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By Brian Cannon on 2012-11-29 08:34:17

This is the OVW Report for the night of Wednesday, November 28, 2012. Tonight at the Davis Arena, we saw another live edition of the "Suckah of the Week", Randy Royal returned to discuss his health, Joe Coleman defended the TV Title in round 3 against Jamin Olivencia, Jason Wayne rallied his troops against James "Moose" Thomas, Trailer Park Trash gave Josette an ultimatum regarding his mystery attacker, plus much more!

Without further ado: 

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

Ryan Howe b. Jeremiah Plunkett. After locking up, Howe gets Plunkett in the corner and clean breaks, but Plunkett pokes him in the eye and takes advantage. Plunkett works him over scratching Howe's back and headbutting him. Howe starts fighting back, but Plunkett takes him down again. He continues trying to wear him down, but Howe again fights back hitting a dropkick and a clothesline off the ropes. He goes up top and hits the Chart Topper for the 1-2-3. MY TAKE: Howe is once again racking up wins and gets a good win here over Plunkett.

Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Bostic) b. Jessie Belle. Jessie Belle tried rolling up Taeler quick, but only got a 2 count. She had control hitting some armdrags and rolled her around the ring in a circle with her legs. Taeler took a breather before coming back. Jessie Belle got distracted by Dylan which allowed Taeler to take control. Taeler worked her over, but couldn't put her away. Jessie Belle fought back and regained control until Dylan got up on the apron and distracted Jessie Belle again. She smacked at him, but he did enough to allow Taeler to regroup. When Jessie Belle turned around, Taeler was waiting with a swift kick to the head and got the pin. MY TAKE: Taeler is back on a winning streak, but can she continue it into SNS where she goes 1-on-1 with Taryn Terrell for the OVW Women's Title?
That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always suggest watching the show first before reading my full report. You can find the shows posted online late Thursday afternoons/evenings at

The show starts out with Trailer Park Trash limping down the hallway toward his office. He stops outside where he overhears Josette on the phone talking to her "man" about finally finishing Trash off once and for all. He coughs to let Josette know he's coming and asks her to go and fetch him some of her "special" coffee.

The show starts off with the "Mixtape" starring Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger. They say that Trailer Park Trash is not the "Suckah of the Week", and then say they are coming out for a live "Suckah of the Week". They enter the ring accompanied by Bobbi Bardot who is carrying a Tupac picture. They give Crimson the "Suckah of the Week" and make fun of him saying if he went to a bar and ordered a drink named after him, it would be called the "Paper Champion". They also say his head looks like an orange tic tac. Crimson comes out and says he can't believe what he is hearing. His name shouldn't even come out of their mouths, because he is the OVW Heavyweight Champion. He says he guesses he will have to teach them a lesson again. Diamond stops him and says before he does anything, he should watch the screen. A video airs of Rob Terry screaming into the camera. He says Crimson should know by now how much the title means to him, and that 4 slashed tires won't stop him. He also says bad knee or not, he will be at Saturday Night Special. He says he can fight through pain, and he can replace 4 car tires. Trailer Park Trash's music hits and he is followed out by Josette. He tells Crimson he has been in the ring with Rob Terry and he has never seen him that angry. He says he will be keeping his eyes on him, but right now his focus isn't on Crimson, it's on Josette! He tells Josette he overheard her on the phone and he wants a match against her "man", the masked man who has been taking him out the past couple weeks at SNS. She has until the end of the night to sign the contract, or she's fired!

Rudy Switchblade (w/ Jessie Godderz) vs. Sam Shaw (w/Alex Silva). Rudy grabs a mic and tells Jessie that last week doesn't count, because he wasn't there and his opponent isn't even a worthwhile competitor. He wears board shorts and DC shoes. Jessie grabs the mic and says that if Rudy gets beat, they will put the titles on the line at SNS. Shaw comes out on fire as Jessie tries to interfere. Silva chases him around the ring and to the back. The distraction allows Rudy to take advantage by throwing Shaw shoulder first into the steel ringpost. Rudy works over the shoulder, but Shaw fights back and hits some dropkicks. He hits the backbreaker/neckbreaker combo and goes up top for Breaking Point, but Jessie runs back out and grabs his leg. Silva is close behind and pulls Jessie off the apron and he crashes to the floor. Rudy charges after Shaw, but Shaw leaps over Rudy and rolls him up for the 3. WINNER: SHAW by pinfall. MY TAKE: The Gutcheckers have their tag title shot at SNS. Can they bring home the gold against the Best Team Ever? Shaw & Silva are ready to electrify.

Trash is in his office with Josette telling her she had better figure out what she is going to do with the contract when Joe Coleman comes in yelling about having to face Jamin Olivenica again. Trash says Jamin gets another shot since Coleman purposely got himself disqualified the last 2 weeks. He says if Coleman gets DQ'd again tonight, he will meet Jamin again at SNS in a No DQ match for the TV Title. Coleman says he is an American hero and shouldn't be treated this way and is upset that Jamin's Puerto Rican and it's not even a state. 
Cliff Compton's music hits and he is out for commentary once again.
 OVW TELEVISION TITLE: Jamin Olivencia vs. "The Jacked Knight" Joe Coleman [c]. Coleman told Cliff as he made his entrance that he is the undisputed TV Champion. Jamin attacked Coleman before Terry Boddie could even spit out the introduction. Jamin once again was in full control hitting the running battering ram in the corner, a backflip, and some of his trademark clotheslines. He set up for the Standing O DDT, but Coleman blocked it and low blowed him for another DQ. WINNER: OLIVENCIA by DQ, but STILL OVW TELEVISION CHAMPION: COLEMAN. After the match, Coleman continued to kick and beat Jamin saying a No DQ match wasn't going to matter, because by the looks of it, Jamin will be in no shape to compete. MY TAKE: Coleman thinks his master plan will work, but we'll find out Saturday if it does or not. Will he be able to retain or will Jamin capture his 8th Television Title reign?

Elvis Pridemoore vs. Doug Williams. Doug Williams says his match at SNS with Johnny Spade will be a British Gentleman's Rules Match. As he wrestles Elvis, he explains what can and cannot be done in the microphone which he has referee Jordan Barker hold throughout. He controls most of the matchup telling everyone that you cannot pick your opponent up off the mat, there are no kicks or knees allowed, etc. He charges Elvis in the corner, but Elvis boots him in the face and goes up top. Williams pulls Barker in front of him and tells him top rope moves are illegal. Elvis jumps off and Williams catches him with a forearm. He then places Elvis in a submission and he taps out. WINNER: WILLIAMS by submission. After the match, Williams continues pounding Elvis when Spade comes running out. Williams tells Spade to back up, because part of the contract that was signed said Spade couldn't touch him before the match or the match would be forfeited. Spade badly wanted his hands on Williams. Elvis was getting back up and Williams came up from behind and hit Chaos Theory and ran out of the ring mocking Spade. MY TAKE: Spade wants to brawl, but what will happen Saturday when he is forced to wrestle in this special rules match?

Gilbert Corsey enters the ring and brings out the returning Randy Royal. He says that for anyone who doesn't know, on October 23, Randy suffered a heart attack. Randy gave a very heartfelt speech saying he was actually dead, but fought back and still has burn marks where he was shocked back to life. He says he didn't want his parents to bury their only son. He says he went back and watched some old footage of his matches, specifically some of his losses, and says he didn't want to come back if he couldn't give his all. He said he has talked with a lot of people and this is NOT the end of the Double R Superstar! He will be back once he fully recovers, and will go out on his own terms. The crowd cheers his name as he poses on the top rope and thanks the fans for their support. His old friend, Taeler Hendrix, comes out and says that was so "heartbreaking". Get it? She says everyone should sing the song "Heartbreaker" with her, but just like old times, she gets bombarded with "Prostitot" chants as Taryn Terrell comes out to the ring behind her with a bucket of her own. Taeler turns around in time and Taryn chases her to the outside. Before she can dump it, Dylan Bostic comes out and has a tug of war with Taryn. Taryn lets go and it goes all over Dylan. Taryn & Taeler than fight in the ring and it has to be broken up by officials.
In the back, we see Jason Wayne rallying the troops. Joe Coleman, Jack Black, Shiloh Jonze, Kid Kash, "VIP", Jeremiah Plunkett, & Jose Del Barrio are all in the locker room. Wayne says he wants Black to go out there and not just hurt him, but kill Moose.
Jack Black vs. James "Moose" Thomas. Moose & Black exchange blows, but Moose gains control and goes to town on Black. He has firm control when Wayne comes out and sends all the troops after Moose. WINNER: MOOSE by DQ. All of them get in the ring and attack Moose, but Moose fights them all off. Wayne tells them to retreat as Moose goes after Wayne. Trailer Park Trash's music hits. Moose says he wants Wayne at SNS. Wayne says on one condition, he goes through all of his men first. Moose says that's fine and Trash says Moose will have a gauntlet match at SNS. He then gets in the ring and wants to know if Josette got the contract signed. She takes her time and makes excuses saying she hasn't heard back from him yet. Trash says to quit playing around, since she is the masked man's representative, she can sign the contract or get fired. She doesn't have a pen, but Dean Hill throws one in the ring. She finally signs it as the asked man runs out to the ring. Trash catches him and delivers some punches and a slam and goes after the mask. Josette grabs Trash's hands, and the masked man slips away. MY TAKE: It's official. Trash returns to the ring at SNS, but who is the mystery attacker? Will we find out on Saturday?

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:
Alex Silva (w/Sam Shaw) b. Jessie Godderz (w/Rudy Switchblade). Rudy distracted Silva to start the match allowing Jessie to attack from behind. Jessie spent most of the match working over Silva with submission holds. Jessie got a bright idea mid-match to headbutt Silva, but knocked himself out too. When they both got back up, Silva took the advantage and got on a roll. He ended it with the Silva Surfer. MY TAKE: Once again, the Gutcheckers get the better of the Best Team Ever. Can they do it on Saturday with the belts up for grabs?

Crimson, Shiloh Jonze, & "VIP" Joe Rosa (w/Jose Del Barrio) b. Tony Gunn, Paredyse, & Eddie Diamond (w/Timmy Danger). Back and forth action from all 6 men, but Paredyse took the brunt of the punishment for most of the match. He got the hot tag to Diamond who came in and was taking it to Shiloh. He threw Shiloh into the corner where Crimson blind tagged him. Diamond hit his inverted DDT finisher on Shiloh, but turned around into Red Sky from Crimson for the 3. WINNERS: CRIMSON, SHILOH, & VIP by pinfall. MY TAKE: Crimson got a victory over Diamond tonight, but can he deliver Red Sky to Rob Terry on Saturday? If not, we could have a new OVW Heavyweight Champion.

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