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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-17 10:00:00
Watching The Story of Edge DVD. Michael Hayes just said "I've never been more happy to be wrong." It occurs to me that he can be heard to say this on just about every WWE DVD release. If he's so consistently wrong should he really still be in his job? Haha.

You make a good point but I am sure that Hayes would argue!

Who's wrestling biography did you find more delusional, Hulk Hogans first book ("people went wild when i signed my WCW contract" I watched that live on tv, you could hear crickets) or Ric Flairs (people constantly saying "but your Ric Flair!!" every time he was feeling blue)?

Easily Hulk Hogan's book. The Flair autobiography was a great read and I thought his battles with his self-esteem were really interesting to read about.

Why doesn't WWE just put Dean Ambrose on the NXT TV show already? Literally everyone else is on the show, and considering they keep postponing his main roster debut, it would at least give us some hope. Right now, it seems quite ridiculous that he is not featured on the program when other less-experienced talent are. What are your thoughts?

Ambrose is being held off because they see something in him and want to debut him the right way. I agree that it would make sense to have him on NXT TV, but obviously, they want to use the TV to groom those who need the help more. I just hope Ambrose doesn't end up in the Steve Bradley position where he is always the guy just about to debut and never does.

Do you ever think we'll have a WWE TV show exclusively produced outside of the United States? Like a show where everything is filmed, shot, produced in say, the UK or Canada?

It's certainly a possibility. I think that as a global company, that is certainly something they would want to do down the line as a way to give their talents, staff, etc. regular work in specific markets.

Where has Jeff Jarrett been?

He's still working with TNA and from the looks of his Twitter, enjoying the NFL season!

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