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By Kaleb Perkins on 2012-11-27 11:46:42

Here is this week's edition of "What was cut from Raw on Hulu."

*The backstage segment with Rosa Mendes/Alberto Del Rio/Hornswoggle/The Great Khali.
*The Alberto Del Rio vs. The Great Khali match.
*The backstage segment with Vickie Guerrero/Paul Heyman/CM Punk.
*The Alicia Fox vs. Tamina Snuka match.
*The Tensai vs. Kofi Kingston match.
*The backstage segment with Alberto Del Rio/Ricardo Rodriguez/Rosa Mendes.
*The video package with some of the WWE wrestlers on the USS John C. Stennis.
*The Damien Sandow vs. Zach Ryder match, with a promo from Sandow before the match began.
*The backstage interview with Josh Mathews/CM Punk/Paul Heyman.

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