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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-05 09:59:00

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Is TNA actually turning a profit for Panda Energy, or is it just kinda tolerated by the family as Dixie's eccentric little toy? I say this because it seems like they've been positioned to move to the next level for several years now, with a prime time slot on a major network and a decent presence in the toy aisles. They just haven't had the necessary financial commitment from the parent company to increase production values, run bigger venues, and maybe try signing away current stars from WWE (a la Bischoff convincing the Turner execs to open the vaults back in the day). I know it's easy for me to play with other people's money, but everyone knows you have to take risks and be willing to accept initial losses, if you want to realize long-term gains.

Since Panda is a privately held company they don't release financial numbers.  Some sources say TNA is profitable now, others say not.  What is clear is that they have tightened their belts recently and started being more discerning with their spending.  With that said, Panda has been very generous with the outlay of capital that they have put into TNA.  If they hadn't been, the company would have shut down a long time ago.

If you could go back in time and attend any single pro wrestling event, but only one, what would it be?

Pick any show from September 2002.  It doesn't matter which one.  I would take as much money as I could with me and get Apple stock when it was trading at 14 dollars a share.  Beyond that, I have been lucky enough to see a lot of great shows live.  I feel pretty fulfilled in that way.

I always hear people talking about Jimmy Snuka and mentioning the phrase murder with him. I have seen that a couple of times from some sites that I like reading about wrestling. Can you explain to me what the deal is with Jimmy Snuka and this murder rumors. What's the deal with that?

It centers around a young woman that Snuka was traveling with years ago named Nancy Argentino that died under mysterious circumstances.  Snuka gave his side of the Argentino story in his autobiography, saying that she hit her head when she exited his car to go to the rest room and slipped on a wet rock. He claimed he didn't realize how bad she was hurt and when he did, called for doctors. You can get the other side of the story by clicking here

You say that Punk will enter Rumble #1 if he loses to Rock correct? Well don't you think since The Rock will be wrestling, HE will main event the PPV. Remember no one goes on after The Rock. Just food for thought.

No, I never said that!  I gave a booking idea on last week's audio shows on the Elite section of the site as to how they could book Punk.  I never said it was going to happen.  In fact, I doubt it will.  With that said, the Rumble has closed out the show since 2007.  Rock or not, I think WWE should keep that tradition, especially if they are going to do a title change to Rock.  It's not like a TV show where you are trying to keep viewers tuned in so it doesn't matter if Rock is on before the Rumble or not.

Since it looks like the Rock is going to beat Punk at the Royal Rumble who do you think Punk will end up facing at Wrestlemania? I myself would do anything to get Steve Austin or Mick Foley but if not then I think Punk trying to end Taker's streak would be a show stealing match.

Foley is out.  He just can't go any more.  Honestly, with Rock and Brock Lesnar on Mania, I wouldn't use Austin this year.  If he is going to work at all, I would save his return for Mania XXX next year.  Given the way creative doesn't make new stars, they may need him.  Badly.  With that said, as I mentioned above I laid out a scenario last week where Punk over the next two months could turn back to the character he was during the Summer of Punk, a non-traditional babyface.  I would have him and Rock work on equal terms, in a long even match.  Paul Heyman would do something to cost him the Title match at the Rumble when his interference backfires, cementing Punk's turn.  They could do something like have Wade Barrett take out Kofi Kingston before The Rumble match and Punk steps up and takes the number two spot, goes the distance, and wins, thus getting the rematch with Rock at Mania.  Sadly, I don't think WWE will do anything close to that good.

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