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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-12 09:59:00

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I have always wondered.... why HORNSWOGGLE? I am sure he has a place on the roster because VKM thinks the little guy is appropriate comedic relief. But why him? There are and have been numerous little people involved in wrestling over the decades. Why does the guy playing him deserve, or get, such a prime gig?

Vince thinks he's funny.  From what I have heard Horny is a good guy and he does appeal to children so that is the best explanation I can give you.

How do you feel TNA has handled Bully Ray's face turn? I haven't really been able to keep up with wrestling (other than reading your site) but it seems to me that they've done a decent job of keeping the character the same but with just some tweeks to make him more cheerable as opposed to WWE's handling of the CM Punk face turn in which they drained him of what made the fans want to cheer him.

I don't get why they have turned him.  He was great as a heel and I liked him that way.  With that said, he has stayed pretty similar to his old character.  I don't think he needs to be involved with Brooke Hogan but in TNA that means you are being pushed so I guess it's a good thing for him.

Before debuting on NXT, Darren Young and Percy Watson were a great tag team in FCW. Do you think that adding Watson to the PTP would be a good idea, given his history with Young, or bad? I'd say good because he's got great charisma and a good talker, something that the PTP is lacking. Thoughts?

Honestly, if you are in a tag team as a young guy it isn't a good spot in WWE.  Teams just don't get pushed.  Singles guys paired and called a team do.  So, I really don't think it matters.

Is it just me, or does Brad Maddox bear a striking resemblance to Eric Bischoff?

I see it too.  Plus, he sneers a lot like Bischoff did too.

While I agree with you that the deaths of WCW and ECW hurt the talent pool in pro wrestling, I'd also say that void has been filled by TNA and ROH - maybe not in terms of overall popularity, but in giving young talent a chance to hone their work on TV and gain national exposure. Given the way that WWE raided every other promotion in the past, it's a head-scratcher to me that they've seemingly thumbed their nose at going after TNA's top stars. I'm not wishing ill on TNA, but surely WWE would create a lot more anticipation hyping the debut of, say AJ Styles or Samoa Joe, than Brodus Clay and Fandango. Isn't WWE's insistence on pushing ONLY homegrown talent, who aren't always necessarily ready for the big stage, a part of what's killing the roster's credibility?

TNA and ROH don't run as much as WCW and ECW did.  But beyond that, the independent circuit was much stronger then as well, which meant guys got to work much more.  I don't see WWE's issue in pushing guys that aren't ready.  I see it as them putting bad gimmicks on guys and/or not pushing them properly.  When they push new guys as not being important, that is exactly how they will be seen.  And they are.

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