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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-17 13:58:30
Rain, who worked as Payton Banks with Bobby Roode in TNA, broke her wrist in three different places last night while working the SHINE 5 iPPV main event in Tampa, FL last night. Despite the injury, she refused to go home and went through with everything as planned, including taking Mercedes Martinez' finish. She went right to the ER after the match. That is one tough woman. is still working on their planned Roku channel. The hope is to have it launched around the beginning of the year, if not sooner. They are in the final stages of beta testing and getting the technology perfected. When they are done, fans will be able to order and stream iPPVs live and on demand onto their TV as long as they own a Roku box.

CHIKARA is returning to NYC tomorrow at the Highline Ballroom at 1 PM with Cibernetico 2012. If anyone is planning to go, I advise getting tickets in advance or as early as you can at the door as the promotion has its strongest pre-sale for the NYC market to date. I'll have a live report of the show sometime tomorrow.

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