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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-17 12:24:49
As noted, Extreme Rising will debut on iPPV with "Remember November", which is the official title of the show. The debut in Monaca, PA had a 750 pre-sale on tickets and there are an estimated 100-125 fans already at the afternoon Fanfest.

Sources within the promotion are claiming the iPPV is the highest ever in terms of pre-sales in the history of, which is carrying the event.

Former ECW World champion Jerry Lynn, who was booked and would have been added to one of the announced matches to create a three-way, will not be appearing. Lynn has been dealing with an injury and informed the company today he would not be able to do the travel from Nashville to the event, so he is off the show. will have live, ongoing coverage of the iPPV starting tonight at 8 PM.

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