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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-07 23:00:00

Welcome to's coverage of Pro Wrestling Syndicate's "Fight Mare Before Christmas" tonight in Metuchen, NJ at SMG Sportsplex:


They annouced Santa Claus was the guest timekeeper.

Tony Nese vs. Apollyon

Apollyon did some power spots early.  Nese responded with a series of chops.  Apollyon was sent to the floor, where Nese hit a tope, smashing him against the railing.

They battled back and forth with chops on the floor.   Nese was whipped into the ringpost but grabbed it and pulled himself up to the apron and kicked Apollyon.  He went for a rana but was caught and powerbombed onto the apron.

Apollyon worked over Nese back in the ring, drilling him with clubbing shots across the back.  He covered Nese for a two count and pulled him into a sit-down surfboard.   Nese found his way out and avoided a splash in the corner.  He went up and over but was caught and flipped into the buckles in a great spot.

Nese drilled Apollyon with a series of kicks, including one that sent him through the ropes.  Nese grabbed him before he could fall to the floor and tried to pull him back up.  Apollyon drilled him with a clothesline and a TKO for the pin.

Your winner, Apollyon!

Good match.

Afterward, Tony Nese sat in the ring dejected after his latest loss. The ring announcer asked if he wanted to comment but he just sat there not saying anything. Santa Claus got in the ring and began berating him for losing. Nese attacked him and worked him over. Nese drilled him with a running knee. Security and referees forced Nese to the back.

Dave "D-Struction" Sturch vs "The Prince Of Aethestics" Damian Gibbs

 This is a student match featuring two PWS students.  Gibbs nailed a bulldog and drilled D-Struction with several uppercuts on the corner.  He was tossed off another bulldog attempt and worked over, smashed into the buckles.

D-Struction hit a splash in the corner but Gibbs rolled out of the ring.  He tried to walk to the back but was caught.  Gibbs ate a hiptoss on the floor and was tossed back into the ring.  They battled to the outside and against the railing.

Back in the ring, Gibb locked in a figure four and used the ropes but was caught. He used a Perfectplex for a two count.   Gibbs locked in a sleeper but was hit with a back suplex.

D-Struction used a suplex, catching Riggs coming off the ropes for the win.

Your winner, D-Struction!

Reality Check, Devon Moore, Alex Reynolds and Kevin Matthews made their way to the ring.  Matthews said that people might be wondering why they were out here at the end of a student match.  The answer is that they are the best students in the school and have been killing each other for months.  So, they are out here to offer something better.

They offer D-Struction a t-shirt and after a few minutes, he takes it and puts it on.  They offer one to Riggs and he takes it as well.  They all pose for the crowd.

Tito Santana vs. Mantaur

Tito was dressed as El Matador.  Mantaur did NOT, sadly, have the mask.

Mantaur charged Satana several times but Santana used his cape to work him over.  Tito worked over his arm.  Mantaur kicked him and sent Tito into the ropes.  Santana nailed a sunset flip but Mantaur sat down on him for a two count.

Santana was worked over and splashed in the corner.   Mantaur snapmared him over and covered Santana for a two count.   Santana whipped Mantaur into the corner and he took a bump over the top to the floor.

Mantaur and Santana fought back and forth until Santana nailed the Flying Forearm and scored the pin.

Your winner, Tito Santana!

Fun nostalgia.

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