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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-26 09:59:00

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I can understand why CM Punk is not happy with WWE not promoting his appearance at Talking Dead. But why is he officially take shots at WWE on Twitter? Doesn't he fear the consequences, for example, losing the WWE Championship at TLC?

Punk never really considers that stuff when he is angry or frustrated.  He got the push that he did because he voiced his feelings in 2011.  It is just the way he is.  He doesn't worry about consequences.  I like that about him.

Do you think Jim Johnston will make The Hall of Fame? With the company since 1985 and writer of so many iconic themes from Rock n Roll Wrestling up to today. Along with Kevin Dunn an unsung hero.

I do an he absolutely deserves it.  His contributions to the company have been substantial.  I would call Kevin Dunn unsung though.  He is pretty well known.

Hi guys, another question about Undertaker and Wrestlemania. Even though the streak will most likely never be broken, he still needs to face someone with a big name and who is credible enough to make us believe he can actually beat Taker. Having said that, I think Taker vs. Lesnar makes the most sense. Out of all the guys on the current roster, I don't get the impression that anyone else at this point, not even CM Punk, Rock, or Cena, can believably beat Taker at WM. Lesnar is that dominant and that believable to make me think the streak would seriously be in jeopardy. Not only do their MMA-based styles match up well, but they have a ready-made feud stemming from Brock's UFC days (in which Taker outright challenged him during a live interview right after he lost the UFC title). What are your thoughts on Brock vs. Taker under this scenario?

They also have the feud stemming from the fact that a big part of Brock's "not loving the business" happened after his push was winding down and the time was coming to put Taker over on the house shows.  Funny how that can change someone's feelings.  So yes, for all of the reasons you stated plus the fact that Lesnar would then put Taker over on the grandest stage, if he can go at Mania Brock is a great opponent for him.

By CM Punk having Ambrose, Rollins & Reigns in his pocket so you still see him losing to The Rock at the Rumble. Does The Rock enter The Royal Rumble if he loses to Punk?

In a company where John Cena and Big Show regularly beat tag team champions I see no problem with Rock beating Punk and three young guys (and I mean from the way Vince looks at things, not the way I do).  I still see Rock winning but if WWE wanted to do something cool they would have Punk get the number one spot in the Rumble and then go the distance, get the win and get his rematch at Mania.  They could tell a great story out of that.

I read on you guys site that Alex Riley lost his push in part due to a backstage incident with John Cena. So I was wondering how does Cena carry himself backstage? Is he the leader willing to help type, mr bigshot, isolated, etc? Well all know he's got the stroke but could crossing him really hurt a wrestler's career?

From what I was told, it wasn't about Cena's reaction so much as management's, like one of those disrespect things that seem to matter so much in wrestling.  From what I have been told, Cena is your basic top guy.  He has his deal but doesn't act better than everyone else.  He is the top guy and everyone knows it but he is basically a good guy overall.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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