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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-05 10:50:03
Former WWE developmental talent Kevin Matthews, who has been on a tear ripping WWE trainer Bill DeMott, took it to the next level with a photo he posted on Twitter. NOTE: PHOTO NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

The photo appears to be a naked wrestler giving someone else a Stinkface and features what certainly does appear to be Bill DeMott outside the ring. The photo appeared to have been taken in the old Deep South Wrestling training center in Georgia, so it is circa 2005-2007.

Accompanying the photo, Matthews wrote, "nothing like forcing your MALE TALENT TO TRAIN BUTT NAKED WHILE YOU WATCH AND LAUGH!"

As we've noted, in recent weeks, Matthews has been knocking DeMott for DeMott's alleged conduct when he headed up training for former developmental territory DSW as well as conduct Matthews alleges continues today in NXT.

WWE shut down the Deep South territory and replaced it with Florida Championship Wrestling/NXT in 2007. DeMott was the top trainer and was hit with numerous allegations of issues with talents and his training regimen causing numerous injuries.

The allegations continued until WWE began requiring tapes of all training sessions to be filmed and sent to their offices in Stamford, CT.

DeMott was let go by WWE when they shut down DSW but brought back to WWE when the new Tough Enough series launched and has since moved back into a top training role in NXT.

In his 2011 autobiography "The Last Laugh", DeMott devoted several chapters to his run in DSW, claiming any allegations against him were made by a small group of crybabies, some of whom he named in the book. Matthews was one of those named, with DeMott taking several shots at him in the book for being lazy and not being able to get over losing his girlfriend to another developmental talent.

In regard to his behavior and the training sessions being taped, De Mott wrote the following passage in his book, insinuating he was just doing what John Laurinaitis instructed him to do:

"Shortly after the first time I was banned from the ring, Johnny Ace told me to protect myself by taping every training session. I thought he was talking about protecting myself from false accusations from the students, but little did I know I would have to protect myself from WWE. I bought myself a record and I have hundreds of VHS tapes. I taped everything that went on in the building while I was there. Besides the training sessions, I recorded speeches by me, Dave [Taylor], Johnny [Laurinaitis], the agents and people from the creative team. I could easily have disputed 99 percent of the things said about me. As a matter of fact, every time an accusation, threat or claim was made about my job, or how I was mistreating the talent, I offered them the tapes (copies, of course) of the days in question...and every time, the office told me they didn't need to see them. Looking back, I'm sure the company wished they had never given me the idea to tape things. If it was anyone else, they might have used the tapes to sue or bring forward what really went on behind the scenes of everyday training for WWE. I was so frustrated over being advices to tape the sessions and then not being given the opportunity to present them to prove I was being railroaded. The tapes prove I was doing my job well.

I even have tapes of the famous Johnny Ace speeces telling the talent to 'stop being a bunch of p***ies and act like you want to be here.' I couldn't come close to the number of times he called them p***ies, losers and liars. He didn't cut them any slack whatsoever, but they had to take it from Johnny because he was their boss. I have emails stating how he wanted certain talent "treated" and "trained," how he suggested I go about seeing who had heart and who he wanted to get 'rid of'. "

Matthews has claimed on Twitter that numerous current developmental talents are contacting him, alleging similar injuries and issues due to an alleged continuation of the type of behavior DeMott showed in DSW. He wrote today, "This is just the beginning of me exposing DeMott 4 what he truly is. I will not stop till justice is served. Time to open ppls eyes!"

DeMott responded to Matthews via Twitter several days back, writing, "Hey @2CockyKM didn't realize you are on Social Media. Glad to see things are going well for you, would like to catch up some time. Judging by your tweets you know where I am. Stop by sometime let's catch up, Happy Holidays.#DEMOTTCRACY"

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