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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-20 09:59:00

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After last Monday's angle between CM Punk and Jerry Lawler, doesn't the WWE risk making some people think that Jerry Lawler's real heart attack was just a work (especially after the filmed segments of the paramedics working on him)?

I honestly don't think they care about that.  The fact is it was real and if people believe otherwise they probably agree with whackjobs that think the government used super secret technology to cause Superstorm Sandy.

Settle a bet for me and my friend. I say that Kane played the character Issac Yankem and he says not. Who is right?

You won!  He also played the fake Diesel character as well.  He found his calling with Kane.

What happened to Alex Riley? Would he be better off in another wrestling company?

He was getting over a bit and then WWE put the kibosh on it, reportedly at least in part due to a backstage incident with John Cena.  Then, he got hurt and is currently rehabbing from surgery.  Hopefully WWE will see what he has to offer when he returns.

Is there anyway to save Brodus Clay? His early heel work made him seem like One Man Gang 2.0...and prior to the b-boy gimmick that's how he was being built. How hard would it be to turn him?

They could easily save him and make him a viable character.  Vince McMahon and creative just have to make it happen.  I think they could get a lot of him but like they often do, they gave up on him way too soon.

Just watching the Lawler video package from raw, and something struck me. They showed clips of Lawler getting CPR and getting driven away in an ambulance. Why the hell did they film this? He could very easily of died, and was clinically dead when he was getting cpr. My question is, was WWE planning to make an angle of this from the start?

You can't blame them.  In the litigious society that we live in, it made perfect sense to film it, if for no other reason to show that they did all they could to help him.  No, they weren't planning to make it an angle.  It just turned out that way.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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