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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-18 09:59:00
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Any chance of a Brock Lesnar appearance during the main event of Survivor Series possibly setting up a Ryback vs. Lesnar match at the Royal Rumble or even to begin a build for a match at Wrestlemania?

I thought there was a bigger chance when it was Punk vs. Ryback since they could use Lesnar to screw him at the end.  I still allow that there is a chance.  The problem is that hey have TLC next month, right at Christmas time.  They could do a two month build I guess.  It's also debatable if they would use Lesnar unadvertised.  It would cost them buys tonight but maybe it could make some people believe anything can happen on a PPV again.

Settle a bet between me and my friend - I say Kane is wearing a wig. He says he isn't. Pizza for Wrestlemania is on the line. Who is right?

Order one with the works because he will be paying.  A wig was part of Kane's attire upon his return.

Was CM Punk's epic promo on June 27th/2011 legitimate, or did everybody know it was going to happen and what he was going to say.

Punk was given guidelines and was allowed to improvise.  He knew at some point he would be "cut off" that was planned, but the entire promo wasn't scripted.  That had a lot to do with why it was so good.  A lot of the stuff he said came from the heart and wasn't written by creative.

Not to wish injury on anyone, but do you think if Cena went down with a long standing injury that that will wake VKM up to pushing new stars?

You would think so.  The only problem is I don't know if he knows how to do so any more.  Cena is the last real guy he built from the ground up.  Ryback may get there, but isn't yet.  If Cena went down, he would be forced to try and do it.  Whether he could actually get it done, I don't know.

So Miz and Daniel Bryan are having trouble patching things up, even though their heat dates back to DBryan's stint on NXT almost 3 years ago? While it's great to see WWE acknowledging some storyline history for a change, wouldn't it make more sense for the tension on their Survivor Series team to be with Miz and Kofi Kingston, since they were feuding over the IC title only a few weeks ago?

Well, it you want to go making sense of things you should probably find another hobby!

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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