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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-05 09:06:22

As previously noted here on, a number of promotions are coming together to host a free day of wrestling in Philadelphia on Saturday 2/2/13, dubbed "National Pro Wrestling Day.

The event will take place in Philly's Derby Ink Gardens and will feature, with free admission, talent and matches from CHIKARA, Ring of Honor, EVOLVE, Beyond Wrestling, CWF Mid Atlantic, Kaiju Big Battel, Resistance Pro, Wrestling is Fun, IWC, WSU, Wrestling is Heart, CTWE, NYWC, QWEST, Fighting Spirit Wrestling, SOR Class Wars, Wrestling is Awesome and AIW.

The plan is to have an afternoon card at 1 PM, followed by an evening event at 7 PM.  Both cards will be broadcast via iPPV as well.

National Pro Wrestling Day will feature different, unique promotions as possible to give everyone some additional awareness beyond their usual fan base and to celebrate the artform that is pro wrestling.

For fans in the NYC and NJ area, Wrestling Bus Trips will be promoting a trip to event for $55 a person. For further details, email

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