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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-10 09:59:00

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Who should end up being the leader of The Shield?

No one!  I think that would be the worst move that they can make them underlings to someone else.  They need to be players on their own.  Having them being henchmen of a top star would be a big mistake.

Does it not make sense for us to find out that “The Shield” and Brad Maddox are working at the behest of “The Voice of the Voice of the Voiceless” Paul Heyman? If it comes out that they are working for CM Punk, that is some ways make Punk look weak. Having them work for Paul, allows Paul to say he was trying to protect Punk; Punk would not mind that as he still will be the WWE champion and that is what he wants. It allows Paul to be the sinister master mind behind it all, and that will make “The Shield” and Brad Maddox to come in as full-fledged heels as their association with Paul will make them toxic in fans minds. Could lead to Brock coming back, potentially a Brock/Ryback match at WM. Would love your thoughts.

I wouldn't be shocked if that happens at all and this makes more sense to me than them be secondary guys to someone like Punk.  It gives Punk deniability and keeps him from looking weak.  They could use it to have Punk turn face too if they wanted too.  I still love the idea I came up with of having Punk and Rock fight a long, even match at the Rumble.  Punk loses when interference that he didn't want or need from Heyman backfires.  Punk then takes the number two spot in the Rumble after his match, goes the distance, wins, turns face and gets the rematch against Rock and Mania.

Do you think TNA's Carter family has deep enough pockets to ever buy out WWE?

They are quite wealthy, for sure.  I don't know their overall wealth but WWE isn't for sale.  The McMahons control the stock and they are not selling the company.  So, it's a moot point.

What ever happened to Vince Russo?

He left TNA when basically the sides decided it was time.  He is now out of the business, which a lot of people are happy about.  His creative process had run its course.

Knowing that WWE has the money to do their own production of music, do you see TNA possibly going old school and getting the rights to use new familiar songs from the radio to be intro music? People always knew when the Road Warriors, Midnight Express, the Von Erichs were coming to the ring because of the music used. This could be a good way stream line some new fans in. And speaking of Old School, do you ever think we will get back to the old beat downs that happened not only in the ring, but sometimes out (i.e. Horsemen on Rhodes arm, Horsemen on Magnum TA in locker room)?

WWE has scaled down their spending recently and I don't see them "wasting" money in that fashion.  The owners of familiar songs want serious compensation for usage of their music.  I don't see TNA spending money in that fashion.

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