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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-02 09:59:00

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Bret Hart is Owen's brother. How come Owen's wife gets to choose if WWE uses his name and not Bret?

 The simple answer is that a wife is more closely tied to a man than a brother.  If that isn't the case, the marriage probably won't last very long.  Beside that, Martha was the heir to Owen's estate, which gives her authority over usage of his name in certain matters.  With that said, WWE could still induct him into the Hall of Fame is they chose to.  Instead, they are respecting her wishes, which is the right thing to do.

In relation to WWE HOF inductions, are the inductees age or health status taken into consideration? Granted, there aren't really any guarantees of making it in, but I think the Freebirds would be a good addition, but with the passing of Buddy Roberts there is now only one living member left. I know some folks have made it known they don't care to be inducted, such as Sammartino and Ole Anderson, but it seems with each year that passes... not to be too morbid... but the older performers may not be around to enjoy their inductions in person.... which I think would be a shame.

In my opinion, many fans put more thought into the HOF than WWE management does.  They largely look for a headliner and then fill out the class after that (often using the city where WrestleMania is as a barometer).  I agree that it is a shame if someone didn't get to enjoy being inducted but it's not a situation that WWE management worries about all that much. And at the end of the day, the WWE Hall is not exactly one where merit alone gets you in so I wouldn't sweat it too much if I were an ex-wrestler.

I recently watched the "Bottom Line" Stone Cold Steve Austin DVD and was interested in Owen Hart injuring Stone Cold and not apologizing for it. Even Bret said Owen was wrong for not contacting Stone Cold. Did Owen experience any type of heat for the accident? And is this why he and Stone Cold never worked against each other again following the 97 Survivor Series?

 He certainly received from it from Austin.  Yes, that is why.  A wrestler puts his trust in the person he is working with and when they injure him, they at least owe an apology.  Owen did a sloppy piledriver that left Austin exposed.  He screwed up and should have apologized, at least.  Austin was a rising star at the time and had to work hurt during his big run, which was a shame.  He didn't want to take time off because in the business you may never get back where you were.  Owen never really ascended up the card after that so I think it's fair to say the incident affected how WWE used him.

Does the fact that Ryback keeps getting compared to Goldberg help or hinder him in the long road?

Many of today's fans don't even know who Goldberg is so I don't think it hurts him.  The fact that people chant for him is a positive I think.

Was Triple H pushed into the corporate role by Steph and Vince or was it just a matter of time that's where he would be? Would he be there at all if not for Steph?

It was a matter of timing really.  He is in his forties and it was time to transition to the next phase of his career.  I think whether he married Steph or not, he would have gone into WWE management.  He loves the business and he and Vince have always had a great relationship.  Once he married into the family, it obviously solidified his postion.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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