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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-02 16:55:12
Note from Mike: I had hoped to do detailed coverage of today's CHIKARA iPPV but my Internet is out of sorts, so rather than chance it, here are quick results. Josh Higham is in attendance at the event in Philadelphia and will be filing a live report later today.

*3.0 (Shane Matthews and Scott Parker) defeated FIST (Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor), earning 3 points and a shot at the CHIKARA tag straps in their next season.

*Icarus beat Dasher Hatfield. Sugar Dunkerton was out with Icarus and he inadvertently helped Icarus win.

*Jigsaw, The Shard, deviANT, and Soldier Ant defeated Mike Quackenbush, Fire Ant, Green Ant, and assailANT.

*Mr Touchdown defeated ACH with help from Veronica in a Young Lion's Cup bout.

*They announced the winners of the Homecoming contest. Veronica was Queen and the Handsome Stranger was the King. He of course revealed himself to be Archibald Peck and slopped Veronica. He was escorted out by security.

*The Spectral Envoy (Ultramantis Black, Hallowicked, Frightmare, Crossbones and Blind Rage) defeated the team of Delirious, Ophidian, and The Batiri.

*CHIKARA Tag Team champions The Young Bucks defeated The 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty.

*Grand Champion of CHIKARA Eddie Kingston defeated Tim Donst.

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