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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-03 09:59:00

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Did Linda ever look into divorce during Vince's cheating years? Or just forgave him and moved on?

I honestly don't know.  Obviously, since he admitted to cheating and she didn't leave him they moved on.  Only they know the true dynamic of their relationship.

Ric Flair is my all time favorite performer. As much as I enjoying seeing him on my TV (did not watch TNA for him though) it's gotten to the point of sad. If he does come back to the WWE will it just be in a manager type roll or will I have to cringe watching him wrestle?

Watching Flair wrestle now is painful, you were lucky to skip his work in TNA.  If/when he comes to WWE, it will largely be as a character, not a wrestler.  And given Jerry Lawler's recent on-air heart attack, WWE really needs to think about the merits of using older people in the ring and whether it's worth the risk. 

As a female viewer I can't stand the soap opera of Cena/AJ crap. Am I who they are targeting hoping to get more female viewers. Or is this punishment for Cena?

First things first, it's not punishment.  Vince McMahon actually likes that kind of pap.  I guess they are going for you.  To me, it's not appealing to anyone since it's poorly acted (on Cena's end) and ridiculously insipid (in all areas).  You would think fans tuning out of Raw every week would send the message to Vince but he just doesn't seem to get it.  I think the audience that they are going for is one that will just accept whatever they are given without question.  Anyone with discerning tastes is out.

Will Taker's streak at WM ever end or will he stay undefeated? I personally think he should never lose. I doubt they envisioned him going undefeated all theses years when he started at WM. If he does lose however it needs to be to someone who needs the push. Not a Lesnar, Triple H, Punk or Cena. As much as I enjoy Triple H and Punk they are already established and more or less at the end of there careers.

I agree completely.  The streak should never end and I would bet it doesn't (but only Taker and Vince know for sure).  If it does, it absolutely should be done to establish a talent, not give a win to someone who doesn't need it.

The Shield said they're not working for Punk. Is it possible that at TLC we see Randy Orton turn heel and confess to being the leader?

 I think it's possible that we will see Randy turn heel but it would be a huge mistake to make these guys a secondary act behind anyone.  WWE needs to create new stars.  They don't need to waste new talent by making them a backup group.

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