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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-08 10:00:35
Correction from yesterday: Damian Kane lives in Dallas, Texas, not Florida.

I'm writing beause I'm sure you've been flooded with emails lately about Colt Cabana since WWE decided to so randomly post that "best of ScottyGoldman" video knowing full well people would either wonder who the heck he was or go "OHMYGAWD COLT CABANAAAAAA!!!" Any indication they're about to bring him back?

In asking around, I was told that video was likely uploaded as part of a potential feature on Jewish wrestlers that was pitched for the Hanukah season. No current WWE-Cabana talks that we are aware of.

agree with you that I don't think purchasing THQ and all their enterprises would be good for the WWE. However if THQ does go defunct and no one jumps on the WWE license could you see WWE simply starting a WWE Games division and bringing in Yukes to develop it based on their prior work? THQ themselves does very little with the game other than publishing it.

That could work a lot better than WWE buying the entire company and running it themselves, but I still feel like WWE would spend money and cannibalize the payday they and their performers get by not licensing out the game.

Is the WWE really going to do a cruiserweight show or is this just a pipe dream from those of us who enjoy that style and miss it? If WWE were to start such a show do you see them showing interest in Richochet? I was honestly a bit surprised when they signed PAC and not him. Who else would you suggest WWE try to bring in if they started such a show? Prince Devitt from NJPW seems like he would be a great choice.

The Cruiserweight show that was discussed was always dependent on the WWE Network launching, so until that actually does, all discussion is moot. They have reached out to talent and told them they were interested, but as time passes, ideas so change. I could see them going after a lot of guys but Devitt and Ricochet would be interesting. I think Adam Cole and Sami Callihan are the top indy guys that I suspect will be signed there one day.

Do they use breakaway glass in crazy death matches?

Nope. Honest. It's all real glass.

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