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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-11-22 12:14:06
Kassius Ohno is stopped in the back and he is asked about Ohno’s match with Trent Barreta. Tonight is the rubber match. Kassius says that Trent beat him with the help of Richie Steamboat. He has already avenged that loss. Maybe he was too lenient and maybe he will give the Steamboat treatment and end his career. Kassius says that Trent will find out how dangerous he is. He will find out how he can manipulate any situation. Trent will encounter more pain than he has ever felt in his life and he will never be the same.

It might be Thanksgiving, but that does not stop the WWE from airing its regular programming. NXT comes to you from Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Tony Dawson and Jim Ross.

Match Number One: Alicia Fox versus Paige

They lock up and Alicia with a take down. They hold on to the collar and elbow tie up as they get into the ropes. Alicia with elbows but Paige with an elbow. Paige with punches to the arm and a Japanese arm drag and drop kick. Paige screams and charges into the corner but Alicia lands on her feet on a monkey flip.

Alicia with a waist lock but Paige with an elbow. Alicia with a slam followed by a leg drop. She sends Paige into the turnbuckles. Alicia hits the Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Alicia with a knee to the back and Alicia stretches Paige. Alicia elevates Paige off the mat using her legs with the Hangover.

Alicia slams Paige’s head into the mat a few times and she gets a near fall. Paige with an inside cradle for a near fall. Alicia toss Paige around the ring by her hair. Paige with punches but Alicia with a forearm. Paige with a kick to Alicia and then she counters the tilt-a-whirl back breaker with a lateral press. Paige with a suplex and Irish whip.

Alicia avoids a charge into the corner and she gets a near fall with a sunset flip. Paige hits the Paige Turner for the three count.


We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Camacho versus Big E Langston

Langston traps the arms and Camacho tries for head butts to the chest but Langston with a few head butts of his own followed by punches to the midsection while trapping an arm. Camacho with head butts and a kick. Camacho with a front face lock and Langston picks up Camacho and sends him into the turnbuckles and connects with a series of shoulders. Langston with a running shoulder into the corner. Langston sends Camacho into the turnbuckles but he runs into boots from Camacho.

Camacho with a forearm to the back of the head from the middle turnbuckles and then Camacho mocks Langston’s five count and he punches Langston. Langston with a body block or two. The straps are down and it is time for the Big Ending and Langston gets the three count.

Winner: Big E Langston

After the match, Langston is asked to give another Big Ending and Langston gives it to Camacho and he gives the five count.

Jim Ross calls Langston the ‘bull of the woods’ in NXT.

Langston is about to leave the ring and then he must have realized that Camacho was trying to collect a bounty on him and he gives Camacho another Big Ending.

We go to the back and Trent Barreta is down on the ground holding his ribs. The officials want to know who did this and they tell the cameraman to get out of there.

The camera pans back and we see Leo Kruger sitting behind the wall out of the view of the officials.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are told that Trent Barreta is not medically cleared tonight but he still wants to wrestle.

Match Number Three: Bronson versus Nick Rogers

They lock up and Bronson backs Rogers into the corner and he connects with forearms to the back. Rogers with punches and Bronson does not move. Bronson with forearms to the head followed by a kick to the midsection. Bronson kicks Rogers in the knee and then he works on the leg. Bronson drops the knee into the mat and then he applies a reverse chin lock with crossfaces to the head.

Bronson returns to the injured leg and he stomps on it. Bronson wit a knee drop to the head and then he returns to the leg and drops down again. Rogers with a head butt but Bronson with an STO and then he applies a heel hook and Rogers taps.


After the match, Bronson takes his time releasing the hold.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bray Wyatt comes out and he says that the little lamb is afraid of him. There is nothing in your pathetic little life that would prepare him for this. He gives his life purpose for the first time tonight. He will make him famous. Bray sits in his rocking chair as Luke Harper comes out.

Match Number Four: Luke Harper (with Bray Wyatt) versus Mike Dalton

Harper with a punch to the head and a forearm to the back. Harper with a rake of the face and kicks to Dalton in the corner. Dalton with a kick but Harper with a back elbow. Harper stretches the face and the referee warns him. Harper rakes the eyes in the ropes and the referee warns him again.

Harper with a forearm to the back and a rear chin lock. Harper with an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Harper with another Irish whip and a back splash followed by a clothesline. Harper checks with Wyatt on the stage for what he needs to do next. Dalton tries to kick Harper but Harper blocks it.

Dalton tries for a tornado DDT but Harper throws Dalton to the mat. Harper with a spinning Bossman Slam for the three count.

Winner: Luke Harper

After the match, Wyatt says that he warned everyone. When he says that it is time to start hurting people, you will know.

We go to footage from earlier today when Todd Phillips was in the interview area with Seth Rollins. Seth was attacked by Jinder Mahal but Seth fights back while Todd watches. Referees separate both men but that is not very effective.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound and footage of the attack on Ryback by Rollins, Ambrose, and Reigns.

Kassius Ohno mentions that his opponent tonight is Trent Barreta and he says that he has never been more ready to tear someone to pieces. He has it on good authority that Trenty had a mishap backstage. That means that he has no opponent. Kassius asks the referee to start the match, count to ten, and raise his hand in victory.

Dusty Rhodes’ music plays and he makes his way onto the stage. Dusty tells Ohno that he knows that he manipulated the confrontation with Trent Barreta. Dusty says that Kassius is going to have to answer to him about that. Dusty says that he has someone for Kassius to face.

Match Number Five: Kassisu Ohno versus Richie Steamboat

Steamboat with a double leg take down and punches to Ohno followed by forearms and chops in the corner. Steamboat with a forearm as he sends Ohno into another turnbuckle. Steamboat with a chop and Ohno retreats to the ropes.

Steamboat with more forearms but Ohno with a knee. Ohno with a knee but Steamboat with a cross body for a near fall. Steamboat sends Ohno into the turnbuckles followed by a chop to the side of the head. Steamboat with chops to the neck and he gets a near fall. Steamboat climbs the turnbuckles and he punches Ohno but Ohno escapes.

Ohno has a kick blocked and Steamboat with a chop. Steamboat sends Ohno over the top rope but Ohno skins the cat but when he returns to the ring, Steamboat sends Ohno over the top rope to the floor. Steamboat goes up top and hits a cross body onto Ohno.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Steamboat with an arm bar on Ohno and he traps the other arm for a moment. Ohno gets to the ropes and Steamboat releases the hold. The referee warns Steamboat. Steamboat goes to the apron but Ohno kicks Steamboat into the ring post. Ohno sends Steamboat back into the ring and Ohno does as well.

Ohno with a baseball slide drop kick into the head and Ohno gets a near fall. Ohno punches Steamboat and then he pulls Richie back into the ring from the apron. Ohno with kicks to Steamboat and he gets a near fall. Ohno with a cravate but Steamboat gets to his feet. Ohno with a snap mare but Steamobat escapes. Ohno kicks Steamboat away and his head goes into the turnbuckles. Ohno with punches to the head.

Steamboat has trouble getting back to his feet but when he does, he connects with a chop and punch. Ohno sends Steamboat into the turnbuckles and he connects with a punch and gets a near fall. Ohno gets another near fall. Ohno kicks Steamboat in the head again and he hits a belly-to-back suplex as Ohno continues to work on the head. Ohno gets another near fall.

Ohno returns to the cravate. Ohno runs Steamboat into the ropes and then Ohno with a chop. Steamboat with a sunset flip for a near fall. Ohno tries for a Saito suplex but Steamboat counters by twisting his hips and he gets a near fall with a lateral press. Ohno with a cravate suplex for a near fall. Ohno removes an elbow pad but when he charges into the corner, Steamboat with a chop. Steamboat with punches to Ohno followed by a back body drop. Steamboat with a chop and clothesline.

Steamboat with a chop to the head and then he is sent to the apron. Steamboat with a punch and he goes up top but Ohno counters the chop to the head with a head butt to the midsection. Ohno with a forearm into the corner and Steamboat with a rollup for a near fall. Steamboat hits the Sling Blade for the three count.

Winner: Richie Steamboat

We go to credits.

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