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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-25 09:59:00

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If TNA were all of a sudden bought out by WWE who would Vince McMahon bring in & who would make the most impact?

There are a lot of guys that could be brought in and make an impact.  I would take a good part of the roster if I were Vince.  I think there are a lot of guys that could do well in WWE.  The question is whether he would push them or not.  And, it's a very big question.

Undertaker at Wrestlemania: We all know 'Taker's getting closer to retirement. How about this for an idea to elevate the young talent/add some prestige: A tournament to determine who gets the shot at ending 'Taker's Wrestlemania streak?

At this point, I think WWE wants to keep Taker in with top name guys if/when he can work.  I agree with that.  At this point in his career, I think when he works it's a special match and it should be against someone that "matters".

I know that the Undertaker has missed Wrestlemanias in the past, and obviously his health is the primary concern of all parties involved. With that said, would it really feel like Wrestlemania if he were not involved? The past few years I ordered Wrestlemania with the primary motivation of seeing Taker and his all out battles, I would definitely miss his participation. If he were not to wrestle this year, do you think he could do like The Rock and make an appearance to issue "one last challenge" for the following Wrestlemania and have it be his swan song?

Taker is playing it by ear at this point and if he doesn't make Mania, I think the show will still have enough name value with The Rock, Brock Lesnar and HHH involved.  Given his health, making a challenge a year in advance probably isn't a good move. 

WWE obviously doesn't care much for the women on the roster. The most recent woman to rise (with the Punk/Bryan feud) and fall (ever since then) was AJ. The only other over woman has been Vicky. She still gets crazy amounts of heat every time she opens her mouth. Do you think it would be fair to say that Vicky has almost consistently been the most over woman in wrestling for the past 5 years or so? Did you ever think that she would last this long? I had no hope at first, but I've grown to love her. You can tell that she's having a blast out there when she gets the reaction she gets.

I agree, Vicky is the most over female WWE personality of the last five years.  I didn't see her having this kind of staying power when she started but she has shown great ability.  I commend her for that.

Do you see the slightest indication of CM Punk retaining the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble? The plan of Rock winning and lose the belt to Cena at Mania is boring obvious, how is that gonna be exciting? Plus, if Punk lose, do you see him main eventing Wrestlemania (his last goal) anytime soon?

I think the odds are overwhelmingly in Rock's favor that he wins.  If he does, a great storyline would be for Punk to get the number one spot in the Rumble from whoever has it, go the distance and get his rematch at Mania.  It probably won't happen though.  If he stays around long enough, I think he will get the main event at some point.  It's just a matter of him staying that long.

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