, if they have one show where they are getting paid in advance for producing it and then 1-2 others that they are running themselves in cheaper, smaller venues, plus merchandise, VIP autograph packages, etc., I can see how they make their money on the road.  It all adds up.

Do you think they are dragging out the Aces and Eights reveal because they are waiting for someone from WWE to become a free agent and make that person the surprise President of the group?

It's always a possibility, but I think someone along the lines of Jeff Jarrett or Eric Bischoff is more likely.  Maybe all this is leading to Sturgis and TNA will recreate the old Hog Wild PPVs!

Lex Luger on Hardcore Pawn - work or real?

Total work.  The production has reached out to at least one other pro wrestler I know to make an appearance.

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