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By Joshua Higham on 2012-11-17 23:06:13

Wrestling is Fun presents “Bananaversary” free-per-view
West End Youth Center, Allentown, PA
Nov 17, 2012

Kobald vs. Fire Ant - Normal toilet paper streamers for Kobald during the ring introductions. Fire Ant pulls Kobald around the crowd allowing some fans to chop the demon. An Obariyon distraction allows Kobald to schoolboy Fire Ant with a handful of tights to get the win. Kobald steals a fan’s hat in celebration.

Sidney Bakabella takes the mic, and claims his Devastation Corporation would be collecting the bounty on Kerry von Erich to return him to Fritz. Then, Sidney Bakabella brings out two young men, Robert Backlund Jr and James Garvin Jr., to give them their “opportunity” since the Flames of Love could not make the show. (See for the explanation for the Flames of Love’s absence.) which leads to...

Robert Backlund Jr. and James Garvin Jr. vs. The Devastation Corporation - Squash match. Death blow on Backlund Jr. for the win.

assailANT vs. Hallowicked - Hallowicked gets the win with the Rydeen bomb. No commentary until halfway through the match. Hallowicked was really favoring his knee as he made his exit.

Jaka vs. Gran Akuma - Jaka forces Akuma to submit with a form of gogoplata, called Jaguar Jaws. (Thanks, Twitter.)

Icarus vs. Dasher Hatfield - Icarus walks to the ring with something big zipped up in his jacket. The Icarus tattoo didn’t show itself until five or six minutes into the match. Dasher gets the win with a super Oklahoma roll, but Icarus hits a Wings of Icarus after the bell. Since they also wrestle in New York at Cibernetico.

Intermission time.

Juan Francisco de Coronado vs. Green Ant - This is an rematch of sorts, after Green Ant defeated the former Johnny Ego months ago, which sent de Coronado on his voyage of self-discovery. de Coronado gets the submission win with the Kondo clutch. Funny moment post-match when Manuel Cervanto, de Coronado’s personal attendant, Purell-s Bryce Remsburg’s hands before he could raise de Coronado’s hand. de Coronado got into an argument with a fan at ringside before leaving the arena.

Kodama vs. The Estonian Thunderfrog - More toilet paper for the members of the Batiri. The Batiri uses some twin magic to give Kodama the advantage. Another disqualification win for the Thunderfrog when Kobald threw him in to the ringpost. The Batiri starts a beatdown, but get chased off by the Latvian Great Oak.

Banana Championship: Mr. Touchdown defends against Mike Quackenbush - Veronica accompanied Touchdown to the ring, which was the bit of contention for Quackenbush at the last show. To counter her, Quackenbush introduced Dasher Hatfield to come to ringside. Hatfield and Quackenbush collided on the apron, allowing Veronica to attempt to interfere. That backfired, so Quackenbush was able to hit a superplex from the top. Despite taking the effects of the superplex, Mr. Touchdown cradles Quack’s legs and lift a shoulder to avoid a double pin. Touchdown retains the Banana Championship. Touchdown and Veronica gloat in the ring to end the show.

Notes: The stream started roughly 25 minutes late. The live crowd looked to be the biggest yet for that building. Commentary rotated with Bryce Remsburg, Steve “The Turtle” Weiner, Sidney Bakabella, Gavin Loudspeaker, Dasher Hatfield, and Leonard F. Chikarason. Dan Yost, Jon Barber, and Bryce Remsburg handled referee duties.
Return date announced for December 29 at the same venue. Banana Security had a rough night, taking a couple spills from diving wrestlers. The quality of the stream was good, for a free show, but fans will be less forgiving, if similar things happen during the Chikara iPPV in two weeks.

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