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By Joshua Higham on 2012-12-03 10:51:37
Chikara presents Under the Hood
The Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA
December 2, 2012

3.0 defeated FIST. Scott Parker pinned Johnny Gargano after the Sweet Taste of Professionalism. 3.0 now have three points and can now challenge for the Campeonatos de Parejas.

Icarus defeated Dasher Hatfield with the Wings of Icarus, after Sugar inadvertently hit Dasher with Icarus’ fanny pack of mystery. Sugar was conflicted throughout the match between his assigned partner and his former partner, blocking Icarus from attempting some underhanded shenanigans. 

Jigsaw, Soldier Ant, deviANT, and The Shard defeated Mike Quackenbush, Green Ant, Fire Ant, and assailANT. deviANT pinned assailANT. A lot of interesting stuff happening throughout this match. Soldier Ant had bandages covering the area where his antenna was ripped off by Mr. Touchdown in New York City. The original Colony showed flairs of working together against The Shard and deviANT. Quackenbush stopped himself from using the palm strike against Jigsaw, but Jigsaw used that moment of pause to attack. assailant was invited to do some of the Colony’s signature triple team moves like the Ants Go Marching and Ant Hill. assailANT took the fall after pushing Quackenbush out of the way of a superkick. Quackenbush shook assailANT’s hand after the match, leaving with Fire Ant and Green Ant. Jigsaw, Shard, and deviANT left together, leaving Soldier Ant all alone.

“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti defeated ACH to retain the Young Lions Cup with a cradle and some leverage with the baton and Veronica. Veronica was wearing her Homecoming gown. Mr. Touchdown got a lot of heat when he said he would “Sapphire” ACH.

Veronica was indeed named the Homecoming Queen, but The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger was announced as Homecoming King. The Stranger and Veronica shared the standard King and Queen dance. When Veronica tried to unmask the Stranger for a kiss, Stranger stopped her, saying he had a surprise. He went under the ring and grabbed a bucket and dumped pig slop on her, then unmasked to reveal the Stranger has been Archibald Peck the entire time, shocking everyone! Not really. But since Archibald Peck lost a loser leaves town match in June, Condor Security hit the ring to evict him from the building.

After the ring canvas was changed during intermission, Sidney Bakabella came to the ring, trying to figure out how this show was running on closed circuit without the help of Fritz. Knowing that his team had two points, he found opponents from Mexico to take on his Devastation Corporation, which led to...

The Devastation Corporation defeated Los Ice Creams after a Death Blow. Max and Blaster entered the arena with a third man wearing the same gear as them, so it looks like Devastation Corporation has found their Crush. The Devastation Corporation now also have three points and can challenge for the Campeonatos de Parejas

The Spectral Envoy (Ultramantis Black, Hallowicked, Frightmare, Crossbones, and Blind Rage) defeated Delirious, Ophidian, and The Batiri. Ultramantis Black pinned Delirious after Cosmic Doom. Ophidian made his final transformation with a new mask that looks like his original mask with a black and green color scheme. There was a section of the audience wearing Amasis masks, trying to get in Ophidian’s head. Then, one of the fans pulled off his replica mask to reveal himself to be the real Amasis, which caused Ophidian to freak out a bit.

The Young Bucks defeated Marty Jannetty and The 1-2-3 Kid, two falls to one, to retain the Campeonatos de Parejas. The Bucks won the first fall with a spike tombstone on 1-2-3 Kid. 1-2-3 Kid got the second fall with an X Factor on Matt Jackson. Bucks won the third fall with More Bang for your Buck. 1-2-3 Kid took some time to get to his feet after the match.

Eddie Kingston defeated Tim Donst after multiple backfists to the future. Donst was accompanied to the ring by Jakob Hammermeier, who took a lot of abuse from Donst throughout the match. Prior to the match, Eddie Kingston wanted the bell to ring, so he was yelling at Gavin Loudspeaker to hurry with the introductions. After the match, Donst hightailed through the crowd, leaving Hammermeier alone with Kingston. Hammermeier basically surrendered himself, ready for whatever beating Kingston was going to give, but Kingston let him go before celebrating with the title.

Notes and Thoughts: The Trocadero was near capacity, if not a total sell-out. Chikara already has a number of shows announced for 2013, including a return to Chicago, a trip to Florida, and the Wrestlecon event. The first event will be the National Pro Wrestling Day, and then returns to Reading and Easton in February for the Season 13 Premiere.

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