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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-30 14:05:00
While the initial plan was to release the forthcoming documentary on Extreme Championship Wrestling by Christmas, Producer John Philapavage confirmed to today that they have chosen to delay the release of the film until early 2013.

"I always side with quality over quickness, " said Philapavage. "There are several factors to this slight delay, not the least of which is that we made the decision during the Kickstarter campaign to put two versions on the DVD release, and that takes more time. We’re actually very far along, but there are so many little things to do from a quality control standpoint, and for better or worse you’ve only got two filmmakers doing them."

"As we finish up on the film festival cut, we have many photos to animate, color correction and sound edits on thousands of individual clips, and we don’t have a department for that. It’s just us. In a way it is cool because I can look back and say, 'Kev and I did all this!' and feel a huge sense of ownership, but the cost of that is time. Add to that these little business things that keep getting in the way, and it pushes us back just a little bit."

The plan currently is to announce the official title of the film and launch its official website by Christmas with a pre-order system in place for those are not receiving copies of the DVD from their campaign.

There are also plans to announce an official premiere screening in (where else?) Philadelphia for early next year. Philapavage noted that putting together a proper premiere in time for the holidays would have been "rushing it half assed" and that they wanted to put out something of quality for everyone who contributed and have been waiting for the documentary to be released.

When asked where they stand on the production process, Philapavage noted, "As of today I’ve plotted out visuals for the final 14 minutes of the film, so we’ll be taking the next few days to drop those in and get them just right. With the exception of adding a Rhino clip or two, the interview clips and footage order of the Film Festival Cut is finished, over 50% of the rough original music has been laid in, and we’re at around 70% done with visuals/B Roll lay-ins. The next few weeks [Director] Kevin [Kiernan] (and a friend we are bringing in for this process) will be animating over 70 photos that have place holders within the body of the film, and then one-by-one these animated photos will be laid into the film and adjusted to fit just right. Then it’s sound and visual corrections, titling, credits, and we can hand that version in. All of that works takes us into December, where we copy over the film festival cut, and spend (roughly) two weeks making the Extended Cut. Our plan is to show the Extended cut at the premiere, so it can be seen on the big screen at least once. That version will have about 25-30 minutes I’d like to add back into this version, so we will find proper placement, then add visuals, and then sound/visuals/titles, and finally music. It won’t be that hard because we’ll be working off of the finished Film Festival Cut, so all the work will really only be focused on those extra minutes. That's where all that stands."

The work is not done, nor do they have everything they need. The producers of the film are seeking several photos for insertion in the film, specifically Paul Heyman from the February 1997 Monday Night Raw where ECW "invaded" as well as photos of Heyman and Vince McMahon together from that era. If anyone has photos they would like to submit to the documentary for potential inclusion, email

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