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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-17 23:10:59
It appears Matt Hardy nailed his head when he was shoved off the top to the floor by Luke Hawx during the main event of the Extreme Rising iPPV. According to several readers who were ringside, Hardy got sick after hitting the floor and appeared to be going into convulsions. It could be a concussion but obviously that's not confirmed.

He did sit up before the PPV went off the air but medical staff asked him to lay back down. Am ambulance was called to the building and Hardy will be taken to a local hospital to get checked out. As of this writing, he is still on the floor at ringside. The promotion asked the crowd to clear out as soon as the event went off the air.

It's believed Hardy may have also injured his ribs, but I'm not 100% sure on that. The run-ins during the main event between Hardy and Douglas were all scheduled, not a last second reaction to his injury.

We'll post a further update when we hear but hopefully everything turns out OK.

Update: EMTs are on hand but as of 11:26 PM, Hardy still had not been moved.

Update 2: Hardy finally returned to the locker room under his own power after being checked out by EMTs. The belief is he suffered a concussion. Obviously, we wish him well.

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