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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-19 09:59:00

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As AJ Styles was the one to get pinned in the number 1 contender match at Turning Point & is supposedly out of the World Title picture until Bound For Glory, do you think he'll go for the X Division title & use that as a get out clause so he can get an earlier title match at Destination X next year like Austin Aries did this year?

That would be a good way to go with it as he can "earn" the shot.  There is a lot of cool stuff that they can do with AJ.  I just hope they do it.

Any reason behind Crimson being pulled off TV for the last several months? I thought he might be gone from TNA, but I continue to see reports of his house show matches, so I guess not.

They felt he needed more seasoning and with other guys stepping up, he wasn't really needed on Impact.

Why did both WWE and TNA put their top title of Jeff Hardy when he was just about to leave? Isn't it kind of pointless to make him look like the best you have to offer just before he potentially jumps to the competition?

WWE did it because Jeff was working hard and agreed to stay on a little longer for them.  It made sense.  TNA is doing to show their support for him and hope it makes him stay with the company.  I have no problem with either company doing it.

With AJ Styles not being able to get a title shot for a year is there a possibility of turning AJ heel and him being the leader of aces and 8s until he gets his title shot.

I don't see any way that they could make it work.  For one thing, AJ just isn't a biker type.  For another, it wouldn't make sense since AJ was not a guy that was on the outside of TNA and had to fight to get back in.

Is TNA done being live?

No.  They have more live dates scheduled.  They have just taped the last two weeks due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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