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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-03 08:35:36
As I noted last week, the hearing scheduled in Scott Steiner's countersuit against TNA was canceled the night before it was scheduled to be held on 11/30.

TNA requested on 11/29 that the hearing be canceled, informing the court that "the parties anticipate an Agreed Order of Dismissal with respect to the Defendant's Counterclaim."

So, TNA and Steiner are close to coming to terms on a settlement in regard to Steiner's allegations that TNA breached their contract with him in regard to royalties and providing an accounting of royalties.

That, however, would not cover the lawsuit TNA brought against Steiner for ripping them and their executives via his Twitter account, nor the separate lawsuit Steiner filed claiming he was injured working an out of it Jeff Hardy during a house show in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Those matters are still waiting to be settled.

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