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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-12-09 00:45:27
We are a little more than a week away from Final Battle . . . DOOMSDAY and with the latest episode of Ring of Honor television, we should find out more matches as well as get some of the issues between the wrestlers clarified.

This week, we are still in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Kevin ‘Keeping the Junior Bruce vibe going’ Kelly and Caleb ‘Feeling like Charlie Batch to Ben Roethlisberger’ Seltzer.

Match Number One: Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly versus The Bravado Brothers

Fish and O’Reilly attack the Bravados after the handshake. Fish punches Lancelot and kicks him. Kyle sends Lance into the turnbuckles. Lance with a knee to Kyle and a punch to Fish. Lance with Chaos Theory to Kyle for a near fall. Harlem tags in and they hit a double back elbow and then a double elbow drop for a near fall. Harlem with a chop and kicks.

Lance tags in and he punches Kyle. Kyle with forearms but Lance with a forearm. Kyle with a leaping knee and Fish with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker followed by a drop kick to the head from Kyle and Fish gets a near fall. Fish with a snap mare and a double jump slingshot senton for a near fall.

Fish with a snap suplex to Lance and Kyle tags in. Kyle with a knee drop and a knee to the midsection followed by another knee drop for a near fall. Fish tags in and he kicks Lance while Kyle knocks Harlem off the apron. Fish with a drop kick to Lance while the referee deals with Harlem. Fish gets a near fall. Fish kicks Lance in the corner.

Kyle tags in and he kick Lance in the midsection. Kyle with more kicks and a running boot to the head. Lance fights out of the corner and he hits a discus forearm on Kyle and Harlem tags in. He takes care of Fish on the apron. Harlem with a forearm and running boot to Kyle. Harlem with an enzuigiri to Fish. Harlem hits a moonsault off the ring post onto Kyle and Bobby on the floor.

Harlem goes up top and hits a blockbuster on Kyle for a near fall. Harlem goes into the corner but Kyle sends him to the apron. Lance with a clothesline and then Harlem with a slingshot stunner. Fish tags in and he kicks Lance. Harlem with chops and forearms to Fish and O’Reilly. Fish and O’Reilly with a series of kicks to Harlem and then Kyle with a running kick for a near fall.

Kyle and Bobby with Total Elimination for the three count.

Winners: Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino are in the back. Jimmy says that Nigel is trying to do something on his first day by putting them in a Three Way Match against Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman as well as against the Briscoes. The match is called Sudden Death Rules. Jimmy says the irony is that it hasn’t been a sudden death for Ring of Honor. SCUM has all of the titles.

Corino calls Nigel a stinking, tall, washed up Limey. Didn’t Nigel think that Cornette was bad enough, but Nigel makes this three way match. Corino says that they are smart. They did not get to the top by kissing babies and slapping hands. They got to the top with their brains.

Kevin Steen says that he knows Nigel McGuinness and he thinks that by bringing Generico in, he did something smart and that it will pay off. Then he adds the ladder and hangs his title high above the ring. He is hoping that Generico will do what nobody else has been able to do. All Nigel has done is ruin Generico’s career.

We go back to ringside and Nigel has joined Kevin and Caleb. Kevin asks Nigel about Corino, Jacobs, and Steen’s comments.

Nigel says that he is here to make Ring of Honor better, not to make friends.

Nigel says that he is here to put the ‘honor’ back in Ring of Honor and the fans wanted to see Generico versus Steen. Generico was the last man to beat Steen so he is a credible contender.

Kevin introduces a video package to show new fans why Steen and Generico hate each other. We start off with footage of Steen and Generico defeating Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black to win the Ring of Honor World Tag Titles. Then we see footage when Steen attacked Generico. Then we see the battles leading to Steen’s departure from Ring of Honor. Then we see Steen’s return to Ring of Honor and his attack on El Generico. Then we see Kevin Steen getting Jimmy Jacobs to stand by his side against Generico. Then we see Kevin Steen open the present of El Generico’s mask.

We go to commercial.

We are back and before the next match, Jay Lethal has something to say. He says that someone must care about him. Apparently, he is the new whipping boy in Ring of Honor. When his parents got spat on, he gave Ring of Honor what they wanted, some killer instinct. Jay says that he is getting fined and chewed out by management.

Now he has to sit back and watch El Generico get the title match that he deserves. Instead he has to wrestle Rhino in a match that means nothing for him. He says that he will take matters into his own hands. He will face Rhino but he will also fight the World Champion in New York City. There is nothing that anyone can do about it, not even Nigel McGuinness.

Match Number Two: Chris Silvio versus Jay Lethal

Lethal attacks Silvio before the chance for a handshake. Lethal with punches but Silvio with a kick. Lethal with a hip toss followed by a cartwheel and drop kick. Lethal sends Silvio over the top rope to the floor with a clothesline. They fight on the floor with forearms and Lethal sends Silvio into the guardrails. Silvio rolls Lethal back into the ring.

Lethal with a double jump drop kick followed by a suicide dive onto Silvio. Lethal sends Silvio into the guardrails and people bang them in delight. Lethal sends Silvio into another part of the guardrails. Lethal punches Silvio and they return to the ring and Lethal gets a near fall.

Lethal with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Lethal kicks Silvio but Silvio sends Lethal to the apron. Silvio with a swinging neck breaker to Lethal while Jay is in the ropes. Silvio with forearms and she chokes Lethal. Silvio with a kick to the head and then he chokes Lethal with his wrist tape. Silvio with crossfaces to the head.

Silvio chokes Lethal with the tape again and he hits an elbow drop and gets a near fall. Lethal with punches but Silvio with punches of his own. Silvio with a kick and he tries for an Irish whip but Lethal holds on to the ropes. Lethal with an Irish whip and Lethal with a running forearm and clothesline. Lethal hits the Lethal Combination and then Jay looks around and signals for the Lethal Injection. Jay changes his mind and he hits a super kick followed by a package DDT for the three count.

Winner: Jay Lethal

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to go Inside Ring of Honor on the ROAD TO DOOMSDAY. Final Battle is a week from Sunday.

Will the American Wolves reunite at Final Battle to face Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. Eddie has not replied to the requests by Nigel McGuinness.

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly discuss the match at Final Battle. Bobby says that he spent a month in Japan with Eddie Edwards. Eddie does not like Kyle that much but the Wolves are done. Kyle says that there will not be an American Wolves reunion. It will be a funeral. It will be the rise of a new team. It will be the rise of Fish and O’Reilly.

Davey Richards tells Kyle that he fooled him and everyone else. He thought Kyle was a wolf and that he had the fight in him. He says that Kyle was a sheep in wolf’s clothing. He congratulates Kyle for finding another sheep in Bobby Fish. Davey says that he is looking for the most destructive tag team to set foot in a Ring of Honor ring. He does not know if Eddie will be there. He will leave New York with the sheep’s heads in a basket.

It is time to talk about the Tag Title Match. Will the Briscoes be able to work with Coleman and Alexander or will they turn on each other in their attempt to win the tag titles?

Alexander says that the Briscoes are talking about how they are seven time champions. They are on a roll and it is their time to be champions. Caprice says that they beat Haas and Benjamin, the same team that put the Briscoes in the hospital.

Jay says that Caprice and Cedric are on a roll. Mark starts to sing and Jay says that their hats are off to Coleman and Alexander for beating Haas and Benjamin, but they just beat the former WWF Tag Team Champions, the Headbangers. Jay says that Alexander and Coleman might think they are hot stuff, but they will walk out of the ring as eight time tag team champions.

Kevin Kelly runs through the rest of the card.

Next week, Jay Briscoe will meet Steve Corino in a Steel City Street Fight on television.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Steve Corino has joined Caleb and Kevin at the announce table to provide some truth to the commentary during the main event.

Match Number Three: Mike Bennett (with Bob Evans) versus Kevin Steen (with Jimmy Jacobs) for the Ring of Honor World Title

Steen with a running clothesline as the bell rings and he hits a second one followed by a cannonball into the corner. Steen clotheslines Bennett over the top rope to the floor. Steen follows Bennett to the floor and he Irish whips Bennett into the guardrails. Steen with another Irish whip into the guardrails. Jacobs says something to Bennett while Mike writhes on the floor. Steen sends Bennett into the guardrails again. Steen sends Bennett into the guardrails a fourth time.

They return to the ring but Evans grabs Steen’s leg and that allows Bennett to hit a spinebuster. Bennett punches Steen in the head. Bennett chokes Steen in the ropes and Evans wants to hit Steen but Steen swings at Bennett. Bennett punches Steen and Irish whips Steen into the corner and follows with a clothesline into the corner.

Bennett sends Steen to the floor and Bennett follows Steen to the floor. Bennett Irish whips Steen into the guardrails. We go to commercial.

We are back and Steen with forearms but Bennett with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Bennett with an Irish whip but he misses a splash into the corner and Bennett gets caught in the ropes. Steen with a cannonball onto Bennett. Steen with forearms to Bennett and Bennett returns fire with punches but Steen with chops. Bennett with an Irish whip but Steen sends Bennet to the apron and then Steen with a DDT for a near fall. Steen with a moonsault but Bennett moves. Bennett with a spear for a near fall.

Bennett puts Steen on top. Steen bites Bennett and then goes up top and hits the senton but only gets a two count. Steen gets Bennett on his shoulders and Evans tries to interfere. Steen sends Bennett onto Evans on the floor and Steen hits a power bomb on the apron. Steen brings Bennett back into the ring and he hits the package piledriver for the three count.

Winner: Kevin Steen

After the match, Steen is joined in the ring by the tag team champions to celebrate with him.

Kevin Steen tells Nigel McGuinness that Eddie Edwards couldn’t beat him. Davey Richards couldn’t beat him. Roderick Strong couldn’t beat him. Mike Mondo, Rhett Titus, Homicide, Rhino, Michael Elgin . . . none of them could beat him. He keeps hearing Jay Lethal complaining about not losing to him but never getting a title match. He tells Jay that it is his own idiot mother’s fault.

Steen says . . .

Jay Lethal makes his way to the ring but he is held back by officials.

We go to credits.

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