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By Brian Cannon on 2012-12-02 08:17:10

Tonight at the Davis Arena, Rob Terry was hoping the third time would be the charm in his match with Crimson for the OVW Heavyweight Title, The POW's went to war with the Moose, the Best Team Ever defended the OVW Southern Tag Titles against the Gutcheckers, Joe Coleman defended the OVW Television Title against Jamin Olivencia again in a no disqualification match, Taryn Terrell defended the OVW Women's Title in a match where the loser would be dumped in a pool of doggy doo, Johnny Spade faced Doug Williams in a "Gentleman's Rules" match, Trailer Park Trash went 1-on-1 with his mystery attacker, plus much more!

Without further ado:
Here we go... 

"VIP" Joe Rosa (w/Jose Del Barrio) vs. Paredyse. Paredyse chases VIP to start the match, and he hides behind Del Barrio. Del Barrio and VIP keep hiding behind each other until Del Barrio finally jumps out of the ring. VIP goes to hide behind Del Barrio and turns to see he's not there. Paredyse comes up from behind and rolls VIP up and slaps his backside. He then jumps on VIP's back and rides him around the ring. He hits a butt bump, and then jumps into VIP's arms making kissy faces at him. VIP throws him off as Del Barrio gets on the apron. Paredyse ducks as VIP tries to attack from behind, and VIP almost hits Del Barrio. Paredyse rolls him up for a 2 count. Del Barrio is still on the apron, and VIP takes advantage with Paredyse's attention on Del Barrio. VIP hits a legdrop after strutting to his "VIP" name. He then hits a big spinebuster, but no pin. Paredyse starts to fire back and hits a drop kick followed by a kip up. He then delivers the Kiss of Death and gets the 3. WINNER: PAREDYSE by pinfall. MY TAKE: A fun bonus match got the night kicked off right. Nice performance from Paredyse.

6-MAN TAG: "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer, Tony Gunn, & Eddie Diamond (w/Timmy Danger) vs. Elvis Pridemoore, the Bodyguy, & the Assassin(?!). Dumeyer, Gunn, & Diamond are out first. Elvis enters, and then the Bodyguy who grabs a mic and starts talking, but could barely be heard over chants of "Keep It On!". He doesn't. He disrobes anyway and tells everyone that him & Elvis needed a partner and he got someone who he has had a rocky road with in the past. Out comes the Assassin. He gets in the ring and delivers a double clothesline to Elvis & Bodyguy and walks out. The referee calls for the bell and Diamond pins the fallen Bodyguy. WINNERS: DIAMOND, GUNN, & DUMEYER by pinfall. MY VIEW: Why didn't the Assassin take out the Bodyguy before he disrobed? My eyes are still bleeding!

GAUNTLET MATCH: The Platoon of Wayne vs. James "Moose" Thomas. Moose enters first and out first for the Platoon is the Wild Cards' Raul LaMotta. Raul kicks Moose in the side of his leg and drops him to a knee. He charges off the ropes, but Moose gets back up and delivers a shoulder block. Raul gets back up and runs into a second shoulder block. Moose throws him into the corner and delivers a running splash. He then hits the Moose Kick and gets the 3. Shiloh Jonze is out next and he sneaks in and jumps on Moose's back locking in a sleeper hold. Moose goes down for a moment, but fights back up to his feet and flips Shiloh off of him. He grabs him and slings him across the ring. Shiloh rolls out. Moose reaches over to grab him, but Shiloh grabs his arm and yanks it across the top rope. He throws a couple punches and a roundhouse kick at Moose. He sets up for a second one, but runs into a Moose Kick and he's pinned and eliminated. Jack Black is out next and he kicks Moose while Moose is still down and throws him out of the ring. The count is up to 8, but Black goes out as Moose is about to get back in and rams him into the steps. The ref counts again, but Moose is back up and Black again rams him into the steps and tells the ref to count faster. Moose makes it back in at 9. He's met with some big boots and kicks from Black in the corner. Black throws him across the ring into the opposite corner and delivers a splash. He throws him back to the other corner and splashes him again. He goes to do this a third time, but misses as Moose ducks down and rolls Black up for a 3 count. Black is gone, but before he leaves, delivers a swinging side slam to Moose as Jason Wayne enters decked out in camo. He tells Black to stand down and says he loves when a plan comes together, and that this mission was a success. He said he's going to get some exercise in as he does his choking push-ups across Moose's throat. He picks Moose up to his knees and slaps him in the face. He then yells at Moose to get up. He gets Moose back to his feet and rares back for a big punch to the face, but Moose ducks and hits a full nelson slam for the pin and the win. WINNER: MOOSE by pinfall as he runs the gauntlet. MY TAKE: Moose has a lot of heart and determination and finally got his revenge on Jason Wayne tonight.

OVW WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP {Loser gets dumped in a pool of doggy doo}: Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Bostic) vs. Taryn Terrell [c]. Taryn attacks as she looks to get some revenge on Taeler. She goes to throw Taeler out of the ring, and Taeler has to brae herself to keep from falling out to the floor in the pool. Taeler rolls out for a breather and Taryn chases her around the ring. Taeler stops and delivers a back kick to Taryn's gut and throws her into the ringpost. She gets Taryn back in and works her over. She goes to throw Taryn out of the ring, but Dylan gets in the way. Taeler delivers some chops to Taryn's chest, and then Taryn turns the tables and delivers some chops back to Taeler. Taryn goes to the top rope and Taeler follows her up. Taryn bites her causing her to fall off. Taryn hits a flying body press, but Taeler rolls through and gets the 3 for the victory! WINNER and NEW OVW WOMEN'S CHAMPION: TAELER by pinfall. After the match, Taryn is beside herself. She goes over by the pool and Taeler goes to kick her in, but Taryn moves at the last minute and Taeler falls face first into the pool. Dean Hill had grabbed some Lysol before the match started, and Dylan grabbed it on the way out as he followed Taeler to the back. MY TAKE: In the end, Taryn did get a measure of revenge on Taeler, but Taeler's plan to get the belt on Taryn for the "easy" win worked.
GENTLEMAN'S RULES: Doug Williams vs. "Smooth" Johnny Spade. Doug offers a handshake to start the match, but Spade slaps it away. Before the match, it was stated that there would be 6 3-minute rounds. Spade backs Williams into the corner and clean breaks. Williams puts Spade in a headlock and takes him down to the mat. Spade breaks out and applies the leg scissors. Doug breaks out. They lock up again and Doug puts him in an armbar as round 1 ends. There's a 10-second break. Round 2 starts with Spade throwing Williams into the corner and hitting his patented high knee. Spade gets his first warning as a knee is illegal. Doug rolls out of the ring and pokes SPade in the eye as he gets back in. The ref doesn't see it. He puts Spade in a headlock, and Spade breaks out with a chinbuster. He runs at Williams, but meets a back elbow. Doug throws him off the ropes, and Spade ducks a clothesline and comes back with one of his own. He tries to roll up Doug twice, but both times Doug kicks out as round 2 ends. Round 3 begins with a headlock on Spade. Spade tries to break free, but Doug delivers a forearm across his back. Doug then goes for a suplex, but Spade blocks it twice and delivers one of his own. Spade then sticks his hand out and offers a handshake, but as Doug puts his hand out, Spade pulls him in and puts on an armbar. Doug breaks out using his fist and gets his first warning. He puts Spade into a submission, but round 3 ends. Spade delivers a fist of his own between rounds and gets his second warning. Round 4 starts with a lock up, and Doug delivers 2 uppercuts. Doug throws Spade off the ropes, but Spade comes back with a clothesline. He goes up top, but the referee talks him down saying top rope moves are illegal. Doug runs up from behind and tries to deliver Chaos Theory, but Spade elbows him in the head on the roll through. Spade is fed up with these rules and hits the super kick for a disqualification. After Referee Jordan Barker calls for the bell, he turns into another super kick from Spade who gives him one for good measure. WINNER: WILLIAMS by DQ. MY TAKE: Is this the end between Williams & Spade, or will there be another brawl to end it all?
OVW TELEVISION TITLE: Jamin Olivencia vs. "The Master of the Universe" Joe Coleman [c]. Cliff Compton is the first man out as he joins the commentary desk. As Jamin makes his entrance, Coleman sneaks out and nails him in the head with a chair from behind. He does some squats with Jamin on his shoulders before rolling him in. He tries to pin Jamin twice, but Jamin kicks out both times. Joe throws him over the top rope, because he can. He goes to the outside and pounds on Jamin on the floor. He then lifts him up and drops him across the railing. They get back in the ring where Jamin starts to come back with some chops. He jumps up on Coleman, but Coleman catches him and powerbombs him into the corner turnbuckle. He hits a suplex and goes back for the chair. Jamin grabs it, but Coleman delivers a spear. Coleman goes for a powerbomb, but Jamin reverses it into a huracanrana. He hits the running splashes in the corner on Coleman followed by his jumping clothesline. He goes to grab Coleman, but Coleman comes up with a low blow. Coleman goes for a chair shot, but Jamin moves and Coleman hits the ropes and the chair bounces back and hits him in the face. Jamin delivers 2 chair shots to the head of Coleman and drags him near the corner. He goes up top, but Coleman pushes Referee Josh Ashcraft into the ropes causing Jamin to fall across the top turnbuckle. Coleman tries to suplex him off, but Jamin blocks it and pushes him off. Jamin leaps off, but Coleman moves. Coleman goes to grab Jamin, but Jamin returns the low blow. He then leaps and hits the Standing O for the 3! WINNER and NEW OVW TELEVISION CHAMPION: OLIVENCIA by pinfall. As Jamin celebrates after the match, Cliff sneaks in the ring from behind and blasts Jamin across the back with his crutch. He then yells out that he is the real TV Champion. MY TAKE: It appears Cliff's foot has healed and we are now going to have a battle between Compton & Olivencia over who the real TV Champion is.

At intermission, Moose grabbed a mic and said he had a special visitor with him tonight. Michael Hayes came out and greeted fans at ringside. He said he just got the okay to start working out again. It was nice to see him back and he definitely has the itch to get back to action.
OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Gutcheckers: Sam Shaw & Alex Silva vs. The Best Team Ever: Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz [c]. Jessie immediately tags out to Rudy, as he doesn't want any of Silva. Rudy puts Silva in an armbar. Silva tags Shaw. Rudy tags Jessie. Jessie puts an armbar on Shaw. Shaw is backed into his corner where he tags Silva who comes in and puts Jessie in an armbar. Silva tags Shaw who hits Jessie's arm from the top rope. Jessie takes advantage away and tags Rudy in. They work over Shaw. After Jessie is back in, Rudy sneaks around the side of the ring and trips Shaw. Silva chases after him and they fight on the outside. The ref makes Silva get back in his corner. Jessie slams Shaw and tags Rudy who flips in on Shaw. Rudy tags back and hits an inverted atomic drop on Shaw as Jessie clotheslines him down. Jessie then hits an enziguri kick to the back of Shaw's head. No pin. Shaw starts to fight back, but can't make the tag. He's worked over some more as Rudy & Jessie tag in and out and use cheap tactics to gain advantage. Shaw finally makes the hot tag to Silva who comes in throwing punches. He delivers a dropkick to Rudy, followed by an atomic drop and a clothesline. He goes for the pin, but Jessie breaks it up. Jessie tries to throw Silva out of the ring, but Silva reverses it and throws Jessie to the outside. He tags Shaw back and they hit a double dropkick on Rudy. Shaw only gets a 2 count. Rudy tags Jessie back in and Shaw monkey flips him and then hits his backbreaker/neckbreaker combo. Rudy breaks a pin attempt and drags Jessie to the corner and tags himself back in. Shaw tags Silva who slams Rudy. Silva hits a Silva Surfer on Jessie who tries to come back in and then tags Shaw back. Shaw goes up top and hits the Breaking Point legdrop for the pin. WINNERS and NEW OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: GUTCHECKERS by pinfall. MY TAKE: Shaw & Silva continue to soar and grab the gold. Is this the end for the Best Team Ever? At this point, we were 3-for-3 on title changes. Did the trend continue?

Trailer Park Trash vs. Josette's Mystery Man. Trash comes out and demands Josette come to the ring. He tells her to get her guy out to the ring so he can kick some you know what. She goes to the side door and brings in a masked man. Trash meets him on the outside and atacks him. He hits him with some vicious chair shots and rolls him in the ring. He slams him, hits a DDT, and then a legdrop off the top rope. 1-2-3, this one's over quick. He unmasks the mystery man to reveal Tyler, one of the training students. Trash grabs a mic and tells Josette he doesn't know what she thinks she's doing, but before he can finish, another masked man enters through the side door and attacks Trash with a chair from behind. The locker room empties, but the masked man is still able to run by them and escape out the door. WINNER: TRASH? MY VIEW: Trash might have "won" the match, but after being laid out yet again, many questions are left to be answered. Who is the real masked man? Is there more than one?

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Rob Terry vs. Crimson [c]. As Terry awaits Crimson to enter the ring, the Wild Cards attack from behind and take out Terry's knee. They work it over, but Terry shoves Raul out of the ring and clotheslines Shiloh from one knee. As Terry makes his way back to his feet and tells Referee Chris Sharpe he wants to continue, Crimson dropkics Terry in the knee. He works over the knee, putting Terry in a half Boston Crab. Terry breaks out, ducks a clothesline, and backflips Crimson over him. He backs Crimson into a corner, but Crimson kicks Terry in the knee dropping him back down. He twists the knee, putting a lot of torque on it. Terry breaks free and drops Crimson and starts pounding on his knee. Crimson rolls out and hides under the ring. Terry gets out and can't find him. Crimson comes out from under the ring behind Terry and kicks him in the knee from behind. He gets back in and Terry rolls back in at 9. He twists Terry's knee again, but Terry kicks Crimson and breaks loose. He goes after Crimson, but is caught in a spinebuster. Crimson applies the Figure 4, but Terry reverses it. Crimson reaches the ropes to break the hold. Crimson charges after Terry for a spear, but Terry moves and Crimson runs into the ringpost. Terry goes for a slam, but as he slings Crimson around, takes out Sharpe. Crimson takes off his kneebrace as Terry checks on Sharpe. He goes to hit Terry, but Terry kicks him and hits a power slam. Terry can't make the pin as he holds his knee. He gets up and goes for a chokeslam, but Crimson hits him with the kneebrace. He only gets a 2 count. He sets up for a spear again, but Terry moves and hammers him down. He then hits a massive power bomb and gets the 1-2-3! WINNER and NEW OVW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: TERRY by pinfall. MY TAKE: The third time was the charm for Terry who fought through a bad knee and his tires being slashed to get his hands on Crimson and the OVW Heavyweight Title.

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